the elf

are you listening? what a great time of the year it is!  I love this time. I love singing, decorating, baking, gift giving. its very me. I didn’t have this growing up. its important to me to practice happy every year with the few people I love. roman isn’t too enthusiastic and that’s appropriate, he is a teenager.

I woke up in love. I love when it rains heavy and you are in bed with the person you love the most. I sleep soundly now. it’s so great. I have really been able to enjoy this month thus far to its fullest offerings. I am working more than ever and working out harder than ever. my teacher looks scared every time I grab more weight.  I am burning the wick at both ends, dancing all night and performing all day. its amazing.

I feel like I was dormant for the past two decades or so. I’m alive or maybe awake is a better word.

my stock is rising, thank god. my spirit is too. I’m in love. it’s natural.

looking for the perfect outfit for new years eve. its gonna be lit. I am so excited for next year and all of its changes. I am moving, roman is leaving, I’m getting a new whip. I am really happy.  it’s a new day. I’m feeling good.

today I am working on several projects, one of them is a giving tree. I cant help but cry every time I touch it. I feel like a piece of me is in this tree, this project.

yesterday, my son and I were able to give toys to many children. it was beautiful. roman asked me if I was going to post it and I laughed. I keep forgetting I am @revete. I use media for business, PERIOD!

I love REAL love. I know REAL love. I will never forfeit it for bullshit. I woke up in love-REAL love is not on Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder, FaceBook, DM- BULLSHIT.

wishing you the same peace and love I have in my life always.

and if you don’t know, two more blogs till the end,