Happy Birthday Alex! 40 looks good on you. Thierry’s, movie stars, hall of famers and a home made tribute (including a “happy” thought by Pharrell) to you is a fantastic way to begin your journey on the fourth floor. This party, might have possibly been the event of the year. You are blessed with a beautiful family, I am blessed with a great friend.

Happy was the crowd at the DuPont building celebrating Belen. Chair Beba Padron went hard and put on a great show. Gulliver better have lunch with that committee soon.

Happy is the newest ambassador of LuluLemon… Doctor Dribble. The girls at Lulu treated him like the celebrity he is. The Doc had his very own fitting room filled with basketballs and love. The tribute was long overdue and well deserved. He will serve the store and our community well and look like a champ doing so. Wishes do come true.

Alexis explosion at Studio LX happened to me. The femmes in South Miami can make a regular woman look and feel like a Pretty Woman. From eyelet leather to hi lows in silk, I am grateful.

Happy Miami Heat is on a six game win streak! Let’s go HEAT!

AGN is the new competitor for Botox, all traders should research this symbol. Happy to share.

My wish for you is to look at your turkey and think someone made it with love, look at those next to you and know they chose to be with you, feel the beat in your chest and feel grateful that you have the health to feel anything at all. Happy Thanksgiving!

A menorah lighting in my presence will be a first this Hanukah. I am happy. April is a beautiful month.

and if you don’t know, I’m so happy,


the daring

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I’m not afraid to get laughed at. Trust me, it happens everyday. I try to laugh at myself as often as possible. It keeps things real. In check.
I figure greatness in love and achievements, which pretty much encompass life, demands great risk.

The kind of risk that hurts. When great risk pays off, it’s like having bought TWTR two Mondays ago!

Las Vegas never fails to get larger, more grand. I have been here a number of times but this time, I felt different. I felt stronger. I wasn’t slouched at a roulette table. I had upright posture. I wasn’t drinking a drink I really didn’t want, I had a bottle of water. Clarity. And finally, I was the only non smoker at the table. The smokers didn’t gross me out but the smoke was getting in my way of the bets. I played the same numbers tho! I added the numbers 4,30 and 31 to my repertoire. One of them hit twice. People always want to know why a player plays a certain way. In my case, it’s fearlessness. Do it or don’t, I like that. #stopsmokingstartliving

Drumroll please, an ice cream store beat us! Wait what? How could that have happened? It did. I was there. As promised, when I realized I didn’t get the diamond everyone at my table flexed. A whole lotta muscles popped up. I am the luckiest woman ever. The amount of support I had was overwhelming. @revete kept a plaque but left with much more than that. By the way, sugar causes wrinkles.

I just watched the moon hide behind the mountains, and all I can envision are the runners on the strip tonight. Doctor Dribble will be amongst those lucky marathoners. If I could guess, he will be leading the 30,000 of them. San Antonio and Las Vegas in one day, he exemplifies seizing the moment. Every marathon, every city impacts more inspirational stories made possible by him.

The Juice Spot….. Improving the juice game. Tough competition. I can’t wait to try. I’m hooked on #drinkingmadjuice so any of the cold press businesses are welcome in my life and possibly agency.

Thanksgiving and Hanukah on the same day. Wow! I’m filled with emotion. My first exposure to lighting a menorah will be this year. I have been in many Thanksgiving celebrations but I think I am most grateful for this one. Too much hype on this turkey, I am excited.

So thought for the day, or maybe thought for life- don’t be afraid! Create your own destiny and don’t concern yourself about anything else. To dare means to try new things. Cock, aim and fire!!!

and if you don’t know, it takes courage to dare,


let freedom ring

Just this week, I had the freedom to say no thanks, I’m a non-smoker.

I also had the freedom to miss the bus on getting rich quick and not buying TWITTER in time. Epic fail.

I chose to run my second marathon and beat my time. I chose to ignore the pain.

Everything is choice.

An old acquaintance randomly came back into my life, it seems I changed her forever. It was a choice to be kind.

Kindness is free, sometimes the meanest people need it the most.

On today, let’s join in remembering the men and women that sacrificed their lives, experiences and choices to grant us ours.

Mourning and remembrance are very personal. I respect this choice greatly.

I recently stumbled on a beautiful method of remembrance for veterans. It’s a project that saves them from themselves. Many veterans that did survive physically are traumatized and cannot survive socially due to trauma. With this method, they are loved and cared for until they can acclimate and adapt again to normalcy. Look it up, it’s cool. I donated.
Dégagé Ministries

http://running.competitor.com/2013/09/news/cast-your-votes-for-the-best-of-competitor-2013_83073 is how you can vote for Doctor Dribble for Best Running Celebrity. The man deserves nothing less. He runs for causes, let’s vote for him.

This Thursday is do or die! Diamond Awards here we come. Nail biting excitement. Best Minority business! It’s an honor to be a nominee. (That’s what they say in the Oscars)

Three weeks till we can put a dent in our holiday shopping list at the Gulliver Holiday MarketPlace. Exclusivity is the main idea this year. December 5 at the Academy.

I choose to be grateful to them today and everyday. The no named heroes.

I can because they did.

and if you don’t know, sin city is next,


these vagabond shoes



Ok, I admit it. I looked like Pheobe as I ran in UGGS trying to keep Doctor Dribble hydrated. No shame in loving a legend. ING NYC IS A RAP.

Cobblestone walks, complete autonomy, trees changing color right before my eyes is what awaited roman and I in New York. It was his first time as a spectator for a marathon. I felt wonderment watching him.

He cheered, he yelled, he grew. It was amazing.

Gulliver Strong is celebrating 60 years of education. I will be at the academy and prep this week promoting this years Holiday Marketplace. No more applications please, as all vendors have been chosen. The “G” is going through the roof this December!

If you haven’t voted, I need you. I ain’t too proud to beg! I want to win and there is no harm in that. Your vote for my business is greatly appreciated. Our exclusive boutique agency is run with love. Agency is family. 2013 Diamond Awards here I come, or maybe my table can just flex?!

I spoke with Kerry Gaynor, the man that can stop any smoker from smoking. He asked me to let everyone know that www.stopsmokingstartliving.com is available for subscription and movement. Let’s change the world and make tobacco free a way of life.

Second time around is never as good as the first. I’ll let you know after Sunday! I’ll be running my next half marathon. I’m thrilled, interesting side effect.

I had lunch with a birthday girl and met a new sister this week. I was shocked at the lateral resemblance both ladies have in their lives right now. I also thought it was ironic that I encountered them both. Their present situations reminded me of the saying,” to be loved, you must love yourself first.” I was fortunate to have been in the company of these two dynamic women.

I never thought I’d miss the pelvic thrust of a kettle bell- but man, I can’t wait to get back to the gym. Withdrawal! Go April!

Halloween was my favorite one ever. I was Veronica Corningstone and I had my very own Ron Burgundy! It was a perfect night. #heisthegunshow #iplayedhisflute Ron Burgundy shows confidence in his admiration and loyalty to his sexy partner and is hilarious, what more can any Veronica ask for?

Thanksgiving! Turkey, family, love! I’m fortunate to have someone to share it with.

Javi, my prayers are with you and yours.

and if you don’t know, I’m celebrating Hanukah this year!