Love Month

Ok! This week we are going to do a little something different! On Instagram, I asked the followers of @revete to please offer some blog ideas. You know, topics they suggest I write about! I got some interesting suggestions. I’m going to do my best in this week’s blog to accommodate some of those requests. I will write on three of the topics and maybe next month do this again. Interaction is healthy and I love to communicate. Social media is a brave new world! For purposes of business, it can be very lucrative too. I am old school tho, I love to love my real peeps in person.

@micasalsburg : Four million cats are eaten in Asia annually. Twenty four cat skins make a coat. During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witchcraft, people all over Europe would stuff them in sacks and throw them into bonfires. On holy days, people celebrated by tossing cats off Church Towers. In North America, cats are the most popular pets. The first cat to go to outer space was appropriately named “Astrocat”. She was a female of course. In slang language the word “puss” is associated with soft, warm and fuzzy body parts. Just like a cat. According to the Hebrew legend, God made a lion sneeze and out popped a cat to protect the food on Noah’s Ark from rats. It must have been a Jewish lion! Cats spend nearly one third of their lives cleaning themselves. Cleanliness is Godliness! There is a cat named Blackie that inherited 15 million Euro from his owner, he is the richest cat in the world. Sadly, he has no one to share his wealth with. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow.

@obscureinspiration406 : Happiness is the greatest paradox in nature. It is a choice I make daily. It takes courage. I fight for it. I exercise to keep it! I often ask my son to tell me stories. His way of speaking makes me laugh immediately. I try to keep matters of the heart at bay. I find they are challenging for me. I remember the people I have loved that are not with me anymore. It brings me to a place of peace. I try to eat clean and use no medicine. Happiness is in my music. I play music everywhere I am. I usually play upbeat music unless, my heart has been broken. When this happens, I make a choice to forgive and move on. After all, there is a reason for the season! Usually, I will play Barbra Streisand during these episodes. Obscure, you have made me think! I am better because of you! Thank you!

@jango_cat : I don’t know why or how you and I came together! Positive thinking is also an effort consuming task. All of my life, I have practiced smiling. It is for me a great source of energy and cure. No matter what happens, I keep positive. Gratitude is probably the reason why I have the good vibe shield! It could very well be the reason you are my friend on Instagram and now in real life. You and I both know very well how false social media can be and how profitable at the same time! I am indebted to you! I thank you from the bottom of my being for every #wicked, #hot #dope you have ever shared with me! @jango_cat you are a very #coolcat! Canadian too!

I hope you guys are happy with my blurbs on your topics! I am always willing to learn.

and if you don’t know, happy month of love,


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