bandz that make her dance


Dancing makes me happy. Dancing with someone I’m attracted to is something much more valuable. Dancing with someone who is strong is mind blowing. I’m not much on drinking, never have been, never will be. I love my life and tasting every minute of it is necessary.  To dance is freedom. I always ask people if they can dance. It is always fascinating to hear their response. People are so afraid of what others think. This fear can stifle. If you can dance, you are dangerously close to freedom. I love to dance. I am free. A lone wolf.

I have been very busy with on air recordings, coaching and sweating. I love it. I’m trying to stay away from missing my son. He is so loved. It’s the triggers I stay away from. It’s draining to think about him leaving to school. I am very pleased with his independence and success. I never want my son to lean on his parents, I want him to succeed in his own journey. That is true parental harmony.

Summer has come in like a storm with an enormous amount of wetness. In a sea of work, I have been able to navigate properly.

My collab with One Miami launched last week but this week is lift off. This perhaps is my greatest professional deal. I am so proud of myself. I am eternally grateful to this company. It isn’t easy being a woman divorced from an accountant. My background is more in humanity rather than in numbers.

Verda videos have come to a screeching halt. I’m trying a new method to convey just how kick ass this product is for your mind, body and soul. I’ll find it. Till then, take my word for it- sexy is in VERDA.

I will be at Ivivva in South Miami next Saturday, June 18 at 2pm Sharp to play like a child. I love children. They are honest. They have no agenda and give as much as they can. Join us as we take on the universe, plus it’s Father’s Day! Let’s give daddy something special- a much needed break.

Father’s Day will be what it always is, extremely painful. I miss my father so much. I miss his perfect voice. The protection only a real man can provide is what I lack. My father always protected me. I have yet to meet the man that can do this for me. My ex husband gave me a lot, but betraying me with other women never allowed him to give me what I needed most. Why is it that people need more than one human, one love, one approval, one DM? Now, even Social Media approval wins over a real relationship?

I am very simple. I want to love and take care of one human and have that human do the same. Popularity, money or approval has never been my goal. Happy and safe is the goal.

Commitment is so intoxicatingly beautiful. It’s a level of love that few ever reach. I always compare it to fitness. Marriage is a lot like fitness, what you put in you get out. You get what you pay for. If you never pay, you never get. If you neglect your body, it’s unhealthy. If you neglect your marriage or commitment, it dies.

Last year, on Father’s Day, I went to SOHO with a girlfriend, this year I’ll mos def be in the ocean again.

Please know, dollar bills, or a big fat wad of them are not impressive to me. If you wanna impress me, sacrifice yourself for the person you love. I melt for that kind of action. The actions are what get me lit.

Last night I had terrible nightmares, I woke to find out of the murders that took place in Orlando. Every day I realize how precious it is to love your loved ones.

and if you don’t know, you can find my cake by the ocean,