Look kids, its Big Ben

And just like that it’s over. July 2016 has been the best of all of them. all 45 of them! I found truth and loved the shit out of myself. I saw what I needed to see. I experienced what I wanted to feel. It was bittersweet and miraculous. I fed the fire of my birthday with all of the passion I could show. I am so lucky. The calls, deliveries, gifts were amazing! I am loved. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Life is about giving love. It’s so humbling when you get it back equally. Legacy is truly seen in the amount of love you give. Obviously, I’ve given.

I’m in love with London! I am so glad I went. What a beautiful place! Everyone was so tall. Or maybe I’m small. I could live there. The food was outrageous. I ate salmon three times a day. The scones and high teas were delicious. The process was educational. I’ve been exposed to a variety of high teas but never like this. The infinity rooms were magical. I read the story of Lucy and Desi! I’m obsessed with Lucy. She is a Leo. I have my TRX but haven’t used it once. I went to Barry’s London and did what I love to do- workout!

Honestly, I miss workouts in the morning more than anything. Roman is in Bimini loving life. He’s quite the fisherman!

School starts soon and I’m so happy for him. He misses his buddies. I miss normalcy. Summer is always a guessing game when you are a parent.

The fall looks slammed for this life coach also! I’m a bit intimidated by it all. Success keeps coming. I welcome growth of any sort. Bring it on!

I’m gonna go see Jason Bourne next week. It’s a goal! I love the movies.

Travel changes people. They come back new. I’m different. I’ve been traveling for a year now. I’m better. I’m stronger. I’m richer. This trip crushed all of the experiences I had this year. I am so grateful!

Birthdays are so meaningful to me. Thank you to everyone that celebrated me. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

and if you don’t know, I do,



It’s my birthday, go Magda

Did you think I wasn’t going to meet my deadline? Nah, I never fail. International blogger is going on my curriculum vitae.

I love birthdays. Everything about a birthday makes me excited. I think it’s the preparation, the sentiment, the excitement that makes me want to celebrate them daily. I give good birthdays. This year I’m giving one to me. My son is too young, but extremely enthusiastic. When he is able, I know he will remember his celebrations and the mad hatter behind them. He is grateful.

I’m giving myself what I have given to countless folk. My ex husband was a big giver. I wonder if it was the guilt. My life is going fast, I can’t waste any time. I feel like it’s flashing now. I feel like I can’t keep up. I guess the best gift I’ve given myself this year is a higher love.

Briland is my happy place. I feel so at peace here. No one cares about clothes, appearances or what you have. Everyone smiles. There is no DM of any type. There is no media higher than relationship. I FUCKN love that. There is family.

Beach is my pill, my meds, the answer. I love this magical island.

Tonight will be the third birthday song sang to me and I’m still five days away. How Lucky can a girl be? I love my life and the people in it. I’m the birthday girl. I feel like a kid.

I am learning, growing and thriving. I feel like everyone around me is giving me, cheering me on and loving me. It’s awesome. I feel protected.

I have decided not to talk about work in this blog because I deserve a vacay too. It’s been a very hard year for me since my last birthday.

For the rest of my life, the last half, I’m going to make it a point to visit briland more often. This piece of heaven has been very good to me.

I hope your weekend was with the people you love and the ones that love you. Life is too precious for anything less.

And if you don’t know, this is the baddest beach,

MagdaGOPR0401 Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.09.20 PM IMG_0100

silver fox

I have a fox that lives on my property and comes out to play every now and again. he is so fast, sexy and terrifying. its almost like he waits for me at night. his eyes glisten. I’m going to miss him. I came home from the play on friday night with my salty donuts in tow and almost fell. the fox was standing tall at my door. it was not afraid. I was in awe.

cirkopolis was everything I thought it would be. the bodies on stage were so strong, the movements so graceful. because I am an athlete and a gymnast, I appreciate the physical strength needed more than the art of the acts.  I was very impressed. the core strength was amazing. I wondered where and how they worked out while on the road. I sat in the Ziff box, it was very romantic. it was reminiscent of pretty woman. I felt like a princess.

I have been sweating twice as much as usual. I love the feeling of exhaustion after a challenging workout. I have been very fortunate for the people I have met this summer. I have been with true professionals. my eyes are open. its so wonderful to meet men and women in the fitness world in miami that are in it ONLY for the passion and love of health and wellness. it is an eye opener. I love to give respect and get it. I am grateful for this summer.

swim week is more like the TIFF in toronto. party after party after party. do these women eat? wow!! I have one more show before I am a birthday girl. I have only gone to the events that were private. common stuff doesn’t attract me at all. I like the weird, the rare, the exclusive. two fives mean nothing in the presence of a ten!

I have been given beautiful gifts in my life, crazy expensive gifts. I am grateful for them. this year, I was given the most unexpected, most desired gift of them all. I sobbed. I am in disbelief. I am eternally grateful for this gift. this changed me.

people often struggle with buying gifts for me. I’m very candid with what I want and what I don’t. I have everything I want. I work hard. I keep the people and things that I love very close to me. it’s a hard task to buy something for someone that is at peace.

this summer has taught me so much, this july in particular. I will never forget this july thus far. I have a feeling the rest of it is gonna knock me out. vanessa always told me, I wasn’t going to be ready for what happens after. she was right! the greatness is humbling.

august rush is one of my favorite movies. the lead actor sits in my bathroom. I am thrilled to pieces to introduce Christine Brae to Miami this august. my miami is no less than a rush.  I read excerpts from the new book. I’m in it. that’s just lit.

I’m blessed, I’m loved, I’m happy. I wish you the same. 

and if you don’t know, it’s my birthday soon,



half marathon


in nineteen days, I am at the halfway point. annie dying gave me a moment to reflect. I haven’t stopped reflecting since. she was an over achiever. like me.

I have thought long and hard about the past four and half decades, what I have done, what has been done to me, for me. I have made a list of the people that changed and redirected my journey. I am grateful for it all, for all of them. I have let go of many things and held tight to others. the real yoga always comes up. I never went through the class to conquer class goers, I went to the class to grow. it worked. I met two wonderful, authentic humans. funny enough, they both abandoned their realities for love.  true love.

my son is proof that I was here for a purpose. I mattered. it is beautiful to be represented by such a kind man.

july has been very good to me.  I am a sun goddess. verda in my purse allows for long days by the ocean or in it! miami, it’s swim week, lotsa sharks out there.

april being away has afforded me a better body, more options in fitness and a new set of acquaintances. I have learned new trades. I am more talented now. learning and changing is something I have always appreciated. blooming into a more vibrant purple is one of my highest aspirations. I strive for greatness always. no lebron included. wade leaving miami hurt me.  I am very happy for him but we will undoubtedly suffer his absence.

did I do enough? have I left a legacy? did I love completely? how long do I have? of course, I am thinking along these lines but in the past year I have learned that nothing is guaranteed.

I want to read with you. we can be wynwoodians again!! stand up, show up, get up for Christine Brae! first weekend in august is gonna be lit. https://www.facebook.com/events/614039138748565/#     https://www.facebook.com/events/482738598585354/


and if you don’t know, it’s my birthday soon,