toil and trouble


It was magical. And at the fourth hour, he comes through. I’m sick in love with the community I live in. I have been going daily to the doctors office for therapy on my body. It turns out that it wasn’t my left leg only. It was my entire left side. It collapsed. Believe it or not, I need a run coach! Haaaa! What I used to laugh at, the Pheobe style run, is actually a debilitating form of run that has been wearing my body down over the years.

It’s been a costly and very time consuming rehab. I did however get to dance hard at Soho. I wasn’t able to skate tho. The Bay Skate was so fun. The music was amazing. The company I was in was even better. I heard there was a lot of people there. Hee! Hee!

Too much Yoga, too many microphones and hell of a lot of love for me this month. An extraordinary life comes from an extraordinary mindset. And of course massive action. Without scheduling a great idea into action it remains cheap talk.

I’m just too excited.

and if you don’t know, neither do I,


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