you, me and the trees



She called me an evangelist! I chuckled. Her name is Roxanna. Itstherocks and Shackylove inspire me daily to spread the word on how and what I did to quit smoking. I truly am moved. Goodness is contagious. The smoking webinar on April 29 is closed. I had to open it up a second time but it’s too close for me to add more space. This is a real treat because Kerry Gaynor himself will be visiting and sharing his magic with people just like me. Addicts that want to change. Change is absolutely possible. Please plan your questions and talk to me as often as you wish. Stop smoking start living is the most winningest anecdote to save a smoker! I know you’re going to fall in love with Kerry, I did.

Infidelity is May’s webinar topic. Albeit an abnormal behavior, it’s sadly very common. Especially in Miami! Don Sterling spoke the unthinkable and probably ruined any hope for the Clippers. Did it occur to anyone tho, that he’s a married man sitting with a mistress? If he can disgrace his family, it’s no wonder he can speak inhumanely. One of my favorite beliefs and opinions is family goes first. Hashtag that! #familyfirst

A family affair will be taking place on May 3 at the GulfStream Park benefitting Blossom’s Therapy. John and Claudia are a true partnership. This husband and wife team spearhead the fight against Cerebral Palsy right here in Coral Gables. They made a choice for their daughter Chloe, and in doing so created a beautiful facility helping children globally. If you don’t have the ticket, the golden one, call Maria at 305.444.9807 and run to the hat store. Ten thousand glam people coming together for a great cause! Building Community is what it’s all about.

Doctor Dribble will be sharing his ambassador powers in Canada this week! Blow them away Doc!!!!
The thing is….. I miss you already. I am underneath the hand over your heart, it’s the beat! That’s meeeeeeeeeeee. Lil thump. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN WEISSMAN ! I love you.

Bengay is very therapeutic! I can’t wait till Mother’s Day! I’m loving the #famjam.

and if you don’t know, I’ve got the Spinach ready,

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