protect this house

I can fight with the IRS, with weight loss, with an insect that sneaks into my home but I am unable to fight with things out of my control. in my eulogy at fit, flawed and sexy my third thing was to be remembered as a fighter. but, I don’t fight for just anything. I fight for what matters, what is worthy. I quickly release what is harmful, damaging and unhealthy. I live clean. eating burger king or surrounding myself with that type of low level stuff isn’t my bag. I will go to battle for what is meaningful.

I thought november would be more calm, quite the contrary. I have four new philanthropic engagements. I’m putting my foot down for december tho. I am having a blast enjoying the people in my life. I am protected. I love that.

for christmas, I want more of what is making me happy daily- PROTECTION.

I have so much to be thankful for in this 2016. I look forward to next year and the duplication of abundance. I am blessed and very grateful for what I TRULY HAVE.

I wish you a safe holiday and the love of the people YOU choose to be with.

and if you don’t know, loyalty and protection makes me happy,




I am Onnit Certified in Club Bells. I remember wanting to learn years ago. I am so sorry it took me this long to figure it all out. The tool is just like the other iron friends in my home. All of the bells and my mace are together now.

I haven’t slept for about a week. The last half hour of todays certification had me praying in a chant. I haven’t prayed like that since I went to jail. I was dizzy and losing focus. At my right was Grant, my left Marc and in front of  me was April. The man behind me is Niv.  We finished together. What a dream team of power.  Jeezus Christ!

I saw the sun twice this weekend and fell in love. We get closer each time. It’s thrilling to remember what that feels like.

The event was a hit! I gained so much knowledge. I loved all of this experience. It was magic. I feel like I am at my peak on every level. I have more power now in my life than I have ever had before.  the future has never been more unknown than now. I said that thrice on stage. NOW! NOW! NOW!

Halloween is up soon and I am tweaking and tucking the costume. It suits me.

I am exhausted! I am alive. I am happy. Moreover than all of that, I am safe. I love that. Hope your week is overloaded with greatness with those that you love and the ones that love you. 

and if you don’t know, I have never been more in love than I am today,



happy anniversary to me

two decades ago I got married. I am lucky. I know what that feels like. I am grateful. the sanctity of marriage is beautiful. not so long ago, a new interest in my life and I discussed sanctifying yourself. I learned something. I am fortunate.

this month has been outrageous. I am having a blast. I’m not kidding! this being single thing is fucking amazing. everywhere I turn is greatness, kindness, romance and I don’t pay for anything. I don’t worry about anything anymore. its freedom.

I only do what makes me happy and I’m only with people that want the same thing for me. I am more careful daily with who I lend my energy to. its precious. he calls me a masterpiece.

what a beautiful week! so much realness in our community showed up. the real players were present. it was uplifting. there was mind, body and soul toys and schools for all of us. I forgot just how many people I really know. I thank God everyday for my life and the few peeps in it.

I had a friend come in from Toronto this week. my friends are ballers. the cream of the crop is the goal in all things. I don’t like common shit. I’d rather starve.

I’m really excited for wednesday and apparently a lot of others are too. how cool is it, that I can better people, help people, lift others just by being. on my knees grateful for that awesome plateful.

a man walked up to me at my new office in Paradigm kitchen and asked me about my blog. I am amazed that people care. this blog began as a love story and now it’s a real love story. thank you for your loyalty.

if you haven’t bought your ticket, you’ll be sorry.

wishing you the baddest always, together with the ones you love and the ones that love you!

and if you don’t know, I am very much in love,




I went through my history of halloween today and realized I usually pick strong costumes. duh?  except for last year, I was always something to be reckoned with. a powerful woman look is what I tend to dress up as. last year, was a fuck up. this year I am going to be the truest form of me ever. I am very excited. I love the holidays. it’s a time to be with the people you love and the people that love you. if the people around you aren’t your biggest fans- clean up your area.

a friend of mine wants me to go to texas with him, I can’t. I love tradition. although, texas is on my list. my son only has two more dress up days left. I actually am looking forward to life now more than ever.

the event is really scaring the fuck out of me. I am receiving an enormous amount of community support. I love when the people you give to give back. I give without expectation and like magic it comes back ten fold.

I am working out crazy style now. it makes me happy. I stopped looking at my body and started feeling it years ago. I feel so strong. I love to look at the power around me. I have no weaknesses now. its fuckn cool.

I have one more event after fit, flawed and sexy and I’m closing up shop for the year. I will continue to coach but can take this show to the beach. this year I had many firsts, I am so excited for the next wave. if you haven’t bought your tickets do it now I have a feeling this one is gonna be lit.

thank you to the squad of sponsors, folk that support me and you- I WILL ALWAYS BLOG ON! huge love for you.

and if you don’t know, my name is not revete,




I am overwhelmed with it. I had the bestest weekend ever. I was in miami. it was magic.

my leg is better but it was injured this week. I am so grateful for the love I got. I felt special. I felt cared for. it was new. I am gearing up for with an enormous amount of enthusiasm. I am so appreciative of the support I am getting from those that love me. I am lucky. everyone around me is helping me. its also new.

the holidays always make me happy. I am almost done decorating for Halloween. my costume is chosen and all plans are made for this years festivities.  I couldn’t be more excited. I love order. I love consistency. god, am I ever grateful.

I just made potato pancakes. it’s a rush to rosh.

everyday I learn more and more how urgent it is to keep true love around you at all times. my circle is tight, my life is light.

I give energy to those that give it back equally. we share the bill so to speak. its new too.

there is no question, I am learning again. I have a really great pancake maker on my team. I am very grateful.

it’s the moment when you look around you and realize, this is my life. these people are my family. I am in love. its magic.

I speak freely, I don’t believe in holding back how you feel. I hate evasion-its weakness.

and if you don’t know, ill tell you straight to your face,