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Bro its just #AwkCity!

If 9 ½ weeks isn’t one of your favorite movies, there is something wrong with you. It isn’t a happy ending I know, but the passion is unmatched. Love without passion is for children. In the movie, he pushes her away to a place that she inevitably cannot return from. He wanted it to end. She is so graceful in her exit and her love loss was felt in the core of every woman to ever have loved. Mos def, the sex in this movie was the hook. You know that loser friend we’ve all got that likes to live through your sex life, this is the movie you should send him or her to see. They could learn from it. Whenever any of my friends ask me about my sex life, I refer them to Mickey and Kim and say my sex life is like my bank account-secret. And in all honesty, only a very sad and lonely sort would ask such disturbing questions.

Heart attacks kill heart break doesn’t. I stopped smoking two and a half years ago. @StopSmokingStartLiving It is still unreal to me how I chose death over life for so long. I knew it was bad for me and I did it over and over again. I am so disappointed in myself for having engaged in such a horrible act for that amount of time. I remember the day I made the switch- tho. It was a miracle. People still ask me, “are you smoke free?” the answer is yes, I never let Marlboro back in my life again. I think about it from time to time. Eighteen days ago, I wanted to eat a carton of cigarettes and then I chose life. If it isn’t good for you or good to you, extract that from your life without sympathy. If you need a Coach or a cheerleader- I know the best.

Choosing life is really quite easy, it’s just like choosing happy. You just commit and do it.

The beauty in Life Coaching is a constant reveal. I am so fortunate to be able to help and be a part of goal completion, accountability and self-improvement. I am the luckiest cheerleader in the world. A friend of mine asked me what I eat daily to remain so happy, I told her the truth. I drink Verda (you can buy it on and I live from gratitude. You gotta want what you have- it’s a learned behavior.

The workouts have increased. I am killing it, me!!!!!!! That’s who. Promise to keep the naked Instagram posts coming. Just kidding, I’ll be wearing @MiamiFitWear Stalkers- listen up. Girls don’t appreciate the insincere compliments, weird DM’s and unwarranted texts. If a girl likes you, she will let you know. If she doesn’t, have pride.

This week I am donating all of the loose ends I gathered from the headquarters of Atrevete, Inc. I am cleaning the clutter in search of more clarity. It’s amazing how much stuff an office collects from present and former clients. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Word.

Crush Games June 6 for the betterment of children with Special Needs is on – Coconut Grove, I will be there and want to meet you. Call me for deets at 305.903.7160

My friend Jess Schreiner is leading Exhale at the Loew’s to new heights, roof top views of Miami Beach while we salute the sun. Thanks sista. I loved it. You can find them at @exhalespa on Twitter and Instagram.

On Wednesday, I usually practice Yoga with Ingrid at Green Monkey/Bala in South Miami. This upcoming Wednesday, I will be doing a very aggressive practice. Please contact me if you wanna find your victorious breath with only the sexy people. Please do not stalk women in gyms or Yoga studios –it’s just LOSERVILLE.

My week was full of love and reward. I have a laundry list of people to thank and hug but believe they know who they are so honorable mention isn’t necessary. I lived by the sun and loved by the moon and guess what I could get used to it!

and if you don’t know, gratitude is my bestfriend now,




I love waking up on an overcast Sunday with a frig full of Jugo Fresh. Gigi dropped it off this week. It helps to know the future wife of the CEO. Roman hooked me up with all of the movies and I have a baby pitbull that is very needy of my love. Can Sunday be any better?

SeaWheeze shorts came in. It looks like a Science explosion on black material will be donning my booty. The app for the half is pretty cool tho. This is the most organized marathon I have ever been a part of. I am most excited about Vancouver. Having lived in Canada for so many years and omitted this place was an epic fail. Zip lining here I come. You’d be surprised at how brave I really am! I am not afraid of jumping out of planes, I’m more afraid of being taken for granted.

Chloe and her family are at it again. They are hosting Crush Games in the Grove on June 6. It’s a Fun Raising event for children with needs. I will be there to cheer and maybe lift. No cross fitting for me, but I will happily swing for this cause. Please read the flier and join me in improving our community.

Jugo Fresh Miracle Mile is almost here. I am more excited than most because I will be part of the opening day together with some of Miami’s sexiest health nuts. I dunno how Matt and I fused like that, but the tie is strong. I love supporting greatness. The cheerleader in me goes wild for all things grand. Mark (President of the Chamber Coral Gables) and I were talking with the head honchos of the Jugo enterprise and I couldn’t resist feeling pleased with the leaps and bounds this corporation has made in a short three years. #gratefulforyourshare

The fitness aspect in my life has gone up ten notches. I am working out more than ever. I feel like I’m on my game with the bells and love twisting and turning in the straps. My body has never been so strong. I feel great. April, Ingrid, Sara, Cat……. My body thanks you.

Jorge Posada Sr. is a REAL philanthropist. He is a great father. He is my friend. I don’t like it when people mess with my friends. The media can always glorify lies and hide truths. Alex and JP are friends in real life. Duh? #f4f #r4r #l4l #fraud

I am Coaching three new clients this week. Every time I get an email that says I have been hired, I feel gratitude. I am so lucky. My dream of helping others achieve and aspire, accomplish and succeed is a reality. I received a text message which I am attaching that made me cry. This message changed me forever.

About a year and a half ago, I went to jail and had the privilege of speaking to approximately twelve female inmates in the Domestic Violence department. I even taught a mini Yoga class. I truly believe in Yoga and it’s healing powers. I Coached these women and finished with a few poses to close our intentions in gratitude. One of these women sent me the text. She stopped smoking because of me. She called me an angel. She said she’d never forget me. Isn’t that what life is really about?

Eight years ago, I stood before five hundred people and sang a song for two wonderful humans. I married them right after. Lynette and Angel, Happy Anniversary. I love you both.

and if you don’t know, the sun came out,




I used to be afraid of the chaos that inevitably comes from change, now I invite it. The fearlessness in that alone is epic. I feel age and experience give me the strength to see opportunity for growth and true happiness. I am excited. Really excited. Like a baby pitbull, I feel like I’m jumping and racing through the hallways of my new home. Hallways….. some things are never forgotten.

My Mother’s Day was the best ever. I have been a parent for fifteen years. This day by far was the best. My son treated me like a queen. I did a fine job, I received many cards, gifts and too many flowers confirming that. I felt loved. Truly loved, for free. Change is good.

On September 4, I will be judging together with some leading fitness experts and athletes in the “Mr. and Ms. South Miami 2015” contest held at the University of Miami in trust for a scholarship. This event will be held in benefit of a child and his or her education. I am so down for this. Fitness and true philanthropy turns me on. Please email me ( if you are interested in sponsoring, competing and just helping. Goodness is contagious. It ALWAYS beats misery. Choose it! I did.

I spoke to Tina, the handstand kick victim from the Topless Yoga event. She forgives my enthusiasm and loves me just the same. I was humbled by her kindness. I practiced last night and couldn’t help but peeking at the person behind me and allowing for extra space. I guess I will always proceed with caution now. In yoga and other matters too.

Roman decided to gift me a brilliant, strong and brave creature-HOVA. My eyes couldn’t believe it. My heart beat quickly and I cried. The danger I felt in owning a dog disappeared. I felt like all of the goodness in me manifested in this fabulous being. All of my most recent mistakes were erased and all I could see was possibility. I am open. Divine possibility, come and get it!!!!! HOVA is it’s name. My friend David wasn’t pleased. My puppy reminds me of Jay-Z. Jehovah. Jayhovah. The Jewish God. My God. HOVA. I immediately felt protected. Thank you Roman.

Today, I have a live Podcast with the master of Yoga, Pablo Lucero. I can’t wait to get contaminated with his groovy vibe and see what is in store for this very ambitious man. Realistic goals and exact execution sounds like a page in my book. He’s a LEO-that’s why.

Miami Fit Wear fitted me in the most amazing gear. I got a job this weekend, a W-2 kind. (Seventh Source of Income) I wore the stripes guys. I rocked the stage. The tiger ones I’ll save for a more public venue. A larger stage. Eight way stretch ladies is the way to go.

So I passed by Cream, the boutique in South Miami this weekend for trinkets for my mom, I couldn’t get a grasp on all of the people (beautiful people) in the joint. My cousin Vanessa, bought my aunt a bad purse and I joined in the fun. Tamara and I laughed and remembered how fast life can switch. We know a little boy who had a car hit him. Happy is the goal.

Verda is coming out with THIN!!!! Yes, a THIN solution. I got stopped coming out of Lulu yesterday and asked if I could train. I can train but I prefer not too. She (Merrick Park shopping acquaintance) asked me what I eat on the daily and I easily responded VERDA! You cannot out run a bad diet or lack of self control. Balance is the key and of course Verda!! Obvi!!! You can buy it on my site.

and if you don’t’ know, #pitbullsofInstagram, magda

Cinco de Goaleo


I took my top off with one hundred very inspiring people in our fitness community yesterday. We practiced topless yoga. I was humbled over and over again. A room full of goodness, acceptance and fearlessness in the heart of the Wynwood Walls. On my left, was one of the people that believe in me most, Raquel, the owner of Miami Fit Wear and on the other side of me was Doctor Dribble. A local hero always doing for his community. In front of me was one of my oldest and dearest friends, David. He looked like a pro, becoming one with his soul. Behind me was a new and wonderful woman, Tina. Tina and I became very close. I almost killed her. If you know anything about me, you know I go hard. I almost killed her hard. I became so enthused with the Jodiisms of yoga that when she asked us to kick back into a handstand, I kicked back hard. I kicked Tina in the face. My heart sank.

Our practice was briefly interrupted. We ran to the back and all of the Lululemon staff came to her rescue. I apologized repeatedly and all Tina said was don’t worry we will get back to the practice. I assured her that we were in the real yoga practice at that moment. We became friends instantaneously.

It was an honor to have been selected for this event. I never really considered myself a fitness guru. I became fit because it feels good, it’s rewarding and the health benefits don’t stop. The outward results are just a bonus. I suppose that is the clutch, the boner. Oops, I meant the bonus. Emily, the most beautiful leader of the event says she is body dysmorphic, aren’t we all? I do believe that there was a common thread with the guests in yesterday’s event. For the most part, they all are leaders in their own right and do live at an accelerated rate as they inspire by just living out loud. My truth is someone’s biggest fear. You really never know who you are inspiring. Life becomes larger when you look at it like that.

My son finally got his trophy. I got the membership to the Riviera Country Club for my ex husbands 40th birthday gift. I worked hard for this family gift. My son was the true winner in this acquisition. He is a golfer. A good one. Moreover, he is a good person. After years of going to the same event and watching his predecessors win this award, it was finally his turn. I wasn’t invited to this event, so I wasn’t able to see it for myself. My stepson Valy sent me the video. I knew then that the twenty years I loved Valy, paid off. He thought of me. My son is so happy. I am happy for him.

It’s Cinco de Mayo tomorrow people, make a five goal list and crush them. I will be celebrating with my true love somewhere in Miami! If you see me, scream OLE! REVETE!

and if you don’t know, gifts for your mama,