one of my pushiest clients had me up all night telling me that I had to focus on life coaching only. she said I need to only do one thing for a living. Haaaaa! i am so very lucky to have people that pay me, love me, worry about me and elevate me professionally. i completely understand that point of view. but let’s say for instance, I die today. what happened in paris can happen in Miami. i am truly glad I accepted the yoga job, the model job, the marketing contract, the speaking engagement.

trying to clip a birds wings is cruel. it’s almost as cruel as loving someone on unilateral terms. the purpose of life is to share and be happy. growth and spontaneity do that for me on a professional level. sharing equally in a personal relationship is my goal.

for the past two weeks I have not been inspired to blog, i have actually been turning dreams into reality, professionally speaking. VERDA has been a constant source of nutrition through this exciting time in my life. it’s Canadian and yummy. to get some go to and type in MAGDA 72 at checkout or just go to me (vanilla is my fave this week)

my yoga practice has improved dramatically. understanding why and how it works has made such an impact on me. the healing in my body both inside and out has been rapid because of yoga. i knew teacher training would bring the clarity I so desperately needed.

Voices for CP will be having their 5k in February. i am not running, i am teaching. if you want to know what i will be teaching you’ll have to sign up.

tomorrow is my 6th or 7th Gulliver Holiday Market Place. i am most excited about the community for this event. i made a difference in my son’s life directly, on his school, for the community. i did good! hope to see you out there 12595 red road 8:30-5:30.

on Friday, nov 20, 10-5 go and get some!! one day pop up in the heart of coral gables. this stuff is a gift. make it a point to stop by.

my yoga teacher was telling us that saying I love you is a good thing, i know that. however, showing I love you is best.

have a happy week and if i don’t get the opportunity to write again before Thanksgiving, i wish you the most love, health and success to you and your loved ones.

and if you don’t know, i am thankful to you,


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