a couple of years ago, I saw a man pass out at the finish line of a marathon- he died. last year, around this time, my son gave me hova  (a blue pitbull) for mother’s day. he was stolen from our home. my point is, you can’t take anything for granted. life, best friends, breath, love are all so very valuable.

I opened my spotify to find more music. thank you.

I remember being voted social head in CANADA- haaaa! almost unanimously. there was no instagram then, no power of asana. being popular, or chasing money or looking to get laid were never my idea of GOALZZZZZ. I’m just gifted.

I get very grossed out when these ideas are masked as being remarkable. my idea of power is changing lives for the better, guiding the lesser, growing, changing and improving. that is the stuff life is about.

I spent most of last week, meeting new people, going to places I had never been and learning. my body hurts. my mind was expanded. my heart busted wide open. I see clearly now.

this upcoming week excites me and is already scaring me. epicness.

feeling gratitude for my health and  the real love that surrounds me. 

from the deepest place in this 5’2, 44 year old body that is covered in defects, I thank you for reading my blog.

and if you don’t know, grateful,