I spent most of today unpacking, getting acclimated and healing. I had a beautiful sesh of the real yoga with my Sampera  (cool word for Yoga teacher). its amazing how when a person gets injured, the truth reveals itself. the folk that I thought would run to my rescue didn’t and the ones that I never expected to care showered me with nourishment. I am so lucky.

I have decided to pass on crutch usage and will squat tomorrow as if nothing ever happened. I will practice yoga with extra care on feet. the overall health of my body was put to the test this weekend and I couldn’t be prouder. the pain I felt for a flash was humbling. the strength I felt right after was elevating. it is so important to exercise.

after much deliberation and doctors, therapists and testing, I believe I was injured because I was dehydrated. I had three moscow mules the night before. I seldom drink and rarely will I drink hard liquor. those mules are so good tho.

my intentions for this marathon were so hopeful too. I’m not one to dwell on the past. I’m ready to complete a half on my own again. I think I’ll train for this one and rest the night before.

I am over the top excited for halloween as I will be going to various parties in various costumes. there was some back and forth on what and how but it’s all been clarified now. the veil has been lifted.

roman is at states. he deserves every bit of the excitement and experience. he is truly an exemplary son. I wish all parents could have a child as compassionate and responsible as my Ro. it really is in the parenting. my ex husband and I both are very dedicated to him. it shows.

the yoga teacher training has enlightened me on many levels. I used to really react to unkindness, abuse and immaturity. now I feel apathy and wish well. if you steal my property, I feel you needed it. if you speak ill of me, I will never speak of you. if you are abusive towards me, I will forgive you. that really is the real yoga.

if it doesn’t nourish you, let it go. this frees up space for life- a happy one.

and if you don’t know, it speaks of you too,



trick or treat


When we imagine bloggers, whether personal or business, we conjure a lone figure in an attic. The truth is, and always has been, that bloggers do not write alone. And for the most part, all blogs are personal.

This week is proof that this blog as all others are a collab. Some are teams, across generations or genres but in my case it’s more of a pair. You see, it takes two to make a thing go right or write! Pun is intended.

This week my blog is both team and pair inspired.

I got 99 problems but my vinyasa ain’t one. Yoga teacher training starts this week. My mother and I are so happy about this. The real yoga is always welcome. I universe you. Anytime one human can better their practice is a good time. Plus ain’t no body like a yoga body. Maybe a kettlebeller?

Do I know what a summit is, was the question they asked me before inviting me on a prestigious panel to Life Coach Internationally with world renowned experts!!! I almost peed. The word summit is one that changed my life.

When I coach, I always use this word to help Coachees envision freedom. In reaching the highest high through spontaneity, we break patterns. The patterns that don’t allow us to be who we really are. It is truly a privilege to be oneself. Sadly, there are many people that aren’t. Let’s crush these patterns together? Let’s ditch the entourage, kinda like bonnie and Clyde. I mos def, prefer Jay Z version.

Chute me and Scope me!!! If you haven’t been on Pairchute, you late!!! Use referral code MAGDA! If you want to laugh, cry and maybe see me Life Coach or sweat- Scope me it’s free. No edits, no bloopers- just real talk.. The thing about Insta and TWITTER and FB is the edits, filters- the crap!! Step out of you for a moment- life isn’t Social Media. Although, it’s an amazing money making tool.

My friend and world changer Christina from Blue Sage Boutique fitted me with some amazing shirts. It really is a beautiful journey of health and inspiration sista. I’m grown. You’ll see me Rock’n these all over my travels.

Rock n Roll Los Angeles is almost here and I am so ready. I’m ready to run oddly and have a blast. The happy isn’t in crossing the finish line, it’s in the process.

Halloween scares me. Can we crush it? ARROOOOOOOO! You can find me in da club or a house!

On October 19, please be signed up and present for an epic movement of health and wellness originating from Vancouver, CANADA. Sign up at to hear me and twenty other game changers create a meta movement of health.

The Weeknd is a Canadian band. My weekend was beautiful. No worries Ponyboy, I’ll stay golden is a great line from a great movie. I got figgy with it on a dance floor. Figs radiate positive energy. And finally, silence is golden.

Tuesday the 13th is a day of bad luck in some countries. It’s a good thing I believe I making your own luck. Get Lucky!!!!

Big Love, Big Dreams, Big Kettle Bells. And that’s all.

Even if we do achieve isolation in an attic far from Instagram, we are not alone. We each carry a chattering library, a reel of film we’ve watched. Try blocking that. Because bloggers do not write alone. We never have. We never will.

and if you don’t know, it’s our blog,

Spartan Queen Magda

i’ll drink to that



#freakyouOutFriday again! I know it’s not Monday but it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. (kinda like my Instgram page, my love life, my bank account) 

Blogging is very much like having a relationship. You should love it always, protect it fiercely and nurture it consistently. If you drop the ball or neglect anything, it dies. This week so much has happened that has really made me a better human. Consistency in calling can break barriers. My son and I joined the Shoes for Streets program and helped so many. Laurie and Hans made this happen. Hans, I remember you.

I flowed with the Master of all Flowers, Mike GBT! He is so amazing. His body moves like water. He absorbs impact like a champ. He dances. He is smooth. I will be certified before the end of this year. ROARR!!!!!!!!

I got the email it is official, I will be a yogi! Early 2016, I will shock you! Breathe with me. It’s happening. Namaste! I am reading, flowing, destroying the patterns that hold me back. It’s so amazing.

BE YOU, BE TRUE and be honest. It isn’t easy knowing thyself and then being thyself. Gotta have a big set of balls.

I got nothin’ but love for my blog, it’s my lover, my religion, my diary, my truth. No one can change it or delete it. I can’t block it or deny it. This life is so cool.

Thank you to the followers that never left my blog, that stood through the lowest lows, the highest highs and to those that fell off- you are only as good as your last fall. Rise up, I’ll be there. I’m good at that, being there.

and if you don’t know, back to center as if nothing ever happened,