fall-ing in love

cheers to fall! I had the best summer of my life this year. I did things I never expected to do. I loved myself. I stayed open. I made a good choice.

last week was even better than the entire summer tho!! my smile is breaking my face. I feel like I am floating. my son is thriving, my business is booming, I am healthy. what more is there? the best is now.

everyday I learn more, grow more and feel more. I never really expected to feel more. it’s incredible.

a compliment never felt like this. it’s been years since I felt so little. I mean like a little girl. seriously in love with that feeling.

we raised monies for the UNDERLINE MIA, we raised the vibe. I love collabing with real heroes.

https://fitsexyandflawed.splashthat.com/ is in full effect. I am truly excited for this one. I did a JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE indeed.

I have been hired by three FORTUNE 500 companies, one is global.  I am falling in love daily. what’s not to fall in love with? he called me a masterpiece. I was born again.

I have never been as old as I am right now, but I feel like I am crawling. I spent ten years without going to Europe and now I’ll be there twice in one quarter. we spoke of tokyo.

is this happening? the look of love?  where should I go? no time to think! I feel like I’m out of control. I love it!

in one sentence, I was summed up. I tip my hat off to another human that can interpret my level of speed. so much respect for this!!! in all of my yogic experience, I have practiced these beliefs, missions, guides, esoteric meanings, I am living them now. it’s beautiful.


and if you don’t know, head over heels,