Cock Block


I have never done this before. My nails don’t really allow for typing tho. Next week, I’m coming at ya with all the VanCity juice and #TranscendMia deets. Till then loyal amigos, try not to be a cock block.


and if you don’t know, my attitude is always gratitude,



sharks everywhere


Sleep is nutrition but when you are still adapting to sleeping alone, the rain is coming down like golf balls and your WhatsApp is ringing from Africa, it’s time to get up and put up a blog. Real bloggers never fail to write. Consistency is key. I meet people that call themselves bloggers but always start a sentence with I should, I would’ve and  maybe I will. Do it right or get out of the kitchen. Besides, I’m gonna work out backyard style tomorrow in the morning and practice yoga at night so I get to sleep in.

This month Jaws turns thirty years old! Wow! I still get scared thinking about that movie! I used to always bring an apple with me to bite into instead of scream. The movie is timeless really. Gonna celebrate it! I’m actually looking forward to the celebration. I love the month of July. It officially says you are half way through the year. It also says beach, tan, flash tattoos and my happiness. I’m definitely a summer girl. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach since becoming a single woman. I find it replenishing. It fills my cup. I find myself running often to the ocean. I’ve got my work set up in my beach bag and have been setting up all Coaching on the way to and fro the waves. I workout out and then I’m on a mission to do what makes me happy.

The other day I made a list. I love lists. I made a list of my daily rituals. I also made a list of what makes me happy. I made a great green tea and sat to compare them both. I adjusted accordingly.

When I quit smoking, there was a moment that’ll I’ll never forget- it was the Aha! Moment. The total eclipse. I understood completely that Marlboro was attacking my life. It was therefore an easy turn of events to quit for life. The same thing happened to me this weekend. I was being attacked again. After you quit from being harmed from one thing, it’s easy to do it again. I love the power of choice. Watch me throw a knock out punch!!!

I’m so lucky to live in paradise. One of my newer goals is to buy real estate on the beach, a very doable goal for me. I accomplished a huge goal this weekend. It was liberating. I punched it in the face. I laughed at fear. I had a large support group tho. My family and friends had been urging me for a while. I went to my first movie alone. I saw Magic Mike XXL. I was so scared. It’s amazing how I can be completely unafraid to jump out of planes, speak publicly, trust humans but be terrified to be alone. It was an enormous step in the right direction for me.

This July 4th was bittersweet. I spent it at my sanctuary-Soho Beach House. Most of the day was spent talking with my NFL and NBA player friends. I’m not sure how I end up with friends like that but I swear it’s platonic. I’m a one man woman. Monogamy is the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced. For now, all of my relationships will be platonic. It’s going to take serious worship for me to consider Eros again. Thanks for all of the invites tho, persistence is charming.

I can’t thank Cat and Al enough for hooking me up with this outlet. The peeps, festivities, DJs kept me smiling. I owe Cat and Al much more gratitude for a multitude of kindnesses they have both shared with me over the years. Kindness is free. If only more of us used it, our world would be greater.

The Power of Transcendence (brought to you by Miami Fit Wear) event is on August 30! I’m so inspired. We are a small gang of women working hard to elevate and begin change. It’s a movement. I’m honored to be a part of this powerful act. I feel like a lot of people want to be better but just don’t create the daily rituals to effect betterment. It’s more doable than people think. A relationship is an investment. The first relationship we need to have on lockdown is the one with ourselves.

Verda comes with me everywhere I go. Canada is in me. Verda is Canadian, also the best source of protein for vegans in a powder. So yummy! 

I’m gonna go into the ocean now and #NGL I think of Jaws every single time I feel the sea on my feet for close to three decades now. Except for this one time. <3


and if you don’t know, shark week starts tonight,