the M.E.T.H.O.D. O.F.L.O.V.E


Woof! What a week! I feel like my life has completely changed in minutes. I am staring at 2016 and am really excited about it. It will be difficult, but I’ve made it through every other day so I’m ready. New Year’s Eve let’s dance!!!

Nick always told me it would be fun, I was hesitant but he was right. He’s older than I am. The problem with young folk is that they think they know it all. Respect for being on this earth longer is a given. Humility in showing respect is a learned behavior.

Professionally, I am killing it. I am overwhelmed and very enthused. I’m scared at the potential.

I start travelling soon and won’t stop till March of next year. I can’t wait. By then, I will be a certified yoga teacher. I am genuinely grateful for the journey on which I am about to embark on. My mother is most happy about this. I don’t plan on earning a living teaching yoga but I intend to enrich my already versatile earnings with the knowledge and experience gained in the process. For me, it’s the Science of self-realization. I am learning presently how to be kind even when I am being attacked or hurt. It is very rewarding when you are able to step out of your ego and feel sympathy. Namaste.

If you haven’t dropped off a pair of used shoes at SoleRunner’s or Footwork’s South Miami for me and Mr. MMA @stunnas_fit to pass out please do so quickly. We will be picking them up on Friday, October 2. How amazing will it be to help others in this form? I love when authentic philanthropy happens. I really do.

I have been practicing Social Media Detox on weekends for about five months now. I have really experienced a flip in my demeanor. It’s really a job. I think it’s funny the way people interpret this forum. You know my Instagram but you don’t know me. I think it’s preposterous when people use it to seduce each other or as weapons. What ever happened to self-esteem and confidence? Never have believed in or Big love for earning money tho, I make it on Social Media and happen to be effective. The proof is in the income! BAM! KAPOW!

The moon, the place and the love was all there. I asked her to allow whatever is meant to be to be. She assured me she would.

Oct 3 at 7 am- I will be at Tropical Park running for Chloe, please run with a purpose, for a cause- this makes me run.

Halloween is here and my home is ready and my costume is ordered. I’m riding solo. Maybe?

The Gulliver Holiday Market Place is on its way- still sitting in my CHAIR!

I dated a fisherman once, he was also a fire fighter. The catch and release game isn’t my thing. However, I like yachts a lot.

and if you don’t know, I love you,


who knew?


And then the gun went off. It’s like speed lightning. Kinda like when I ride a spin bike. I always knew it would be like that. I decided to live again and all of the sudden I’m spiraling through so much greatness.

In less than a month, I will be in the center of my own evolving greatness. I will be training to become certified in Yoga. Yoga is so different for everyone. I love that. It’s so personalized, so universal. My mother is very happy that I decided to do this. I have the tendency to be very fast paced. This will be the ying to my yang. Real yogis don’t run from their problems, they walk into the center of them and are still. True power lies in the person that can do that.

I ran in the Miami Children’s 5K this weekend. No fuss, no mess, I just showed up alone. I find I am getting stronger at this every time. The memories.

The Gulliver Market Place is on again on November 17 this year. I added a few new vendors that might surprise everyone. If you would like to submit an application please call me immediately at 305.903.7160.

I was a Ninja this week. We showed up like a tribe and really earned new calluses. My body still aches. I felt like a child wanting to try everything over and over again. It is an amazing process when you throw everything up in the air and just let it all fall down. Spontaneous play breaks all conditioning.

Roman finally got the photograph I always wanted for his room. Matt Roy made it happen. My son makes me closer to God.

Almost ready for Los Angeles. Run Rock N Roll again. The memories.

Halloween is almost here and I am working towards my first costume solo in years. I hope to thrive.

I bought my Seawheeze bib again. Let’s see if we can’t realize this one.

Verda is adding new products to their line and I am ecstatic about this. The only Vegan Protein powder out there that is authentic is my sponsor. I have nothing but mad respect for the effects this Super Food has had on my body. Verda Girl ova here.

On October 3, I will be running in Tropical Park for a little girl named Chloe. 7:00 am Sharp please run with me.

On October 6, I will be in the most unsafe parts of Miami together with some badass peeps donating shoes to the homeless. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Imagine a day without shoes, horrifying. Help me make a difference, bring a pair of used shoes to Footwork’s or Solerunners and tell them they are for Magda.

Yom Kippur is a day of Atonement, reflect and forgive.

I am going to turn my face towards the sun because it’s where the good energy flows from.

and if you don’t know, let’s elevate each other,




Everyday I realize more and more how fortunate I am. I had the best week ever. I honored all things Roman and my work and still managed to party like a rockstar.

Toronto is my home and always will be. TIFF is something I should do annually. I think I will. How cool is it to know another life and still be welcome as if a day never passed. Respect is earned. I walked with Hollywood royalty. Um yeah, that is so insanely awesome.

I have worked out ferociously and feel very strong. I am very excited about life and everything it has to offer. Physical strength doesn’t come close to having emotional power. I am so happy to have both.

I am uber excited to travel. What was I waiting for?

I took for granted how awesome it is to know what I want. I thought everybody did. I learned that that isn’t necessarily true. I have always known. I am true to me. My identity never changes, neither do my friends or passions or careers. I am a thirsty learner and respect all things learned. I am lucky.

On October 3, I was wondering if you could meet me at Tropical Park at 7 am to run a 5k? One hundred percent of the monies collected for this race go to cerebral palsy. If interested in joining, please call me at 305-903-7160.

I was having lunch with a friend and we discussed Portland, Oregon? I am putting it on my list.

I have been doing things spontaneously and loving every minute of it. I went skating, dancing, flying and laughed endlessly. I am killing my work projects and feel energized. I feel happy.

I am entitled.

Oysters and me have become best friends this week. I can enjoy a glass of wine. You know what is so cool about that, I always admitted to loving wine. It isn’t a new habit. It’s been an authentic love of mine throughout my adulthood. Consistency is key. Knowing thyself and being thyself I guess is a challenge for some.

I am not perfect. I am perfectly unperfected.

and if you don’t know, I am eternally grateful,




TESTIMONIAL: “I have felt impressed to send you a message ever since transcend Miami on Sunday. I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason. And a lot of crazy shit has been happening in my life lately that I have become complacent with. I’ve been trying to do things to keep myself busy and I’ve been trying to surround myself with positive people who are enlightening and do positive things for themselves and others.  And when I heard you say that we need to say NO more, it really struck a chord with me. I’m currently in an adulterous marriage and just hearing you talk about your experience gave me courage and helped me resolve to put myself first. The universe has been screaming at me lately and dropping not-so-subtle hints about what the next steps in my life should be and it was certainly no coincidence that I heard your experience on Sunday. So I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a wonderful event and for the life-changing inspiration. And for being a driving force for positive change. You certainly made an impact on me and I’m looking forward future events! Please keep me in the loop! Did you say you do events at The Standard? I was thinking of booking something there this weekend, I’ve never been but heard it’s great!”

labor day



Fifteen and a half years ago, I was watching the sequel to my all time favorite movie in the world 9 1/2 weeks, called Wild Orchid. Mickey Rourke really let me down on that one. I mean after him and Kim did their thing in 9 1/2 weeks what was he thinking???? Great soundtrack too!

I found myself forcing myself to get through the torture of this mediocre at best flick when I began to feel sharp pulses in my lower back. They were the sign. The omen. The moment where I knew I stopped being just Magda and became Roman’s mother too. The pain was sharp. My water broke and I saw blood. I was scared. I should’ve known that my true purpose of life was coming.

I don’t like to be or feel average. I like to be the best my self can offer in everything I do. If I feel I’m just average, I’ll elect something else quickly. I’m really good at mom. It’s my true job. I wear many hats throughout the day. I love it too. But the one that gives me the most reward, profit and joy is mother.

I have never had an issue with my son using drugs, getting in trouble at school or not attempting to be great. I have never had to punish him more than the norm. I certainly have never hit my son. The boy is a constant source of happiness. He is a constant. I love that. He never alters his person. He changes his wardrobe, his video games and nuances but he is who he is throughout. I love that.

I get many calls, emails, texts, letters, comments and information memorializing how good and inspirational I am daily. The truth is, I am not as good as my son. I am not as positive as he is either. I’m just louder, more aggressive and older. I’ve been harmed a lot. My skin is thick. You get tougher after every strike. It’s inevitable. Roman hasn’t been hurt! God help the person that tries.

This week he came in first in his sport and came out in the newspaper. He ran to me and said, “look, we did it!”

This week I had an enormous amount of pressure both professionally and personally, he reminded me often that the world is good and that he was proud of me.

I’m not certain what path his journey will lead him to but I do know that because he is kind, honest and loving, he will be happy. I believe that the only wish a parent has when the pain of labor shows up is that one- just let him be happy.

Roman, you did it! I watched. You a beast my brother! All ways, everyday. Thank you for being dependable, responsible and kind.

I respect your hustle, have a happy and safe Labor Day.

and if you don’t know, it was a labor of love,