Turn Down Pa Que?


Pitbull has it right, la Vida es Una! Cuba Si, Castro No.

The meaning of fidelity varies for many. I view it simply as loyalty. I was married once. I was loyal for many years. Loyalty is so precious. I know this to be true because I lived it. I was amazed at the reaction to this weeks webinar on “Infidelity”. I was happy to know that I will have the opportunity to listen and share with others in light after or during darkness. I will focus and redirect the webinar towards solution and progress. Space is available 305.903.7160 I opened more slots. I love Master Life Coaching. I really do.

The pistol squat and I have been together for a while now. It took me almost a year to do. Stay tuned…..

Roman became a ninth grader. I am in shock. No more drives to the Academy. Soon he will be driving Miss Daisy (me) to play dates. I’m so proud to be his mother. I have been challenged in my life but heavily compensated with a blessing for a son.

Bucket list items are few for me. I am fearlessly organized and dedicated. I have made it a priority to scratch off one item annually. However, my main squeeze threw a curve ball at me. He added something new to the list. No, it wasn’t loving a younger man! It was participating in a Flash Mob. I danced with him. He can dance!!!

My urban weekend started off with two very beautiful Lululemon ambassadors. We moved quickly and precisely kinda like Lawrence Fishburne in the Matrix as we struck poses. Yoga is not in the pose, it’s in the practice. Every single day I believe more in the power of “Om”.

The Darren and Magda Memorial Day portion of the weekend began with meditation in the sun. We pulled. We climbed. We made memories. It’s easy, there is the fundamental element to any successful relationship with him and I, there is trust. That force is strong with us. Trust will turn any broken heart into a lotus flower.

The Miami Heat is really making Miami feel. It was pandemonium in the arena. Who would have known basketball would be so present in my life?

True Blood starts soon!!! I wanna do bad things Big Poppa!!! I can’t wait. I’m not big on television viewing but this series is very sexy.

I coached, trained and inspired many this week. I danced and laughed a lot. My son and the Master of my Mob are healthy and with me- life is pretty darn good.

Women of Influence have chosen lil me to speak on June 12! The truth is there is a special place in heaven for women who help other women, I have a reserved parking space in it. I earned that one.

and if you don’t know, in a sky full of stars- I SAW YOU,


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