this Summer


And were off! The beach, the bikini, a place named Beach Craft and Paris Hilton too. This week was incredible. I mean out of this world.

I had the awesome privilege of doing my first live podcast at the Grand Opening of the sixth Jugo Fresh. Yes, sixth! Matt is a beast and so is his team of Baltimorians. They tight like the Mafia. Chris and Bobby are two men I always want on my team. The place is small and clean just like the other five! Unreal, he is taking over Miami. The lighting is relaxing and the vibe is mad fresh. The podcast is so cool because it includes his team, the clients, the cars and their horns and the moment by moment happenings. I am honored to have been able to begin my live podcasting with them. Muchos Arigatos!

I did Yoga with Camp Norris Cole yes, that Norris Cole! We practiced in Cat’s house. Soho House. Athletes are funny! They are so gifted, but when you ask for a downward dog they cry. I love my NBA friends. They are teaching me about Miami nightlife and I am teaching them fitness for girls. I believe it’s fair.

My friend Tommy calls me Paris Hilton, it was only fitting that when the real Paris Hilton walked by us, he was standing next to me. We went to Beach Craft, I swear I was walking on clouds. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Haaaaaa! We’ve only just begun.

Christmas in the summer is what it felt like at Norland Elementary. I cleaned out my closet. Almost like Eminem. I took all of the overage I had invested in this past year as far as marketing clients went and made children happy. Really happy. We discussed studying hard, family help and kindness to others. We danced! I love to dance. Presently, seeking a partner to Lambada with. A swolemate would be good too. I made friends with the local government and heads of Miami Dade to continue this type of Coaching. Children are the future so it behooves us to protect and inspire them too.

The Crush games were a success! John Orrett always comes through when inspiring others and loving his very own Chloe! Blossoms Therapy is a one of a kind facility found in Coral Gables. Go visit!

Miami Fit Wear had a brain storming sesh in Wynwood. I felt like Amy and I were together all weekend. Wish Bobby would’ve gone too. We talked personalized designs! Mine are gonna be tough, cutting edge, black and white. It fits my asana and my personality to a tee! Either it’s a yes or a no, maybe is for the birds. Expect big things from this company. They dream big and act powerfully. I am honored to be their first brand ambassador.

Verda got me through a very busy week. I went on two dates since becoming single. I am walking on cloud nine. Tall men do it better. Fo Sho! A girl could get used to being courted. Courting is very different than creepos tho! Thank God I drink Verda, it helps me tell the difference.

Advice for the single guys out there: sending texts and messages that are creepy are just a turn off. If a girl doesn’t respond, walk away and keep your pride. Stalking is just yuck.

My week was grand! I am excited for this summer. I will be travelling and meeting new places and new people. Making memories er’day.

and if you don’t know, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,


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