magnet for miracles


In my post, the sexy hoodie one made for the promotion of my podcast, I hash tagged #magnetformiracles. It is the picture I am using for the Athleta event on Lincoln Road. The sesh will be held on the first Sunday of December at 11 am! I’m uber excited for this one! Don’t miss it!

This week I proved to myself that the mindset of success brings nothing less than more success. I always tell my clients to smile. Own your destiny and make it full of possibility. We can absolutely live a fruitful life like this. It’s our choice. If you have a moment, listen to my four minute podcast on Happiness! The title has Pharrell in it! I’m a little tired right now and can’t exactly remember the name of it! It’s the only podcast on my channel that is four minutes tho! Should be fairly easy to find because of it’s brevity. If you are interested in listening to my words live, personally and now… Just go to my website! I dare you. The sponsors, they keep it free for you! Gotta plug em, ALOT!

I won the lottery this week, bought Twitter on the right day and won at the slots in ️Las Vegas! I started my ever so desired radio show and ran a marathon with my boo. My son and I are excited to sell our home and make a new one! Can life get any more juicy!

I went to Disney in Los Angeles for the first time! Darren was able to finally take me to the Hollywood sign! It’s a matter of trust! It’s sublime to trust. The air felt cleaner up there.

It was an Oh My Gawd weekend! I felt like everywhere I turned I was faced with a celebrity. Gerard Butler, the King of Sparta hung out with Darren and I at Soho Hollywood. He probably could sense that we are both two time Super Spartans! I tried to be normal but I was giddy! NGL

We went to Venice Beach to shoot a video of Darren playing hoops, white men can jump. CCH Pounder decided to talk shop with me in a nearby store. LMFAO ate breakfast with us and Reese Witherspoon was smaller than I am. I’m little! Don’t know if all of this is normal in Los Angeles but I felt kinda Hollywood.

Tomorrow your presence is requested at Gulliver academy, shopping people! Bargains, community and a celebrity sighting can be counted on always! 8:30 to 4:30!

Every mile was magic because I was with him but the reality of it was I felt we were in Desert Storm. Doctor Dribble proved his physical and mental strength yet again by enduring the miserable conditions! My mac daddy makeup job was a big smudge at the end. The sand felt like pellets on our skin and our eyes are still beet red. We completed the marathon and this Black Widow fell more in love and trust with the other Avenger- Doctor Dribble!

My thoughts on The Griddle is that we need a podcast just for that. Coming soon!

My high school reunion took place this weekend and all of my sisters celebrated an all girl boarding school and it’s tales! It hurt not to be in Toronto! Bethany Hills foreva. Same time next year ladies?

Roman is my bestie. A blogger too! A stock holder. A boy that deserves nothing but goodness because he gives nothing less. How lucky am I?

Busy, busy three days and then he will take me dancing in Puerto Rico. Life is not a rehearsal. Live every damn minute of it, love without limits (be kind if you love someone) and laughter is my weapon. The destroyer of destruction is a smile! My guns are loaded.

I’m staying young, you can too! The fountain of youth and it’s 411 is in the podcast on the first Wednesday of December. Find out how JLO can have such a young buck on her side, how Madonna can out do a 25 year old? I’ve got Harvard and Yale giving us solutions.

Email or call me with questions for ideas or if you want me to blow you up (sponsor price list) on my website I’ll be up on iTunes soon-patience is a necessity when you are attempting total world domination!

and if you don’t know, it’s the law of attraction,