Everyday I realize more and more how fortunate I am. I had the best week ever. I honored all things Roman and my work and still managed to party like a rockstar.

Toronto is my home and always will be. TIFF is something I should do annually. I think I will. How cool is it to know another life and still be welcome as if a day never passed. Respect is earned. I walked with Hollywood royalty. Um yeah, that is so insanely awesome.

I have worked out ferociously and feel very strong. I am very excited about life and everything it has to offer. Physical strength doesn’t come close to having emotional power. I am so happy to have both.

I am uber excited to travel. What was I waiting for?

I took for granted how awesome it is to know what I want. I thought everybody did. I learned that that isn’t necessarily true. I have always known. I am true to me. My identity never changes, neither do my friends or passions or careers. I am a thirsty learner and respect all things learned. I am lucky.

On October 3, I was wondering if you could meet me at Tropical Park at 7 am to run a 5k? One hundred percent of the monies collected for this race go to cerebral palsy. If interested in joining, please call me at 305-903-7160.

I was having lunch with a friend and we discussed Portland, Oregon? I am putting it on my list.

I have been doing things spontaneously and loving every minute of it. I went skating, dancing, flying and laughed endlessly. I am killing my work projects and feel energized. I feel happy.

I am entitled.

Oysters and me have become best friends this week. I can enjoy a glass of wine. You know what is so cool about that, I always admitted to loving wine. It isn’t a new habit. It’s been an authentic love of mine throughout my adulthood. Consistency is key. Knowing thyself and being thyself I guess is a challenge for some.

I am not perfect. I am perfectly unperfected.

and if you don’t know, I am eternally grateful,