I know the Secret

IMG_3797 photo photo2Did you know that smoking kills time literally. Organic this, Juice that, Yoga goes Mainstream yet I can still see smokers killing themselves. Shake My Head. I was one of those suicide seekers not so long ago. And then I met him, Kerry Gaynor. The method man. I’ll be Coaching on this topic on April 29 at 6:00 pm. People are always asking me how it’s done. How do you go from addict to smoke-free in a few hours? I’ll tell you how and introduce you to Kerry himself. For information on how to join me, call Mighty at 305.903.7160. Do you know a smoker you want to save, do you love a smoker?

Health is wealth. The actual word yoga means joining. Later Hindu texts describe the binding of the breath and the mind using the syllable “Om”. Breathing can be a challenge if you smoke. A truly victorious breath is one of a non-smoker. The mind is the shift changer in the equation.

I always lift the couch when I’m cleaning the living room. I mean if you are going to save yourself from certain death by cigarettes you must remove the triggers that provoke this habit. That’s an entirely different Coaching session. What makes a human being smoke? I will be hosting that session in May.

So clean, I cleaned. A proper clean is like watching a great movie. Darren likes to show off his bad ass skills and they are nothing short of perfect too. He stepped me through the sequence like a teacher would explain colors to a toddler. At heart, the man is a teacher. Mad love for teachers. Mad love for him.

We celebrated our one year anniversary last week. I am grateful. Really grateful. It’s him and I against the world. How cool is it to trust? It’s freedom.

I received my two diplomas this week. Maybe I can buy a Christmas tree now? I am Magda and you can call me Master Life Coach. Aight!

File extensions or file returns but please don’t forget to file. Accountancy is in abundance in Miami but if you call Lopez & Partners, LLC , I’ll be happy. 305.444.6030 ask for Natalie tell her Magda sent you.

Looking forward to spending quality time with a beloved friend and legendary Lulu Lemon Ambassador this week, she always makes me smile. April fits this description too, but no it’s another ambassador I’m referring too. She has cat like like reflexes.

April, I missed your sexy ass!!! I’m glad you refilled and refueled your #giveloveometer. You’re going to need it, gotta a big party coming up.

Wait! Did you know that Paris (Hilton) and River share the same age difference that Darren and I share? River stopped smoking the same way I did! You guys have to help me in paying it forward, send me all your smokers!! Let’s save lives together!

April Is here! Memories to be made, money to be earned, love to be given, and a very special birthday to be celebrated.

No more time to kill, I appreciate life, my health and the two men that are faithful to me.

and if you don’t know, the secret lies in all of us,





“Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable, for it can never be redeemed.”
Johnny Rhys Meyers as King Henry for The Tudors

How do you measure time? An interval of time. One year. If you measure it in minutes, it is 525,600 minutes. Do you measure a year fiscally like some CPA’s or by calendar ? Can a year, that very specific unit of time be measured in sunsets, daylights, coffee cups, love?

I measure time in goals. I am goal driven. Goals excite me, ignite me and drive me. This year for instance, has been a very successful one. This year for me is easily measured. I have become a marathon runner, a girlfriend, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Master Life Coach and a happier and healthier woman.

I have travelled more this year than ever before. Newport, DC, Virginia, San Diego were all firsts. I have seen and done things I never thought I would’ve ever experienced. I lived.

Albeit time was a luxury this year, I am proud of all of my accomplishments. It is sexy when a woman has her own or is actively working to get her own. It’s sexier when her man has her back while she does it.

The horizons are limitless, the future bright and I am enthused.

We are all guilty of time decay. I make an effort now to really manage my time productively.  As a Master Life Coach, I have learned that many Coachees have a similar complaint or issue with time and management. It is helpful to create a comprehensive plan and engage in sticktoitiveness while executing.  Do not negotiate with this plan! Be firm.

Studio LX is offering $50 gift card on purchase of $250 before April 15! It’s good when a Marilyn knows what taxpayers need, a nice wardrobe! Have you filed your tax return yet?

Roman’s birthday was a hit! He was a happy fourteen year old man. Thank you to all of the family and friends that participated in making my son smile.

I have no time to waste, on my way to the Sony Ericsson with Yopi again. It’s tradition now.

Make time for you, use it to let your mind and body become empowered. You are worth every minute of your time.
I broke my record in Washington. I PR’ed!!! I would’ve beat it by more had I not stopped to take pictures. I made a choice to take time and smell the flowers. I’m glad I did.

We did it! I knew we would. When things are meant to be, they just find their way. 

and if you don’t know, dos minutos,



fool’s gold

A positive lyric as opposed to the Fitz and the Tantrums version, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and please wear green for Cerebral Palsy.

How can one lower blood pressure, reduce stress and keep cortisol levels under control? Just touch someone! A yummy hug even twenty seconds long releases oxytocin to the brain. Over time, time heals all wounds, the act of hugging can reduce the risk of heart disease. There is that hormone again, persistent lil guy, oxytocin. It is a fact that human touch is understood by the central nervous system as a reward and therefore translated to the psyche as happy. Pharrell nailed it! Skateboard P had vision. Happy makes for a fulfilled life. Happy makes money. Happy is health. I know a Coach, a trainer, a celebrity that claims health is wealth. The only difficult part in this touch thing is finding the perf partner to touch all day long! I think I’m going to ask my boyfriend to give me a massage or something, for the benefit of his happiness of course.

I plan on touching many a person tomorrow at my first live Master Coaching appearance. I’ll be passing out gold. My word. It’s gold. If I say I’m going to do it, I do. I keep my promises. It’s a matter of loyalty. I can’t wait to report how this session goes. It’s a large group of professionals that are looking for some empathy and leadership! It isn’t my first rodeo! I’m truly excited. Managing people makes for great profit. Right?

Why do people run marathons? I thought about this throughout the run in DC this weekend. I saw a man run for his “never forgotten Viejita”. I met a man running to propose to his future wife. The sign read, “I’m in love with a fast woman”. The groups of people that run for clubs, gyms, costumes and just plain unifying fun are endless. I ran in Washington for many reasons, mainly for my boo tho. I think because I was running towards the White House for most of the marathon and because I was recently stripped of my freedom, I ran for liberty. I also thought about the final days of my son being thirteen. I ran for him. I ran for future. I found an American looney. The only reason I knew it was a looney was because I lived in Canada. Darren gets paid to run and now, I did too. I made a dollar. I value each dollar I make. I spent the last twenty two years working hard.

It paid off!

Kimberely Whitley told us “we better make it” on the way to Miami from Atlanta! She had no idea that she was talking to two Super Spartans and we had no idea we were speaking to one of the funniest women in comedy! You see, things happen to you when you least expect them to.

My father always told me to beware of the man behind a microphone. In my life experience, I fear more an unsuspecting professional with a pen. My beliefs are simple really- just follow the Golden Rule. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. I am famous for being fooled.

and if you don’t know, I’m glad you happened to me,


I am Cuban-American, a marathoner and a two time Super Spartan


The combo makes for the mental strength of a giant! Tommy wants me to join them for the Beast! Hmmm? I love obstacles.

I had the new Lauren Moshi Superman tank in my hand, when an old friend started telling me how unbelievably happy I looked. Tina B. agreed. She repeated herself so much that I couldn’t help but wonder just how sad I must’ve looked for a very long time. Happiness is the ultimate Botox. I swear, I drink from that cup daily now. Love potion, love vitamin- it’s in me. There is no doubt that Doctor Dribble ignited that fire, I’m in love and it shows. Moreover tho, since January 1st of this year I made a choice.

Happiness is a choice. You see, no matter what the obstacle or challenge is, once you are committed to choosing simple happiness nothing can alter your path to fulfillment.

Roman celebrated his birthday with his friends this weekend. It was the pre-game show! Family party is still pending. How lucky are we to have each other? He is the Original Partner! Triple OGGGGG! And now, Darren.

By the way, D2 H2 = Doctor Dribble’s Helping Hands

The Miami Heat banks with a new local bank in Wynwood. The reason they chose this bank is because they offer benefits to gay staff. How awesome is that? 3Peat fo sho now!

I am gearing up for my first live Coaching appearance. Magda the Master, truly magnificent or Malificent. My very own Tony Robbins gig, in my very own back yard. The topic is leadership and I am serving a true leader. My aim is to empower the hierarchy of our local government. Old friends, new goals. I am going armed with a pocket full of gold coins and a large glass. In my eyes, Peter Gabriel, the glass is always half full.

Sign up for my first solo webinar will be available soon. I will be sharing the survival tactics of the biggest evolution in my life. I thought I had come out unscathed, I didn’t. I have deep wounds. They healed. Do you know a smoker? Do you love a smoker? Kerry Gaynor will be a guest speaker and I know our tag team op can help any addict!

And because change is absolutely possible, I was able to run another 5k this morning with my man. I love to say that, my man. Ok one more time, my man!! Trust is a beautiful thing. We ran for the Special Olympics at Gulliver Prep. I ran on the grounds of Roman’s High School. I almost cried. He is almost in ninth grade.

Do the math, audit your life, get rid of the negative, do everything with passion, forgive the past. Only the strong can do that. I’m excited about everything good, its new and scary but unlimited are the horizons.

Magic by ColdPlay is my new jam! Sea Salt and Pepper is the new place to lounge for me. History will be recorded this month. I’m down! I’m still trying to grasp it all, marinade in it, breathe it all in, a truly victorious breath.

You can buy me as you window shop @ Lululemon in South Miami. How much for a crow?

and if you don’t know, I love when you pucker,


GI Joe and GI Jane


Good Morning Melanie! Doctor Dribble and I appreciate you!

I walked into my gym last week to find my friend April raving and excited about the Hebrew New Year and the numbers 5774! She was elated and thought I should feel this way too. I know we are both blessed in many ways. I made myself a promise to learn what this meant and how it impacted her and me. My guess was accurate. You see, she is very positive.

The Year 2014/5774 stand for leaping forward! The pieces to my curiosity were falling into place.  This Year was going to be the best, we are going forward. Faster than usual. We will forego all red tape and bypass all processes and meet our goals, go straight to the finish line.

I met my man at the finish line this Sunday at the Michelob Ultra Miami Beach 13.1.! I keep trying to retire, but this marathon he inspired me to run for our troops. We believe in Semper Fidelis; Always Faithful. Doctor Dribble is often saluted in airports by military personnel, this Sunday he decided to pay them back. Thank you for always inspiring me Darren. We did rock the camo!

How did I quit smoking successfully? I’ll tell you the secret soon with Kerry Gaynor himself. Do you know a smoker? Do you love a smoker? Do you want them to live? Call Mighty 305.903.7160 she can tell you how.

We live in a city where the beach is our back yard. We live in a community where LeBron and Dwyane ride bikes with their fans. That is gangsta.

Go live, laugh and love. Do it loudly and without limits. This month I am fortunate enough to celebrate another birthday for Roman. I celebrate my love for him and Darren daily. It’s fresh and soothing.

I wish you the best year of all, it is the impeccable word I surmise.

Watching the Oscar’s with him, doesn’t get any better than that.

and if you don’t know, public speaking is the number one fear in America,