ten thousand hours

Nick Alvarez, the main man at Cross Fit South Miami, and personal friend of mine, reached out to me on January 7 at approximately ten pm looking for marketing for his little brother Eddy.  Eddy Alvarez, the first Cuban American male speed skater to ever make a US Olympic team is home grown. He placed, and placed and then placed again. He made history. He plans on doing it again in baseball. I plan on spearheading the marketing. I’m willing to invest ten thousand hours. Nick, you are the most dope older brother ever.  Brotherly love has never looked so good, felt so deeply. Well done! Ricky rolls with some great folk.

Speaking of love, Vanessa Scotto blew us all away with her Life Coaching at LuluLemon South Miami. Darren and I were front row center. The topic was love. Heee! LULU only symbol making me happy this week.

April, I’m coming at you with Steve Madden and a clear definition of the Jewish year soon.

I ran my first 5k with Roman and Darren. I needed some of the Boxed Water I met in New York. It was the Tour de Broward 5k benefitting Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. It was our first family run. We are family. It fits. It’s appropriate.

Zoe is all about Vida Mujer! Me, a fitness guru! Hmmm. If ClearChannel wants to, I’m willing.

Ask Cristie finalized the mass production of Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies, conveyor belt and all. Place orders people, tight bodies can eat chocolate!!!

She is tiny and strong, her name is Aryan and she is the heartbeat of Jet Set Pilates. I will be hanging out there more often, they elongate muscles in this place. I feel taller and definitely at peace! Funky socks don’t hurt either. It’s a must try.

I’m a Master. Laura and I are killing it. I can’t wait to host. Darren wants to watch me in person-live!!! No way, he will have to be a Coachee like everyone else. I am shy in front of him still. A year later and I still feel lil sometimes. For the most part tho, I feel like I’m ten feet tall when I am with him.

Doctor Dribble placed in today’s 5k, it’s amazing, he says he was taking it slow. The man is a beast. His Doctor Dribble Helping Hands is reaching new levels. Ever since he opened his own charity, he has been able to reach so many more children. It is uplifting.

Tzedakah means charity, I will be running for Purim together with my Rabbi on March 16! Please join us.

Attention all Spartans, I am so happy to cheer for you guys! I will be there getting my Spartaaaaaa on! Can’t wait! I wanna see you be brave.

So many fantastic things happening this week, I can barely sleep. It’s great to be so excited for life. I am. I’m thriving. It’s the oxytocin. March looks like it’s Mad.


and if you don’t know, I love a Coach, what would John Wooden think?


the mastery of love

The most loved filled day of the year was as always, a commercial success! This year Americans spent 13 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day. So much love!!! #ilovelove

This month I gave and received an enormous amount of love. Many types of love. I’m so grateful.

The one love I have the most trouble with is self love. I suppose I have a great fear of narcissism. Humility is urgently necessary to me. Fear is a liar. But I know, that if you don’t love yourself, no one can love you. This got me interested in the Four Loves by CS Lewis and how they exist in my life.

Storge is a form of brotherly love. Immediately I think of Tommy, Nick, Chris, Danny, David, Vic, Alex, Ricky and Joey. And that’s just off the top of my head. I say bro all the time. I feel they are my brothers when I say it to my storge peeps.

Friendship is a love between friends. This type of love, I’m a little more strict on. My friends don’t change. They are the same list forever. I’ve been lucky tho, I found a few more. Lynette, Babelyn, Julie, Tarah, April, Mal, Laura and Diana the few, the protected, my sisters.

Eros is the sense of being in love. The more instinctual of the four. Kind of like animal instincts. It’s sexual. The beast, the ape, a flying squirrel are some examples of animalistic positions. The wanting of women instead of wanting one woman is Eros. The same can happen to men. This is selfish.

Agape love is the form of unconditional love, the greatest love of all. Roman!!

CS got me thinking. His types of love are so accurate. However, my love, belongs in all four categories. He’s my bestfriend, I love him unconditionally. Eros runs through us, the chemistry was immediate. I’ll bro him all day long. I wonder what CS would call him. I call him Darren. It’s simply black and white. He made my Valentine’s day beautiful. Thank you!

LAX stands for Los Angeles International Airport and for Raider pride because Yoyo brought it this weekend. Let’s go Raiders!!!

Love no matter which type is to be given. Anything else is just gravy. I’m your cup, give me love.

and if you don’t know, #givelove,


a perfect storm hit NYC

IMG_0735 IMG_0738The glitz and the glamour was a bit overwhelming this weekend! I live in Miami where beautiful people are everywhere but what I experienced this weekend was just insane. We stayed in the Upper East side thanks to some of my closest friends. April and I had lunch with Christy Turlington and Deborah Roker in Eataly to start a glorious weekend. We prayed in church. My Jewish friend walked me in and sat next to me as I asked for guidance and forgiveness. We practiced Yoga in Jivamukti and danced the warlike movements of Capoeira. I was Footloose and free with Kevin Bacon and dumbfounded by the timeless beauty in Christie Brinkley. Madison Square Gardens has nothing on the home of the Heat! Basketball in New York was fun but I’m spoiled! #HeatNation all day, all night.

The Book of Mormon had us laughing out loud. Loud, love and laugh like that! The St. Regis was so sexy.  I felt Mr. Big would walk in at any moment. My sister Charna brought some of that Sex in the City feel to our table, even if it was for a brief moment. Life is made up of moments.

The Month of February has shown me so much love already and it’s still not Valentine’s Day! Even MC Yogi would be pleased. He believes like me, what we give is what we get. I guess then, I have given a lot. Laura, April, Babelyn, Lynette, Julie and even Maria came up last week to show me love!! I saw it, I felt it and as always, I am in your debt.

My first webinar was a success. It was a hit! We received rave reviews. The topic was Health and Fitness. Change is absolutely possible. I am walking proof. I plan on spreading this message repeatedly. I hope everyone gets infected. Health is wealth, and I am filthy rich. It’s a choice, follow me, I’ll take you there.

My friend Frankie is heading up a race for Red Bull. I am running in this marathon. It’s hashtag on Instagram is #wingsforlife. It’s appropriately named a run for the world. A global run. I like that. I have to be the ugliest runner I know, my form is just sad. However, my intention is for a greater good. If you feel like joining me, call my office and I’ll help you sign up. 305.903.7160 ask for Mighty. I run in a group on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mallory at Newton’s Method, it made me a runner- she is a miracle worker.

On the plane headed home, I have a penguin and a bear that need me to rescue them. I hope your Valentine’s Day is complete with mushy gushy, love and all that sweet stuff.

April, I never forget the good, the bad or the ugly. My friend, you rose to the top! Kind of untouchable. I knew I liked you, but now I love you. It’s funny how that developed. I’m glad it did. Z Cavaricci’s for life.

This blog was really written on an iCloud, how cool is that?

and if you don’t know, I’m coming at you like a dark horse,


Love Month

Ok! This week we are going to do a little something different! On Instagram, I asked the followers of @revete to please offer some blog ideas. You know, topics they suggest I write about! I got some interesting suggestions. I’m going to do my best in this week’s blog to accommodate some of those requests. I will write on three of the topics and maybe next month do this again. Interaction is healthy and I love to communicate. Social media is a brave new world! For purposes of business, it can be very lucrative too. I am old school tho, I love to love my real peeps in person.

@micasalsburg : Four million cats are eaten in Asia annually. Twenty four cat skins make a coat. During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witchcraft, people all over Europe would stuff them in sacks and throw them into bonfires. On holy days, people celebrated by tossing cats off Church Towers. In North America, cats are the most popular pets. The first cat to go to outer space was appropriately named “Astrocat”. She was a female of course. In slang language the word “puss” is associated with soft, warm and fuzzy body parts. Just like a cat. According to the Hebrew legend, God made a lion sneeze and out popped a cat to protect the food on Noah’s Ark from rats. It must have been a Jewish lion! Cats spend nearly one third of their lives cleaning themselves. Cleanliness is Godliness! There is a cat named Blackie that inherited 15 million Euro from his owner, he is the richest cat in the world. Sadly, he has no one to share his wealth with. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow.

@obscureinspiration406 : Happiness is the greatest paradox in nature. It is a choice I make daily. It takes courage. I fight for it. I exercise to keep it! I often ask my son to tell me stories. His way of speaking makes me laugh immediately. I try to keep matters of the heart at bay. I find they are challenging for me. I remember the people I have loved that are not with me anymore. It brings me to a place of peace. I try to eat clean and use no medicine. Happiness is in my music. I play music everywhere I am. I usually play upbeat music unless, my heart has been broken. When this happens, I make a choice to forgive and move on. After all, there is a reason for the season! Usually, I will play Barbra Streisand during these episodes. Obscure, you have made me think! I am better because of you! Thank you!

@jango_cat : I don’t know why or how you and I came together! Positive thinking is also an effort consuming task. All of my life, I have practiced smiling. It is for me a great source of energy and cure. No matter what happens, I keep positive. Gratitude is probably the reason why I have the good vibe shield! It could very well be the reason you are my friend on Instagram and now in real life. You and I both know very well how false social media can be and how profitable at the same time! I am indebted to you! I thank you from the bottom of my being for every #wicked, #hot #dope you have ever shared with me! @jango_cat you are a very #coolcat! Canadian too!

I hope you guys are happy with my blurbs on your topics! I am always willing to learn.

and if you don’t know, happy month of love,