All About That Bass


How does responding to a few questions turn into motivating health, fitness and wellness? My new friend Jasmine can tell you. She thanked me for going deep. I thanked her for inspiring me. Is there any other way? Not for me! I’m in or out! I do or don’t. I am ride or die. If my journey helps you, please join me.

I will be at Studio LX on Thursday evening breaking bad and injecting passion through fashion. After all, I am a pseudo kind of Doctor. A girl with a healthy ego- maybe unbreakable. A Master Life Coach. We are going to laugh, dance, and Yes Way Rose’ there will be libations. Did you call Michelle for floor space? Run…….305.666.0748 Please be on time, the DJ has too much homework (Gulliver Raider wink wink)! My beau and I are en route to Soho House in Chitown for a Latin press conference right after! Betcha didn’t know he was bilingual. He’s running and I am going to try and keep up! Wish me luck that guy is a bad ass athlete. This week he coached my run for his family at lululemon.  We wore the latest and greatest gear! How did they know I loved the color purple? The movie too. Jessica, Laura, Rafa and Ana treated me like family. I am grateful. They really do love their ambadassador and his lil ball! Thank you one million times over again!

The house is decorated. It’ll probably be my last Halloween in the home because I’m selling it soon. If you are interested, call me at 305.903.7160. Our costumes are purchased. I am trying with all my might to have my final pumpkin carving night but I think I’m alone on this one! I am going to make my first pumpkin pie! My ambi loves it! I am so excited for this year’s costumes! We went to Cipriani last year as Ron and Veronica. This year we will be in the Garden of Eden! I did naked yoga, not even sweating.

We bought our first car together. I only drive black cars! Life is short-follow your gut! We also modeled at the Collection. The camera follows me around-literally. I felt protected throughout the entire car buying process. It was pleasant and seamless. Darren saved me a ton of money. He is my hero. Mad respect. The more I learn about him, the more I love. Pandora’s box turned into my soul mate. 

David, Lyn and I were reunited this week. Hey to the Hey! David brought the energy and music that could move any asana. He has awesome taste in music-always did! We did the Darren Clap too. Doctor Dribble never walks out without making an impression! He’s big!

My son enlightened us with his gift this weekend and as always showed compassion, humor and love. I am so lucky! Golf was never so relaxing.

Yom Kippur was another first for me. I love spending time with family even on the day of atonement. Too grateful.

I am considering a VLOG? Whadya think?


and if you don’t know, somewhere over the rainbow,