why do I blog?

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I began to blog to promote clients solely. Approximately seventy three blogs ago, I set out to share the great and new and hella tight wonderful I encountered on a weekly basis. I chose Sundays to blog because they are the most peaceful days of the week for me. I usually cook, practice simple workouts and brace myself for a strong start to Monday. Mondays are my favorite day of the week. I don’t know how or when the blog, my blog, turned into my life online. It’s become almost like a journal entry. I am amazed when my experiences with what I consider “mad real” interest others. You guys have read my growth, my love, my loss and my happy! I am grateful. Cool beans! I have readers- stoked about that.

Market Miami opened this week. It’s more like a complete takeover on Sunset Drive. Women so powerful scare me. It’s no wonder Marilyn is a friend. I love strong and confident women. It’s inspiring. Please go visit the shop, it’s a tee and jeans kinda place.

I was intending on running streets with Chris this weekend and of course attempting the intimidating club bell but Soho House offered something more my style- animal flow on the beach.  I really am drawn to the instinctual movement. I remember the first time I attempted the beast walk. It was also on the beach. So simple are the movements and they can confound any mind.

April, Cat and I ommmmmed to The Cure this Weekend at H2Om. Cat really is the maverick yogi. She never stops reinventing the breath, the science. Candela loved us as we bent, inverted and laughed. April held my hand. I carried my body on my head and dreamed of black eyeliner and red lipstick moments. I felt the music. Yoga retreat for Goth girls, maybe??

I cooked for my little Linda together with Papa W this past Wednesday. I was so excited for her to be surprised and for him to give the surprise. I felt my hands shake, my heart beat faster and my smile grow larger as the time of arrival neared. I love family, it warms my heart. I swear I feel Jewish. We missed Charna and Sam and of course Ro!

My next Master Life Sesh will be new and innovative. A different venue, a different crowd. How cool is it to be a Coach? Deets next blog.

True Blood ends tonight-I am sad about that. I learned it in Harbour Island  last year. I will see the end with my Alcide. The only Alcide for me. I can’t wait.

For the most part, this week was fantastic. Happiness is a choice.

Golfed with the Master himself. Thank you Ro for persevering and loving your sport. Mad respect YoYo!

I walk around with a water proof camera now. I long for the next opportunity to snap pictures under the sea.

The Spin-a-thon at M Cycle is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. All the lights are on, the bells ringing and the real spinners are signing up. Al Lopez yelled his opinion out loud today in front of Larios. Let’s ryde for Diabetes. Let’s scream for Doctor Dribble! (he hates when I do that) I live out loud Doc. I’m ghetto, chusma- if you will. Panther Coffee, Boxed Water, Nutrabolics, Vita Coco and DJ Illmanik will be there! After this weeks tragedy of a fellow community member passing, this event couldn’t come at a better time. Life is short. Coming together to do something beautiful is needed and always welcomed in all communities. It is my privilege to be part of such a great event. Andrea you are the bomb for making it happen.

Darren and I teaching in the same class with  a veteran spin couple should be EPIC! Three Lopez’s and a Weissman. I love it!!

Lynette, you are the prettiest birthday girl ever. Bring me something from the Big Apple. I love you.

and if you don’t know, I blog for me,  (if you like it-SUPER)


Love Month

Ok! This week we are going to do a little something different! On Instagram, I asked the followers of @revete to please offer some blog ideas. You know, topics they suggest I write about! I got some interesting suggestions. I’m going to do my best in this week’s blog to accommodate some of those requests. I will write on three of the topics and maybe next month do this again. Interaction is healthy and I love to communicate. Social media is a brave new world! For purposes of business, it can be very lucrative too. I am old school tho, I love to love my real peeps in person.

@micasalsburg : Four million cats are eaten in Asia annually. Twenty four cat skins make a coat. During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witchcraft, people all over Europe would stuff them in sacks and throw them into bonfires. On holy days, people celebrated by tossing cats off Church Towers. In North America, cats are the most popular pets. The first cat to go to outer space was appropriately named “Astrocat”. She was a female of course. In slang language the word “puss” is associated with soft, warm and fuzzy body parts. Just like a cat. According to the Hebrew legend, God made a lion sneeze and out popped a cat to protect the food on Noah’s Ark from rats. It must have been a Jewish lion! Cats spend nearly one third of their lives cleaning themselves. Cleanliness is Godliness! There is a cat named Blackie that inherited 15 million Euro from his owner, he is the richest cat in the world. Sadly, he has no one to share his wealth with. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow.

@obscureinspiration406 : Happiness is the greatest paradox in nature. It is a choice I make daily. It takes courage. I fight for it. I exercise to keep it! I often ask my son to tell me stories. His way of speaking makes me laugh immediately. I try to keep matters of the heart at bay. I find they are challenging for me. I remember the people I have loved that are not with me anymore. It brings me to a place of peace. I try to eat clean and use no medicine. Happiness is in my music. I play music everywhere I am. I usually play upbeat music unless, my heart has been broken. When this happens, I make a choice to forgive and move on. After all, there is a reason for the season! Usually, I will play Barbra Streisand during these episodes. Obscure, you have made me think! I am better because of you! Thank you!

@jango_cat : I don’t know why or how you and I came together! Positive thinking is also an effort consuming task. All of my life, I have practiced smiling. It is for me a great source of energy and cure. No matter what happens, I keep positive. Gratitude is probably the reason why I have the good vibe shield! It could very well be the reason you are my friend on Instagram and now in real life. You and I both know very well how false social media can be and how profitable at the same time! I am indebted to you! I thank you from the bottom of my being for every #wicked, #hot #dope you have ever shared with me! @jango_cat you are a very #coolcat! Canadian too!

I hope you guys are happy with my blurbs on your topics! I am always willing to learn.

and if you don’t know, happy month of love,


You be Ike, I’ll be Mike

This year hit me hard!! I’m still standing. Bowing down to a bully is not my style. We all encounter trials and tribulations and it’s important to stand up for yourself even if it means cleaning the dust off and going toe to toe. I love to clean and for the most part have great posture. I slouch only in the movies. Doctor Dribble and I can marathon movies like champs! Thank God for loyal boyfriends, best personal trainer in Miami! “Wolf on WallStreet” best movie in the past twelve months by far.

I celebrated a mile marker today. I have been nicotine free for one year. Smoking kills! It’s like throwing your lungs in prison. There were a few moments where I had to wrestle with my demons, and once where I had to put my fists up and say enough! It worked. Kerry Gaynor might be 5’6 and have a small voice but he enables a smoker to overcome addiction. For those of you looking to buy the life-saving package, do not call me! Go to www.stopsmokingstartliving.com instead. I don’t sell the method, I am walking breathing proof of the method.

Speaking of websites, atreve-t.com is almost ready! I have been working closely with the designer, Mr. Tony Ellis throughout the holiday break. He is very much an Officer and a Gentleman! Thank you Tony. His preliminary work has already changed the range in demographics of my audience. I am #sohappy with the letters and responses I have been receiving. Empowering others is a gift I never get tired of opening.

Speaking of gifts, how many engagements did we see on Instagram this holiday season? Wow! The statistic is that 33% of engagements happen between Turkey Day and New Year’s Eve. There was a huge jump in jewelry sales this holiday season. I got the most romantic gift from my Doctor. So black and white of you. The atmosphere helps with all of the romance I suppose. Never relied much on statistics. Keep tweeting, TWTR has only brought my ninja and I more success.

“Love to Shout” is my new flavor and I am thankful for this. I will be very active in #spreadthelove project too. Very excited to reach droves of people and share motivation, truth and inspiration. I have always been the girl behind the brand, the man, the business. It’s time to be the brand, the man, the business.

Tax Season is upon us and of course, our favorite small boutique accounting firm is open for life! Lopez & Partners, LLC is eager to protect your dollars. 305.444.6030 for an appointment. Give a gift without condition or don’t.

I live with passion, I do everything 143% so I hear, I wish the same for each of you. Let’s reconvene here next Sunday and share stories about love, life and goodness.

and if you don’t know, Jenga, Joe’s and two blondes,


ho! ho! ho!

Dear Santa, (you sexy thang)
At the dynasty this week, at least four wonderful deliveries arrived from people, places and businesses that Atrevete, Inc. touched (I need touch). I saw dancing delivery men wearing ear buds holding elaborate baskets and bags and gifts almost daily this past week. Every time they knocked on the door, I smiled. I didn’t know who the gifts were from, but I knew it was mad appreciation for the work we performed. The light we shed, the pitches we successfully made and the profits turned on behalf of our clients- worked!! Eureka, we struck gold! Other than Doctor Dribble, as he is the only athlete we represent, the professional firms, and stores we represent were already established businesses. The only baby born in front of me was StopSmokingStartLiving. All of these businesses increased sales and surpassed financial goals. Did you put this success in my stocking? I knew it was you, thank you!
Your little elf must have placed individual goal reaching in a box too, because I was able to stomp on some of my own limits this year as well. I ran marathons, I became a Certified Professional Coach and I am a day trader.
So in three days, when you land on my roof, be careful it’s a 1920’s home and very expensive to insure, all I want for Christmas that I haven’t received this year is …………….

– Jimmy Choos (Size 7.5, just one more pair)
– A gift Certificate to Studio LX (the girls to help accessorize too)
– A gift Certificate to Shop Splash (Bibi and La Lopez for advice)
– Ten hours with Suzel Vazquez MD (magic hands)
– Ten hours with Jhonny Salomon (rounder bottom)
– A lifetime Membership to Newton’s Method (jail tight WHAT)
– A lifetime Membership to Body&Soul (a lil Jugo Fresh too)
– The Stop Smoking Start Living anecdote for all smokers
– Marlyne Alexander to include me in the book
– A yearly tax return from Lopez & Partners, LLC (can’t forget the IRS)
– Duck Dynasty to return (Uncle Phil for Prez and I have gay friends)
– An honest, gorgeous, loving boyfriend (Strike this, I open my eyes to him everyday)
– Health (I earn it daily)
– A wonderful, producing, healthy son (Oh yeah, I own this already)
I was good this year and promise to come at you strong in 2014. Back up, I am braced to fight hard!
Santa, I really wanted to tell you how grateful I am for Roman, Darren and my health! I am not trying to get extra brownie points or anything, just like to say thanks a lot! It is important to never forget who loves you, so you can love them back.
Lil’ Ball Magda (it’s our little secret)
and if you don’t know, I believe in magic

hello twenty fourteen

New website! Tony Ellis a personal training client of Doctor Dribble, is my website designer. He is everything techie and keeps it classy whilst creating interactive worlds. I am grateful!
He read my last blog and kicked it into turbo gear for me and you! Thank you Tony! I can’t wait to see, feel and touch your talents.

I need Touch. It happens to be a favorite song too. My man is taking me dancing on New Years’ Eve! #happy

I attack all challenges. I walk towards a gift horse. I use my gym membership(s). #gymrat #nodaysoffforreal I do stare in the face of danger. I laugh the loudest.

twenty fourteen what can you throw at me that can make my life better? Make me happier? Nothing. I truly am blessed and fortunate. I am intensely grateful.

I have added new licenses, certifications to my repertoire. I am a #workinprogress. I love it too. Forever evolving, changing and growing.

I was running the other day with my Stride group. The group that loves love. A lady screamed, “you inspire me.” I almost fell, I couldn’t believe it. I inspired her! If she only knew how that small admission of kindness changed my day. She empowered me. Did I mention I was grateful?

Laura P. and I set Los Angeles on fire. We brought Miami Heat to the Professional Coaching world. We even made a commercial testimonial for the International prospects. If you are a player, I am your Coach.

TWTR is the stock of choice for me this year! No guts, no glory! We did it, we plunged and it paid off. I have a feeling that this will be the story of our love too.

He took me to the Dave Chappelle show at the Fillmore in Miami Beach. My first comedy show ever! Front row seats! The group that put the show together know him from his appearances at the AAA. He hooked us up. Dave made us laugh hard. Mad skills on the mic! Thank you for another first #myambi!

Dave Chappelle needs to call Kerry Gaynor tho! #stopsmokingstartliving Smoking is so yesterday! If Lance Armstrong, Matt Damon and I did it, this gifted comedian can too.

Sixteen days till the new year and I need to hurry up! I have a hot date this week with a Doctor! I’m going to The Showroom tomorrow @ 5825 Sunset Drive Suite No. 305 @ 10 am to get the red clutch! Maybe I’ll wear this to Pharrell and LIV it up!

Between parties, appearances, holidays, love and life, there is very little time to reflect. I have learned a lot this year! I am thrilled with enthusiasm for everything new.

No matter what, when or why #gratitudeismyattitude! I believe this is why I continue to be blessed. I know what a triple double is! BAM!

and if you don’t know, he is a Coach too,