A Coach


I remember when I had the event in Athleta in Merrick Park about one year ago and asked Nick (the Birthday boy) what a Life Coach was. His answer was “a role model” and “someone who leads by example”.  I am without a doubt a leader but I’m just as fallible as any human.  A Coach is a third party that holds a Coachee accountable for goodness, wellness and specific goals.  It is diverse and very rewarding. I Coach children, men and women and businesses. I do not provide therapy.

On August 30, I will be Coaching my biggest public event ever. I am really excited. I get to act powerfully for one hour. It’s thrilling really. I’ll be working with some very bendable peeps too. I get to infuse the marketing for some of my other clients into this event as well. I love to make beautiful projects come together. It’s like having a baby.

My baby is in IMG still. I miss him so much. When he comes back, we have a historical trip coming up. The children, they make it all worth while. All of it! He asks me how my dates went, I thought I was supposed to ask him? How does the reversal happen without me noticing?

Same sex marriages are law, where were you when you found out?

Miami Fit Wear named me highest seller of them all. I guess smart fit chicks know a good legging when they see one.

Tokyo has never been a doable idea for me, pero there is always a pero. Who knows, Maybe?

In exactly one month, I will be forty four years old. I am so grateful for every single one of those years. It’s a shift of thought when you count your blessings, its freedom.

Today was a great day. I hope yours was too.  July…… I’m ready for you.


and if you don’t know, I am a Leo,




Love of Man Kind


This past week has been enlightening. I miss my son incredibly. I knew I would but I truly feel pain in his absence. He is a constant source of honesty and goodness. Despite his blood lineage, he cannot lie for more than five minutes. I love that about him. For me, liars are the devil. I consider a lie, withholding truth, embellishing truth or changing truth. It is unkind to lie. Roman is honest. I did a great job.

Father’s Day was beautiful because of my family and friends. My real family and friends, the ones that don’t take but are always prepared to give. It’s almost like they pool together in knowing how sad I get on this day. They reach out and love me. This act means the world to me. Jenny and I and a few stragglers we were lucky enough to run into, spent the day celebrating, the elements, the holiday and each other. I thought about the men I know that aren’t father’s. One in particular. The longest day of the year was a perfect day for me.

I love giving. I’m a giver. I’ve been taken advantage of one too many times. I won’t change tho. Nope!! Philanthropists all over the place. I love that. Do they even know the definition of the word? I do. I always will. I am blessed. I believe it is because I do give. I give from the heart without fear or intent to gain. It is bliss. It is yoga. And then again, there are yogis everywhere too. Gotta love the men that go to yoga to follow booty. Losers!!!

I went to spin again last week and realized as I reached the Anaerobic heart rate that I am and always will be an addict of spin. I loved it so much before Newton’s Method. I guess that’s why I became certified on two levels. It was fun watching the Jugo Fresh crowd impressed with me. They didn’t know I was packing a secret certification. I picked my Yoga teacher for certification. I know we will make a winning combo. Before this year is up, I will be able to namaste with the best of em. 

Verda is my hero, I am healthy because of it. On my site, press the Go button. Do it, thank me later!!

Tommy and I continue to rip it up on our mats. There is something empowering about working out with strong, beautiful friends. No bull shit, no criticism, just sweat, mutual respect and comraderie.

Ivviva opened in South Miami, more debt for Miamians. Jeb I’m voting for you. On Wednesday, at 5pm I will be at Cream gettin’ sexy for my upcoming trips. I’m super stoked. Wowza, travel with someone that loves me for me. I don’t need anything else.

July, I am looking forward to you. My birthday, the fireworks, all of them. Yesterday, Cat my yoga teacher for life, mentioned that she has Love for everything. I’m understanding that more and more daily. Miami Fit Wear is launching the Power of Transcendence, I am humbled.

and if you don’t know, I want to learn how to play Chess now,


Energy Shift


I am feeling chills, excitement. The power is coming from the newness of it all. I am meeting so many places and people. The opportunities are coming in droves and I am reaping the benefits of being correctly focused daily.

My son is off for the summer and I couldn’t be happier for him. He was so enthused. As a parent, all you want is for your children to be happy and healthy. Roman is that! I am fortunate.

Father’s Day is always a challenge for me. This year however, I will be spending it at my new home- Soho Beach House. Although I have been a member for over a year, I have really just met the place. I’m having a blast. Eastern Standards are indeed refreshing, so are the new relationships in my life.

I am working out double time, it’s the therapy I seek, not the muscles. The muscle growth and definition is welcome but in reality it’s a side effect. A sexy effect. I am looking forward to practicing yoga more than ever this week, (a happy face with the heart eyes inserted here) Namaste!

I am looking into visiting Panama. I have never been there. I will be travelling in July and August. I have planned epic trips. One is for a marathon-my final one. Thank God! Woof!

Vancouver I’m coming at ya for one full week!! I am so looking forward to meeting the main man of Verda .  The vegan protein powder that keeps me healthy. John Salley and I agree on the Vegan lifestyle. You can buy it at atreve-t.com, it’s bomb!!!!

Tomorrow, I am spinning for a cause, the seventh Jugo Fresh will be opening in North Miami. I don’t know if they are aware that I am a Certified Spinner- the elite kind. I am so proud of Matt and his gang. It’s a mafia. The coup d’etat is impressive. How lucky can a podcaster, marketer, fit chick, life coach be? I am invited to the private event, #coolKids only!

This weekend I realized my first #ootd! I planned and executed an outfit. It was so exciting. Of course, the photo booth at Soho was broken! It’s ok, the cleaning of the clock is next. I’ll be sure to take a picture then. Porn Stars move over.

I went to the movies for the first time in a month. I didn’t go alone, still working on that goal. We saw Spy. It was so funny.

I’ve got three Summer Solstice events, Soundscape tonight and another Spin a Thon this month. If you combine these events with my workouts, maybe I will have time to shower once a day. I am very proud of my body transformation. My clients are evolving too. It’s contagious. Miami Fit Wear keeps me in the latest and greatest gear. Mad love for them. I work out, I am not a fashion guru. Miami Fit Wear keeps me sexy and vibin strength.

Tuesdays with Morrie is one of my favorite books. Wednesdays with Tommy is becoming my favorite day of the week. I am so grateful for this friendship. Wowza!! Two good men have really scooped me up and dusted me off. Tommy is one of them. The other one is in Israel.

Cook off, the party at Cream in South Miami and just greatness is up this week! If only I could go dancing? Really feel like dancing.

and if you don’t know, cinnamon and bacon sounds delicious,


this Summer


And were off! The beach, the bikini, a place named Beach Craft and Paris Hilton too. This week was incredible. I mean out of this world.

I had the awesome privilege of doing my first live podcast at the Grand Opening of the sixth Jugo Fresh. Yes, sixth! Matt is a beast and so is his team of Baltimorians. They tight like the Mafia. Chris and Bobby are two men I always want on my team. The place is small and clean just like the other five! Unreal, he is taking over Miami. The lighting is relaxing and the vibe is mad fresh. The podcast is so cool because it includes his team, the clients, the cars and their horns and the moment by moment happenings. I am honored to have been able to begin my live podcasting with them. Muchos Arigatos!

I did Yoga with Camp Norris Cole yes, that Norris Cole! We practiced in Cat’s house. Soho House. Athletes are funny! They are so gifted, but when you ask for a downward dog they cry. I love my NBA friends. They are teaching me about Miami nightlife and I am teaching them fitness for girls. I believe it’s fair.

My friend Tommy calls me Paris Hilton, it was only fitting that when the real Paris Hilton walked by us, he was standing next to me. We went to Beach Craft, I swear I was walking on clouds. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Haaaaaa! We’ve only just begun.

Christmas in the summer is what it felt like at Norland Elementary. I cleaned out my closet. Almost like Eminem. I took all of the overage I had invested in this past year as far as marketing clients went and made children happy. Really happy. We discussed studying hard, family help and kindness to others. We danced! I love to dance. Presently, seeking a partner to Lambada with. A swolemate would be good too. I made friends with the local government and heads of Miami Dade to continue this type of Coaching. Children are the future so it behooves us to protect and inspire them too.

The Crush games were a success! John Orrett always comes through when inspiring others and loving his very own Chloe! Blossoms Therapy is a one of a kind facility found in Coral Gables. Go visit!

Miami Fit Wear had a brain storming sesh in Wynwood. I felt like Amy and I were together all weekend. Wish Bobby would’ve gone too. We talked personalized designs! Mine are gonna be tough, cutting edge, black and white. It fits my asana and my personality to a tee! Either it’s a yes or a no, maybe is for the birds. Expect big things from this company. They dream big and act powerfully. I am honored to be their first brand ambassador.

Verda got me through a very busy week. I went on two dates since becoming single. I am walking on cloud nine. Tall men do it better. Fo Sho! A girl could get used to being courted. Courting is very different than creepos tho! Thank God I drink Verda, it helps me tell the difference.

Advice for the single guys out there: sending texts and messages that are creepy are just a turn off. If a girl doesn’t respond, walk away and keep your pride. Stalking is just yuck.

My week was grand! I am excited for this summer. I will be travelling and meeting new places and new people. Making memories er’day.

and if you don’t know, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,


Calabaza Calabaza todo el Mundo Para Su Casa


What a week! Woof! Or even still, what a month! The circumstances in my life changed radically but I’m happy to state that I remain the same. Richer for it all. No, really. Haaaa! My smile is larger than ever. At least that’s what I hear about twenty five times a day. Gotta love the stalkers. Pride is scarce isn’t it!

Yoga (the real kind) has taken center stage for me. I feel like my two black mats and my pink one are on rotation. I’m always practicing with hunks. I’m the only girl that shows up with big, huge, strong men. I feel like my body is fluid no matter who the teacher or venue. I’m addicted. I’ll be practicing with Norris Cole (he’s in his twenties) today and later under the moon. In translation, I’ll be working out three hours today. It’s very doable because Roman is self sufficient, don’t have to worry about him. I am truly blessed to have a son that takes away my troubles as opposed to adding more. He’s a tenth grader now. Best scholastic year of his life! I really am lucky. My Life Coaching clients don’t get in the way of training either. I have them on strict schedule. This past week I made some time to do what I do best, help others. It was outrageously sublime. Real philanthropy put things into perspective quickly. It’s so cool when you can change someone’s day for the better in seconds. The entire experience was most rewarding. I thought of Hans. I loved seeing the response to this years 5K. So many runners who never even knew him, running proudly. He was a true philanthropist, not a poser. I remembered you Hans. I do all the time.

At this pace, I should kill Seawheeze. I plan on it! I’m a goal crusher. I’ve been researching all the greatness of Vancouver and oh boy am I gonna love it!!!! I spent a decade in Canada and never saw it, no Bueno!!! I’ll be packing my Verda Nutrition with me, so many activities and things to do make for a diet slip up. As long as I have my Verda, every little thing seems to work perfectly. Oysters in VanCity, poetic.

I’ve been running on the beach almost daily. Soho Beach House is my new home. Can I get a what what for private clubs! I’ve promised myself that I would finally use the membership I fought to get. The running on the beach was a quick fix, mitigating circumstances. It happens! Not a bad back up plan either. My current situation is better, no doubt. Soon, they’ll be calling me BOSS too.

Please join me this upcoming Wednesday at Jugo Fresh- Coral Gables location for the official Grand Opening! I will be doing my first live podcast from there! All bloopers will be recorded. How amazing is that? Authenticity is rare. I promise to….. And keeping it is just non-existent. So sad.

Speak easy is a new concept for me, so is the single life. I’m loving every minute of the freedom, the happiness, the positive love that comes with it. Prohibition never looked so good. California and Baltimore are back in Miami! Giving and receiving is like a new concept. I’m in love. Duh?

Adios Venetian bridge is bitter sweet, the memories etc. I get it! But if scrapping something that sucks or is ineffective, broken makes for a stronger and more solid tomorrow- I say YAY! Bon voyage and welcome butterflies. It is a new dawn, INDEED!!!!

Truly grateful for this week. The shift of energy was welcome. June! Thank God for you! The travel, the beach, the evolution- a realistic future. I did win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited. Crush games on June 6, call me if you want to help or participate. 305.903.7160-real philanthropy.

and if you don’t know, the sun always rises,