Life is like a party, it goes on! Live it with passion. I will be back in August to share what I have learned in the process of #turnupformagda, the official hashtag! I do trust the process.


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of living it up for a lil’ bit. #outforMybiRthday


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Running with Tarzan, fit like Jane for the month of July! Life is pretty darn good! #turnupforMagda is the hashtag  #outformybirthday

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I spent the weekend with a very tall young man. It really was freedom. I am so grateful to live in a country where I can choose. I can pick. Is this what I want? I am proud to be an American. I stood on top of some expensive heaps of metal and watched the fireworks. (2 years in a row) I felt like a child climbing and amazed at the lights in the sky. I was with the man I love the most. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

His stride is three of mine. His attitude is spit fire. It’s him against the world. Ambition oozes out of him and so does self doubt. I have a new son and his name is Sponge. He is easy to love. His beautiful and very dutiful girlfriend Jasmine stole my heart too. I know they will be a lifelong partnership. I love it when that happens.

Life is a series of moments- I made great ones this weekend. Lotsa firsts. Unbelievable how many new experiences can come from what you think you already know. It’s all in perspective.

Sponge has the chance to be many wonderful things, represent the American dream in terms of success. But if he just simply remains the same, normal like most of the population, I loved him genuinely, passionately and am grateful for the time I shared with him. I will never forget him and he will never forget me.

Forgive the length of this blog, I actually lived this weekend. I slept. It had been a while.

and if you don’t know, Alcide has nothing on you,