“Dear You,

Yes, you!

Everything about you is special. You are the most unique and abnormally normal human being on this planet. No one loves like you (hard), talks like you (enthusiastically) or walks like you (like a duck). You are so amazing and deserve all that you wish for at 11:11. You should never question whether you are good company or an easy choice. You shine brightest. If anyone ever hums or hahs over whether they want to be with you…make their choice easy.

You are a Hell yeah. Even a f*&k yeah. Not a f$#K maybe. You don’t deserve to be in limbo or have to compete with technology or someone else to have space in someone’s heart. You deserve to kiss passionately, touch endlessly, dance hard and cuddle on Sundays. For the right person, their choice is you. You will be easy to love and every morning when they wake up they will say f#$K yeah!”

I bet my life on you! Yes, you!


and if you don’t know, note to self,


magdayou pic