I bring the fire


so the orchid given to me this week had a bud that was half torn from it’s root but still very beautiful and stood alone from the group. I love the ones that stand alone, in every way. I really get turned off by commonalities. It takes a very secure human to be honest. It takes a completely wilted orchid bud to die. Which of the two come first for me?

my month came with extraordinary highs and very low lows. I realized there is no hope and realized there is all of the hope in the world. I faced immeasurable fears. I knew the outcome, long before I looked. It’s kind of like yoga, the push pull struggle to hold the poses. yoga isn’t for softies, it’s actually a strength builder in every way.

my yoga teacher training was a blessing. it couldn’t have happened at a better time in my life. It truly gave me the strength to see what I just couldn’t face. It built me, it gave me a well to nourish me. I was feeling drained in every way. I became open to love again in and through yoga. I am forever grateful. I will hold that baby with loving care for the rest of my life, I will protect it with all of my self- kinda like Roman. I’m a parent, I know what real love is. I also know, you can’t find it on social media. My heart bleeds for those who believe they can.

Oh yes!!! If I don’t know you personally, no worries, I don’t take it personal. 

I’m doing a big and wonderful yoga class on February 28 for more information, please go to www.active.com and find the bows & bow ties event and sign up. I seriously wanna meet you. yes, lots of celebrity and fun but more than that we can change the world that day. Hope to see you flowing, running and smiling.

I agreed to ambassadorship for the be excellent brand so happily last week. Being excellent, good, happy, fit and compassionate takes enormous effort. It’s a daily choice. I believe wholeheartedly in karma. I believe in being held to a higher standard. the yama and niyama are my creed. You can’t call yourself a yogi and be cruel. You can’t call yourself an ambassador of anything and be dishonest. The philosophy of excellence is one I live by, I plan on making it an epidemic. Simple as that.

Coldplay made my weekend colorful. We had fun! I’m so alive again. I’m not looking back. A head full of dreams and a heart full of love is too great to waste on lies.

February looks like a magical month, a Valentine’s Day of being worshipped is something I am truly missing. I am overwhelmed with excitement.

As my journey of two hundred hours comes to an end, I feel like the journey of life is just beginning.

the constants, my son, my energy and the belief in that half broken bud being equally beautiful as it’s sisters and brothers. I love imperfections, scars. I am grateful.

and if you don’t know, drink from me,