st lucia


do you ever really know someone? You think you do and then shocker, he’s a stranger. And then in the same flash of life, newness appears. A new sensation, a new interest. I have been smiling non stop. You know when people say, it is what it is, I hate that. So much finality in that statement. I am more of a fan of anything is possible.

The year 2016 has proven this to me. Wow! The professional opportunities have been humbling. My dreams have come true. I worked hard for them but I still feel like I am the luckiest lady ever. I hope it shows. Humility is so sexy. So is love. Love without money in the middle. No transactions.

I’ll be flying around the world very soon. I’ll be Coaching everywhere. How fortunate is a woman that can start all over again and be successful in such a short time? Me!!!

I graduate in two more classes as a Yoga teacher. This also has been an incredible journey. I started for the sole purpose of self realization. I got so much more out of it. I always do. I won truth. I saw through illusion. I let go.

I’ll be at the Miami Marathon next weekend. This time I’m actually going to enjoy it.

No stress, no drama.

Valentine’s Day is also exciting me. Like really exciting.

Roman always tells me life is good and people are kind, he’s right.

I choose to remember beautiful things, I choose to be happy. Verda emailed me yesterday and asked me to pose for more pictures in color as opposed to black and white. I laughed out loud. Verda is the only choice for protein.

I have been living in the dark. I see the colors now. This life is so cool.

and if you don’t know, money after divorce is earned not given,