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man, what a week.  i knew this year was packing a left hook but wowza!! the changes have begun. my loser stock holdings are improving.  that’s a paradigm shift.

i will be on podcast live on Friday, june 2, at a secret location with celebrity. wouldn’t it be a kicker if i ended up on air? life coaching is my passion but my voice is something sought after. i am going where my heart calls and the money falls, where the flow takes me. i learned how to upload my podcasts and blogs alone as it seems i will need to depend on myself more frequently in this aspect.

swish swish bish is my new workout jam. there is something about kp that motivates me. i ran an entire marathon listening to dark horse on repeat. cray!!

in merrick park, go visit SHOP VIX and mention REVETE10 and get yourself a surprise for this summer. also, if you’re looking for convenience and health stuffed in a delish meal log onto and type in REVETE10 for a savings, you’ll thank me later.

i did a podcast on my five day experience on tinder, epic fail. the more i think about tryna find love on social media the more i wanna vomit. wtf? i am a very positive human but it’s so disheartening to think that we’ve reduced relationships to DM, PM and chat rooms. love has nothing to do with devices, computers etc. love is pride, safety, sacrifice, truth, respect and PROTECTION!

i fully understand why people throw phones out the window or in toilets, they ruin real relationships. the temptation is just too much for some. i’ve been replaying ‘walk the line’ by johnny cash. it helps me. i am disgusted. love is the purpose of life, the juice that makes the ride worth it. i refuse to make it so cheap.

on  saturday, june 3,  i will be at the Biltmore Hotel at 4:30pm meeting the magician that has corrected defective backs like mine all of his life. i am truly excited. scoliosis is not a visible illness, but it is a bitch nevertheless. i have been fortunate to be with kind, uplifting and professional humans that have helped me be fit with my illness. my level of fitness is no joke. i am very intense about total human optimization. i have also been verbally abused because of the defects in my body. i believe these experiences compel me to be a servant for scoliosis for the rest of my life. please come and hug me, tickets will be sold at the door.

fashion week in miami is always fun. i am always fashionable. i have my own relentless style. I’ve also been known to look absolutely ridic. i don’t pick one look and marry it. i’m not a boring dresser either. i love all shades of black. all black errthang. jewelry is a big deal to me. you’ll never catch me wearing junk, cheap or common pieces. i’d rather starve and eat a steak than eat burger king daily. btw, i don’t eat burger king.

matt and i agree on a lot, but our opinion on tinder is almost exactly the same. grateful for the experience.

thank you for reading this blog. i invite you to go back to the beginning of my blog life so you fully understand my nuances, my players, my haters and my loves. got questions, call me- i got no filter. it’s refreshing to speak to an honest human, i prefer it.

wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful long weekend. don’t forget to thank someone that made our land free.

and if you don’t know, the beach is calling my name. it’s saying come back magda,






Mum’s the Word


I spent the weekend with my son. He was such a joy to be with. I love to watch him be. I am so proud of him and myself. I have done many great things in my life. I am most proud of my parenting. It’s taken so much yoga. There is nothing more humbling than to look at his face and feel his sadness, his fear or his pain. I remember the few times he was sick, I was broken. I tried to carpet the world for him and realized quickly that was not available. I had to adapt quickly and learn to arm him with the tools necessary to get up when he fell. He was easy to learn. He was malleable. He is a team player. And my son is so damn funny.

We played like children all weekend. Throughout the weekend he acted his age (which I love) and acted like my protector (which I need).

I have a limited amount of time with my boy before he goes onto make his own journey. I am dedicated to suck the life out of our time together. I see so much of me in him. He is very different than both his parents too. It’s fascinating.

I forgot about the traditions of Mother’s Day and did whatever made us happy and it turned out to be the best Mother’s Day of my life. I have had seventeen of them and before that my ex-husband would honor me as a step parent.

There are many women around me pregnant or giving birth presently. It is beautiful. I listen to them intently and smile quietly. I remember me in their shoes. Dreaming, planning, and fearing the human life coming soon.

I am very lucky and privileged to be a mother. I thank God every day. My labor pains came on a rainy night while I was watching a movie (shocker). I am always watching a movie.



I am tired of answering what my religion is. I’m a faithful person. my religion is love. I practice love. I don’t post about love, I give love. sex is not love. protection is love. I am a fierce protector. I am a non practicing catholic. I love judaism. I take the great from the greatest and apply accordingly. I had the best holiday ever. the reality of my son leaving me made me do and redo things in the most passionate ways. I celebrate every day but this holiday season was really magical. I am grateful.

I was in the back of an uber the other night and we were talking about george micheal. his song faith was the topic. he died today. I can’t help but reflect every time there is a death, a marriage, a graduation, a birth. the real milestones of life. where am i? am I where I belong? have I done enough?  who is with me? who is really with me?

I am very much looking forward to this new year. roman will be 17.  I will be changing almost everything in my life all in one year. I’m excited.

george sang a few songs I love. I’m an eighties girl. I like it.  “freedom” was one, “careless whispers” ,” I want your sex” were epic in my life. time doesn’t forgive bullshit. time happens. it is the greatest loss ever. a moment can change everything. RIP WHAM

this blog was amazing for me. I made memories in the past three years. they are all here. I am proud of the errors, scars (if you will), misspelled words, emotion recorded. it is my truth, my reality. it is for you to read and re read. I don’t hide well. I don’t do DM, I don’t want lies or secrets anywhere near me. I love freedom.

thank you for the years of readership, loyalty and criticism. I am grateful.

this holiday I lived magic.  I almost died. the eyes of a child popped out of me.  I couldn’t believe the feeling of warmth that came over me. had I been longing for this? did I miss this so much and just buried it since the divorce?  frankly, I am in awe of it all. what I do know is that my final blog is one of mystery and wonder and excitement.

I have never felt so powerful in my life.

and if you don’t know, happy new year,


when they go low, we go high

my body aches but my heart is full of love. what a weekend! I am desperately in love.

our gym got together and made history. it has been a long time since I have felt that kind of adrenaline for a physical challenge. I am still coming down from the high. my body is in shock. we did the unthinkable. I am not certain of the exact amount of money or pushups that we did but I know we smashed the goal. all I remember from the MAKE A WISH movement were the cheers, the tears, the sweat and the cameras going off constantly for sixty minutes. I know we made a difference. I love to help people. I love to give. I spent most of the weekend living, loving and giving.

roman is submitting his college apps daily. I am so happy for him. I am very much looking forward to opening gifts this Christmas. I am so grateful with the love around me, it is sincere.

my schedule is closed till next year. I have been hired for more national coaching and locally I am being referred left and right. I am always shocked by the clients hiring me. I think like an employee. I always forget that people want me in this fashion. it is humbling.

I completed 287 pushups. I was one of two women in a group of predominantly all male athletes. I was second to top oldest in this group too. I am impressed with my ability to forget limitations, boundaries and barriers when there is true goodness to be committed.  community means so many things to so many peeps. it means helping others selflessly to me. community means giving without posting, giving without telling, it means sacrifice for no gain, food, money or sex. at least, this is my view.  I am entitled to my views, no?

I have one more blog to write before this part of my life is over. I have made many blogging friends and blogged on through it ALL. I am proud of myself. 

wishing you the happiest of holidays and the best in the new year.

and if you don’t know, he bought me a car,



the elf

are you listening? what a great time of the year it is!  I love this time. I love singing, decorating, baking, gift giving. its very me. I didn’t have this growing up. its important to me to practice happy every year with the few people I love. roman isn’t too enthusiastic and that’s appropriate, he is a teenager.

I woke up in love. I love when it rains heavy and you are in bed with the person you love the most. I sleep soundly now. it’s so great. I have really been able to enjoy this month thus far to its fullest offerings. I am working more than ever and working out harder than ever. my teacher looks scared every time I grab more weight.  I am burning the wick at both ends, dancing all night and performing all day. its amazing.

I feel like I was dormant for the past two decades or so. I’m alive or maybe awake is a better word.

my stock is rising, thank god. my spirit is too. I’m in love. it’s natural.

looking for the perfect outfit for new years eve. its gonna be lit. I am so excited for next year and all of its changes. I am moving, roman is leaving, I’m getting a new whip. I am really happy.  it’s a new day. I’m feeling good.

today I am working on several projects, one of them is a giving tree. I cant help but cry every time I touch it. I feel like a piece of me is in this tree, this project.

yesterday, my son and I were able to give toys to many children. it was beautiful. roman asked me if I was going to post it and I laughed. I keep forgetting I am @revete. I use media for business, PERIOD!

I love REAL love. I know REAL love. I will never forfeit it for bullshit. I woke up in love-REAL love is not on Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder, FaceBook, DM- BULLSHIT.

wishing you the same peace and love I have in my life always.

and if you don’t know, two more blogs till the end,