The Boob Tube


She says think global. She says it’s like a big Instagram. I assured her I was quite comfortable with the idea. I was born from a celeb and hardly go unnoticed standing with Darren anywhere. She is my room mate from Canada, one of my five fave. I thank God every day she is one of my son’s Godmother’s. He has two. She is also a descendant of the paramount Paramount. She (Tarah) claims our channel is a no brainer. Ok, so our Official channel is “Doctor Dribble’s Lil Ball”, it’s kind of like a health struck I Love Lucy with a modern twist. The part that reminds me the most of that show in comparison to us is the trust in our unconventional family. It’s weird, but very trusting. He’s Jewish and younger. I’m a parent and divorced. It works. It’s our magic. And now it can be yours too. Tune in and subscribe.

Marilyn is the brains behind the madness on Sunset Drive. Everyday like the game Monopoly, she just keeps building. When I grow up, I wanna be just like her. I was so fortunate to have been invited to her private affair where I will be Life Coaching. But like in good Marilyn style she made it even more sexy- it’s now public. She is very elegant but also splendid- why hoard she says! On Oct 9, at 7 pm sharp it’s gonna be a party. Come dressed to impress, she will be showcasing her new stuff! And I will be asking you to share. So excited!!!

Roman and Darren and I will be running in the 5K for Miami Children’s Hospital on September 20. Please join us if you can!! I get happy when I see people run. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. Running for me is a struggle. It really is in the mind. If I can run, I can do anything. I associate this with quitting smoking, mastering the pistol squat, parenting. I live with a runner, a most unique runner, he teaches me.

I will be getting acquainted with my third Soho House. I can’t wait. Doctor Dribble is Chicago bound and taking his favorite ball with him. Sure, I’ll go dancing with you double D! Our Newton’s Method posse is doing this trip as a tribe! We should do a tribute natural instincts video for Chris and April in front of the bean!

Halloween again, already! Got my costume! It’s a throw back.

September 11 came and left, my heart ached all over again for humanity. I appreciate my life so much. My golfer, my baller, my health are so valid to me. Deeply grateful.

Blogging at the Chill Bar is something I could get accustomed to. Staring at Darren wile I’m blogging doesn’t suck either!

Life is pretty darn good! Now back to the gym……

and if you don’t know, I found love in a gym,