toni called

astounding changes are happening in this clear and visible year. I love it! what does freedom mean to you? for me, truth is everything. in this episode, I offer you the truth about the new organization guru Toni Holtz, the new CBD swap shop, new order. I’m feeling alot of #newnew in 2020!! Love is very much alive. HAPPY SUPERBOWL guys, talk with ya in the month of love!!

when MMA meets @revete

she’s friends with Josh Brolin. they practice a book club. he elevates her and she inspires him. her job is survival in an octagon. her heart is an open book. if TARGET and AMAZON PRIME don’t choose her, they are at a loss. my first guests of 2020 set the tone for greatness in this decade. please buy popcorn and meet my friends, true visionaries and a wonderful example of a happy family.