The Art of Happiness


What you really want is usually very different than what you need. I know that, I have lived. I am also a Master Life Coach. I didn’t just name myself a Coach on my bio. I have the experience and the certification. I am so grateful.

This weekend has been one of the best in my young life. I spent it with quality people-mainly children. There were a few adult commercial breaks tho. I have a permanent smile and the joy exudes from my face. At least everyone that knows me keeps mentioning it.

I forgot what this kind of happiness feels like. Of course, I have a reason to be happy all of the time, I have Roman. He is a self-made success. I don’t worry about a MAN that can take care of me-already. I mean the kind of happiness that I had been missing. The simple joy of life. I had missed a lot. I am learning it now.

I began this weekend working out. Game changer!!!! Oh my GOD! This life is so beautiful.

I love when humans are grateful, confident and genuinely happy. Yes!!! I needed that.

Chloe made me run. I got to Tropical Park really early and remembered all of those mornings at Marathons, the bullshit, the pretense and was not really looking forward to it until I saw a bright eyed child with a disease ready to run. I forgot about the bullshit quickly. She is a miracle and so is her family.

Light it up Pink was the motto at the Miami Yoga event that I went to last night. A sea of pink covered the grass. The vibe was good. The practice was fluid. I could see the reason why I fight for my health right in front of me. Her name is Olga and she is dying. Her practice was graceful and ballerina like. I prayed while I flowed for her. I was reduced to tears a few times.

This year has been very trying for me personally. This weekend has really put things in perspective. I have seen enough.

Real men do Yoga and lift bells. I agree with that. I am uber excited about the last three months of this year. I’m gonna make them count.

On Tuesday (tomorrow), I am joining some very cool peeps to change the world. Check us out on Scope we will be up at around 8pm. Acts of Kindness done from honesty are da bomb! Join us- I want you to feel it too. (Periscope) or Chute (PairChute) when you sign up on PAIRCHUTE use referral code MAGDA. You will never go back!!

I start my Yoga Teacher Training Class soon. Yes!!!!! Science of Self Realization plus ain’t no body like a yoga body. Well, maybe a kettlebeller! Magda gets another certification. Soon, I can open my own gym! Who knows?????

and if you don’t know, create a MasterPiece,


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