2015 Game Time


As I write the final blog of 2014, I am listening to Avinu Malkeinu by the greatest singer on earth, her royal highness Barbra Streisand. I listened to this in Temple for the first time this year. I rode a ferris wheel for the first time too. I danced with Darren for the first time in two years also. He is a late bloomer and a fantastic dancer. I knew it. I felt it. My son is a man. It happened this year. I have a pseudo radio show, my very own iTunes channel. Magda Lopez!!!! Drop a sub! I held an entire year down as an impacting Life Coach. A master. This year flew by, like the past two weeks. The growth, the possibility is astonishing. It wasn’t without pain. In pain, we learn, we change, we move. I had lunch with Saskia Madison last week. I watched basketball with Lyn and Angel. Just like old times. I have another stepson. Norman Van Aken and I worked together again. The point is…..the players don’t change just the circumstances. Family and friends that are constant, never change. Different homes, cars, spouses perhaps but not the players. The ones that matter anyway.

Yoga played a big part of my year for many reasons. Cat and Amy had two Life Coaches on their victoriously rad show. They showed their brave! We had a blast. My lil sista Jess, an educator at lululemon Somi allowed Darren and I to practice under her. What a privilege! Ingrid was a pleasant surprise too. Goodness surrounds us in so many ways. It is our job to syphon through to find it, hold it, protect it.

lululemon Lincoln Road opened this weekend. It is beautiful! Darren and I missed out on the Grand Opening due to the New York Sponge getty but were able to participate in the party at LEBO and dance with Ashli, take pics with Gigi, Matt, Cat and Jose! lululemon is very kind and supportive to their ambadassadors. I am grateful.

In NYC, Darren and I tore up Steve’s bed. My boo got sick. We were able to see Bradley Cooper in the Elephant Man, meet Charlie Bird and sit next to Blythe Danner and Gwenyth Paltrow and the ColdPlay offspring too. It’s a good thing stuff like that doesn’t affect me. Can you imagine if I was starstruck?

Sponge was able to see his Jewish father, hug him and seek advice like any child would a parent. Darren looks like a dad at a nursery waiting for his infant. It is the most beautiful unlikely love I have ever seen. Roman loves it too. Man, I realize more and more that if it works, it doesn’t have to make sense. Coach Huggins winked, blew me a kiss and asked me how I was. BAM!!! In Huggs I trust.

38 years married is no simple feat. I know. I didn’t pass 14 years. The Weissman’s are an example of love, steadfastness and friendship. Congratulations on a committed, healthy union. Very proud to love you.

Hanukah and Christmas is a rich blend in my home. Although interrupted this year due to the Boricua convention of Doctor Dribble clinics, we make due. I love to learn and not judge. The Jewish faith is very beautiful.

Verda and me! I do!!!! Thank God for them. The inner glow in the transformation of my body is 100% them. Of course, it’s a Canadian company. I am officially sponsored, if you want to get sexy- it’s on my website. Press YES and start your journey.

I haven’t celebrated New Year’s Eve since the year 2000. This year we are going Cuban. I think Cuba will be free soon, so why not start the party now!

Life is grand, just amazing. I want to pay back the people that are good to me and the rest are just irrelevant. Thank you for your support for my blog and me. I so appreciate it. Onward and upward! Big dreams!


and if you don’t know, between the blog, iTunes and Social Media, I am 87,511 strong,