flying into 2016

the songs, the memories, the highs and the lows are so profoundly present. I am ready for the unknown and looking forward to feeling like priority. I want support, praise, pride and trust. I want to associate with greatness. I am excited.

I am planning on doing the unassisted pull up before the end of the year. I was never afraid of failure. just had so many fun things before the struggle of lifting myself- I procrastinated.

transcendmia looks to be sold out and it still isn’t the end of the year. I would run if you are interested so grateful to be part of this movement. we work well together. it’s harmonious.

it is an honor to start the year off igniting others in their own journeys. and then the yoga, I will be certified soon. I can’t believe it. idaho isn’t ready for my yoga studio.

this year is scaring the daylights out of me. but the feeling of knowing I have to prepare and get ready to meet my future is exhilarating.

my son has been my rock, my mentor and my best friend. his success is the tool that gets me through frustration and turmoil. I am grateful.

it’s been close to three years since I began my blog, quit smoking, loved the same man and maintained the most fit in my life. where do you think the magda lopez show goes from here?

only greater.


and if you don’t know, I am ready,



the first day of winter


if pain is fuel then grief is love. what a beautiful year this has been. I have done things I never thought I would do and owe it all to sadness. I meet people all the time and they always ask me why I smile so much. why I am always happy? the truth is, I am not. I suffer too.  I cry a lot! I actually love to cry. I only cry at home or with my loved ones. I have never been and never will be a promoter of the negative. I choose happy. it’s been like this all of my life. perhaps this is why I am flourishing always. in order to lose, you need the win.

i have won so many times, it’s only fair to lose every now and again. I like to go hard you know. hit it hardest. therefore, I fall hard too, hardest. for these moments, I am grateful.

i am committed to all of the first month of January and possibly for the year of 2016 professionally. I have two huge goals already in the works and am feverishly excited. I wanted to complete one unassisted pull up before 2015 but that goal fell to the back. I still have time and am not ruling it out.

i learned a lot in the year 2015. i learned that the truest love is that of a parent for a child and that time is the most precious. i wasted some.

2016, i am ready for you, i am open now.

it’s wonderful to know that my family and friends are for always, not just met. I am loved.

if you haven’t bought your tickets, I want to see you on the beach, let’s play like children.

I will be on the radio tomorrow LIVE! yep, like Howard stern. I do heart radio. (Monday, Dec 21 at 5:00 pm) please call me up (St. Lucia) and ask me, say what you need to say, I will be ready for you. 888-565-1470

get excited, it’s a new year.


and if you don’t know, I really am a yoga teacher,



Get Quiet, Live Loud

there are many things I love about community. I see it in stronger form through Jewish families, long lasting friendships (for more than two months and not on Social Media), sports organizations etc. This year I was approached by a community store with a unique view on life to collaborate on a community event. it just so happens that this event is something that resonates with me. I was married to someone that exemplifies community. I am a leader in my community and because my family is so small and my friends are so few, I respect this word very much. I happily agreed to collaborate with lululemon. the theme ironically is to #fuelhappiness.


I am this hashtag. I always will be. I am a fire starter and no matter what comes my way-I choose to be happy. it is simply a choice. my life coaching friend, Vanessa and I are always debating this. it is so cool to speak and learn from like minded people. last night, I was at a dinner party and I was talking about certifications, licenses, insurances etc. I believe in them wholeheartedly. when I am hired or engaged as any type of “job”, I do many, my first concern is authenticity. I always offer my proof. it is important to me. I suppose it isn’t to the person hiring me, because I never lack those. it takes skill to earn a client but more skill to keep one.

this year was amazing in many ways. I am grateful. I know next year is going to be even better.

I cannot guarantee another blog before 2016, I’m very busy taking the MAGDA LOPEZ show to a whole notha level.

See you at SOHO! it’s a black and white ball.


and if you don’t know, I love my life,



bye bye bah-sel





I saw a lot of chusmeria and rain go down. the art was spectacular. two years ago was my first exposure to basel. I went holding my boyfriends hand through the streets of Wynwood. we saw art but not like this. the year after that  was Jared’s turn.  I was caught in a protest with April.  this year there was no Jared, no April and no boyfriend. the culture and fitness was mine to be explored on my own. he did the same. making memories is life and who you play with is who you stay with.

I did a lot of yoga this weekend. I thought a lot about the words. cat always did that to me but now I am in need of them more than ever. love does not harm. I am enough. the light in me is the kindness that protects me from unkind people. phrases like that are resonating. the world needs them and so do i.

I am exhausted from so much beauty and innovation. I was able to see and do a lot, more than the common baselers. I am lucky. being unique is something I have always strived for. it separates me from the crowds.  I don’t just let anyone into my heart or life.

I really believe that what broke my marriage was the sad reality that my former husband had let so many people into my privacy, my heart, my vulnerability.  when you invite foreigners into a two people team- you might as well call it a knock out. as much as I stand by my choice for divorce, I will never let anyone disparage or harm him in my view. I loved him and he is the father of my son.  in part, he married me because I am so fierce in protection.

protected is how I felt all weekend except for when uber wasn’t reachable. if you are with people that leave you feeling unprotected- GET OUT!!!!!! love is not cruel.

the day santa arrives and new years is right around the corner. I love this time of the year. I am happy not just faking a life on insta.

insta is a business people, life is meant to be lived with the ones that love you. go live!!!!


and if you don’t know, love is kind,