this life is so cool!


It’s a beautiful day! I’m so lucky. I spent most of last night on the line with my family in Vancouver! Life is funny! Or maybe the big guy has a great sense of humor! Just like that, I got a call and I’m dealing in VanCity! The irony of it all. 

I’m packed and ready to go! Travel was never my bag as a wife! I was always absorbed with homemaking, parenting and wifing! Epic error! 

#TranscendMia is growing by the second! I’m amazed at how the community I live in is focused on my ability to Coach and inspire! I’m honored. I’m gonna do my best to make you proud! The team we have formed is like family. 

Yes, I’m unable to accept friends on FaceBook! I’m getting your messages but cannot open a new page! I wish I had the time but can barely keep up with the hundreds of messages daily! Thank you kindly. I’m lucky. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I am equally active on those sites too! 

If you wanna compete for Mr or Mrs South Miami, please contact me at

School starts soon and so does my role as Chair for Gulliver! Do you wanna participate in Gulliver events? Dumb question? Call me at 305-903-7160! Raider Mom for life!

Please come and shake my hand! I wanna meet you. No, I really do! 

and if you don’t know, now you know, 


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