Happy Birthday Doctor!


Quick! Running to Doctor’s Day hashtag! Can you believe there is a Doctor’s Day! Hug a Doctor! And why not go ham on the #doctorsday hashtag! I have a few ideas for today’s blog and am highly motivated. Danger!!!

I spent my weekend in Canada. Oh Canada! The memories, the beauty, the feeling of safety. I needed you. Bethany Hills School, a school for sisters. I am an only child and truly feel like I have a legion of sisters. How lucky can a girl be? Eighty five affluent, intelligent and drop dead gorgeous siblings. I have them. Thank you Tarah, Ashlynn, Jen, Shaz and Jen A, for bringing me back.

Roman tore it up in Beaver Creek. It makes me so happy that my son is better than me. I ski, but not like him. He did bumps in Colorado! That’s the real deal.

I will be working back to back clients this week and working out like a beast. My job, Life Coach- bomb baby! People! They seek out peeps like me to help guide them through accountability, support and freedom. I love my job. But wait, back that truck up, did you see the abs. (Instagram Post on @revete) I myself had to do a double take. Is that me at the top of the hill- straight laughing, not flexin? Fitness is the reason that this woman is a sponsored athlete, a happy lady and a confident mf. I wish more people knew the simple secret. WORK OUT!!!!!!

Easter and Seder with family is up this week. I love learning and spending time with loved ones. Happiness is only really real when shared.

My blog is usually more juicy, I hope I didn’t let you down- I’ve been busy living, loving and Life Coaching! Life doesn’t suck for Magda.

This week I will be working on Vancouver and Verda! Um Hello! Epic stuff is gonna go down.

April is here and I am over the moon excited. Records are meant to be broken. Be happy if you ever held one. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, be grateful to make it to the next one. Limits are meant to be surpassed. The only limits I have, are the ones I place on myself.

Love hard, act harder. Surround yourself with people that love you and know that living is giving. Give of yourself and watch the magic start.

Finna find you a Life Coach like me…….

and if you don’t know, let’s start a fire,