Let’s Goooooo, (too soon Magda) MOUNTAINEERS!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have subscribers. I have texts, emails, phone calls with great love and support for my new Podcast. I am on iTunes! I am coaching live, marketing and always training on the mic. What’s shakin’ like bacon or cruising for a bruising is the theme. It’s anything goes. Next week, I will be having a special pc on “The Fountain of Youth”, this one has got me very excited. I am not a believer in chasing stock or chasing the opposite sex, but I’m on the train for keeping young. You don’t wanna miss this one, Harvard and Yale will be represented. If you haven’t subscribed, you SUCK! Go to iTunes, type in Magda Lopez and press subscribe. It’s free and easy and the sponsors will thank you for it!

Fitness and healthy eating are two certain methods that youth can be preserved and extended. This month my workouts have been in hotel gyms, hotel rooms (Haa!), and a few times in Miami. It isn’t easy maintaining the healthy way when you are moving and grooving. I will be in the gym tomorrow. Or maybe two.

Just came back from seeing a young man realize his dreams. My heart danced for him and his Coach. His first Coach. The Coach that I believe made a great impact on him. Sponge called me mom. I was shocked. I love him but I wasn’t prepared to hear that reference. I suppose that yes, he treats Roman like a brother and Darren like a father so YES! I am mom. The energy in Roberto Clemente was electric. I prefer that to NBA any day. Until he makes it to the NBA of course. BTW, Coach Huggins is a sweetie putootie! Don’t care what you hear- he’s very kind. Life Coaching in Puerto Rico was the bomb. The athletes were no doubt moved.

Roman was waiting for us with open arms! It’s the best love any one can ask for. It is without condition. It is the most rewarding.

Sunday, December 7, I will be at Athleta in Miami Beach doing a first Life Coaching sesh with a partner. I am collabing with the great Vanessa Scotto! She is a woman of love and light. Please come and let’s dance. Goals for 2015!

Thanksgiving is twice this year. One with my family and one with his. Two turkeys, one lil’ ball. Holidays are stressful but not when you are surrounded by love. I’m thankful for that.

The Ritz Reserve- only two in the world. My boyfriend took me to one of them. I am over the top grateful for this opportunity. Jose Andres and I finally met. The food was ok! Sorry, not sorry. The man across the table from me was the finest. Forgive me, I’m in love.

I am not easily impressed with views. I found one that blew me away. It’s large, tropical, passionate. I want to get married there. Enclosed please find picture. I hope it makes you feel majestic, humble and everlasting. It did me.

Please take a moment and list the reasons to be grateful in your life. Gratitude makes everything wonderful, doable, worthwhile. I am overwhelmed with what I am grateful for. One of them is YOU! I am grateful for YOU! Yes, YOU! You read my blog. Thanks.

and if you don’t know, my new nickname is Cheo,