when I met you in the summer

everything is peachy now. I am able to see color. I am happy. what a weekend!!! it’s been decades since I play so hard. I lost my glasses at Soho Beach House. Cavalier staff is gonna not be pleased with me. my hamstrings are on fire. my itinerary is too. april leaves town and I become more fit??? how does that make sense.

tommy and vikkii are getting married, because me. this is my third couple. I loved seeing them love the shit out of each other. I am a salesman. I am a broker. I never considered a broker of love. im working on a new couple. if it works, its official I will open a business.  my partner in crime is back and kicking. I love the man my son has turned into. he’s a stud.

I have been killing the coaching game and working non-stop, having to only focus on me and mine has been a blessing on many levels. I am thriving.

the beach, the ocean, the fish, the feeling good is amazing. I was raised in the snow and enjoyed it. pero without a doubt, I’m a beach girl. the sun sticks, the water cleanses and other than people calling my attention to sea life, I am aloof to my respect for the ocean.

trying to stay calm but can’t hide my enthusiasm for this life. it is going fast now. faster than usual. I like to go fast. thank God for one miami.

where does it stop, nobody knows? cartwheeling through my days with verda in my pocket and big ass smile. no judgement, no projection, no expectation. I really like that.

so it’s a birthday!!! the fourth of july. hmmmmm! the fireworks will be different now. this summer, my birthday, my future is beginning to look a lot like christmas.

I gotta go, gonna crimp, use blacks, purples, get Goth really Goth and head east. it’s a lifestyle.

and if you don’t know, I fall in love daily,



faena for father’s day


blessed is not enough to express my gratitude for this weekend. my life is filled with givers, lovers, and friends. it always has been. I am not rich in having my dad physically next to me. humbly, i am able to find beauty in the people that stand in line to be with me. it is a great feeling to know that you are loved. my friends (the real kind) came out in droves to love me yesterday. i am so grateful. the same thing happens to me on my birthday. the folk that know me know that on holidays, i am alone. it’s their love for me that gets me fired up. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

my weekend was filled with newness. i went to so many places i hadn’t been before. i mean gorgeous. money doesn’t impress me but another human trying to impress me impresses me, ya know. lucky is the word i used all weekend. my horizons grew, the vastness of my city is alarming.

BOOM! i felt like i was the only person in the room all weekend. i absolutely LOVE that feeling. only a real person invokes that in another. it is this oneness that is so rare.

common shit doesn’t move me, i strive for the best. i work for it. this equation is a guaranteed greatness always. it’s simple.

my workout routines have amplified. it’s so cool when you meet so many talented trainers. this month alone, i have met great talent. it inspires me to work out more frequently. truth is, i work out for my sanity but when you are led by authentic humans it’s easier. i don’t need trainers, gyms or classes, i need momentum, company and encouragement during my workouts. the only down side to this is you have perverts in all gyms scoping women and much to my surprise women doing the same thing. losers everywhere. it’s so cliché tho.

i played like a child at Ivivva again. the children are so enlightening and never seem to get tired. i adore leading and loving those little people. i suppose it’s because i love being with adults in real life. i love being an adult. i love my life.

verda was the gift i gave many this weekend. i spent most of last week planning the marketing campaign for two of my  biggest clients. i coached over thirty Coachees and managed to reflect still on the loss in orlando. i was busy, productive, active and most of all in love with my life and the people in it.

hope you had an amazing week filled with joy and the people you love and that love you. it’s the only way to live.

Only Eleven (our fave club) days till my birthday month. get excited!

and if you don’t know, my weekend was magic,


bandz that make her dance


Dancing makes me happy. Dancing with someone I’m attracted to is something much more valuable. Dancing with someone who is strong is mind blowing. I’m not much on drinking, never have been, never will be. I love my life and tasting every minute of it is necessary.  To dance is freedom. I always ask people if they can dance. It is always fascinating to hear their response. People are so afraid of what others think. This fear can stifle. If you can dance, you are dangerously close to freedom. I love to dance. I am free. A lone wolf.

I have been very busy with on air recordings, coaching and sweating. I love it. I’m trying to stay away from missing my son. He is so loved. It’s the triggers I stay away from. It’s draining to think about him leaving to school. I am very pleased with his independence and success. I never want my son to lean on his parents, I want him to succeed in his own journey. That is true parental harmony.

Summer has come in like a storm with an enormous amount of wetness. In a sea of work, I have been able to navigate properly.

My collab with One Miami launched last week but this week is lift off. This perhaps is my greatest professional deal. I am so proud of myself. I am eternally grateful to this company. It isn’t easy being a woman divorced from an accountant. My background is more in humanity rather than in numbers.

Verda videos have come to a screeching halt. I’m trying a new method to convey just how kick ass this product is for your mind, body and soul. I’ll find it. Till then, take my word for it- sexy is in VERDA.

I will be at Ivivva in South Miami next Saturday, June 18 at 2pm Sharp to play like a child. I love children. They are honest. They have no agenda and give as much as they can. Join us as we take on the universe, plus it’s Father’s Day! Let’s give daddy something special- a much needed break.

Father’s Day will be what it always is, extremely painful. I miss my father so much. I miss his perfect voice. The protection only a real man can provide is what I lack. My father always protected me. I have yet to meet the man that can do this for me. My ex husband gave me a lot, but betraying me with other women never allowed him to give me what I needed most. Why is it that people need more than one human, one love, one approval, one DM? Now, even Social Media approval wins over a real relationship?

I am very simple. I want to love and take care of one human and have that human do the same. Popularity, money or approval has never been my goal. Happy and safe is the goal.

Commitment is so intoxicatingly beautiful. It’s a level of love that few ever reach. I always compare it to fitness. Marriage is a lot like fitness, what you put in you get out. You get what you pay for. If you never pay, you never get. If you neglect your body, it’s unhealthy. If you neglect your marriage or commitment, it dies.

Last year, on Father’s Day, I went to SOHO with a girlfriend, this year I’ll mos def be in the ocean again.

Please know, dollar bills, or a big fat wad of them are not impressive to me. If you wanna impress me, sacrifice yourself for the person you love. I melt for that kind of action. The actions are what get me lit.

Last night I had terrible nightmares, I woke to find out of the murders that took place in Orlando. Every day I realize how precious it is to love your loved ones.

and if you don’t know, you can find my cake by the ocean,


slip and slide


I had felt runner’s high before. it’s a feeling of no pain. it’s a high. it’s not my favorite high tho. central park inspires the runner, the human, the pain being painless. I couldn’t help but stare at all of it. it happens every time I go. I love new york. my time was limited and the schedule tight. tight lines are always safe. no room for error. I was able to execute all plans. I rarely have issues in my schedule. I accomplished so much. humbled by everyone that made this opportunity possible for me.

roman is making me laugh harder every text and snap. he is having the time of his life. I miss him terribly. I’m getting a glimpse of my future when he is away in college. I was telling a friend about the exact times I miss him most. they are exact. it’s a weight on my heart. I am so happy for him. a child represents so much. I am proud to have him represent me.

this week has been professionally lit. grateful to the staff at one miami looking after my financial stability.  I make bank but then really don’t know what to do after that. I have been working since I was 13 years old. I have had many jobs and am proud to say I have known success through them all. I take pride in not having one ability, one job, one title. I’d be so bored. this doesn’t happen without great support. I had a father that never stopped showing up, a mother who taught fearlessness and was fortunate to find a husband who taught me a lot. now, I have roman, my friends and most recently, someone who always calls me champ. I need that. I want that. I fly higher with people being kind to me, encouraging me. in order to elevate, you have to isolate. I am ONLY surrounding myself with the givers. it’s revolutionary.

dear neighbor, I’ll be seeing you at the country club more now?

June 18, Saturday, I will be playing with the leaders of this community that are between the ages of 2 and 16 and female at Ivivva South Miami. it seems that I bring fire. hmmm, surprise!

verda is getting me through the chaos of newness in my life. fitness is my love. it’s a life. it really is. I look at folk differently now. I see it. no need to speak. I’m so grateful to be on the fit side.

ali meant a lot to me as a child. my father loved him. my husband did too. I wish I would’ve bought the litho by neiman now. instead, I bought frank sinatra. the song, the quotes, the LEGACY. every day I agree more with life is not a rehearsal, I’m on the dance floor. I can’t help but reflect every time a great passes, my friends, my family.  I have so much left to do, so much left to love. 

on my way to two hours of sweat, may your week bring you the love you deserve from the people you hold highest. I wish this for you.

and if you don’t know, life is lit,