let em eat cake

let em eat cakeI am always (no matter where or what) amazed and humbled when people read my blog, listen to my podcast, and subscribe to my newsletter. Always. It’s so weird to me that someone would take me or my experience as interesting. I am so grateful. I have been an ambassador for teas, powders, bars, clothes, swimsuits (unreal) and many causes for years. This week I was approached by a national chain to be their brand ambassador. its really huge. why me? I haven’t accepted the position yet as I’m not sure I’m a good fit, but wowza!! what an honor!

I engaged my third Fortune 500 corporation right here in my backyard this week. little Magda, walking into huge buildings with all of the access to culture changing. I am lucky.

I’ve been working out crazy style. I even took a dance class this week. I laughed so hard. it was liberating. my shins responded like when I used to run marathons. my body is not meant for the jumping. I’m explosive but in a static position. #broshelifts

I’ve been running to the ocean more and more as I see a shift in my life quickly approaching. the ocean and the sun have always afforded me clarity.

roman is leaving me very soon. this summer he’s been all over the world. every chance I get I tie him to me. I’m gonna miss him terribly. I’ve been experiencing what life will be without him this summer. it’s unbearably quiet. he is so happy. he’s working, travelling and enthused about his future. I did a great job!

my birthday is nearing but honestly, I’ve been celebrating daily. July is my time to shine. I love cake, happy birthday singing, the anxiety of that date coming and of course the love. I am very loved. what more can you ask for in life?

I’ve decided to use my blog solely as a journal. it really began as a place where I lived and recorded my personal life anyway. as I grew in my career it became a pseudo newsletter hybrid and then as my personal life began to shatter, I took a break.  #likeagirl

if you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter- do it! this will be the place that I will be announcing all information on all the cool and new stuff happening in my heart, my closet, my frig and in my world. all companies doing business with me will be shown here and all events upcoming I will be sharing in this form as well.

new age calls for a new approach. let the feels fuel you.

and if you don’t know, I’ve been to over twenty five movies this year,










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