I am a Hurricane


My legs began to move, the cold air became distant, the noise, the thrill all became a background for the deep loneliness I felt at the beginning of the Miami Marathon. I only ran the half. It was not about distance for me this time. It was not about time keeping either. I ran this race solely for two people. I ran for Roman and I ran for Darren. I actually promised myself -the real self, I wouldn’t ever do this again. Liar!

I cried. I watched my boyfriend fly with his balls into the crowd. Both sets of balls. Both are a focal point in my life. I watched my son elegantly and quietly with all of the confidence in the world run into 30,000 people. They both never looked back. I was deeply sad and ecstatically happy. Nick told me I should not be afraid. That is Nick Lopez Jenkins I am referring to. He is good. That guy is real good. He is my friend. I am lucky. I bumped into so many friends, acquaintances, Verda drinkers, athletes. Why do people think it is acceptable to grab ass while I’m in a marathon? Ladies, if you wanna get groped, winked at, flirted with- a marathon is the place! Wowza!!! I almost punched a girlfriend of mine because her grab was a bit too deep. I searched endlessly for my baby boy for the love of my life and realized I was just another runner in a sea of soul searchers, goal meeters, Miamians running for very personal reasons. I have one more run booked this year and truly believe it will be my last one. I will be podcasting live from the next local marathon. This should be interesting.

I ran and ran and ran. I prayed I would find my family waiting for me at the finish line, instead, I found an enormous group of friends, we took pics, we laughed. I shuffled and shifted and found my local celebrity love, my big boy doubled over like and infant with the truest representative of family I have, my cousin Diana kindly conversing with the Jewish part of our famJam. The Weissman’s are always there to support their son and now me too. Darren is one lucky man. I wanted to cry, I felt a rush of love. I quickly shook it off because I heard a Verda voice (Melanie YOU), I saw the photographers, I went to work. Work before play always. Miami Famous, maintaining sponsors is work! Health is something to promote and hopefully we all catch this epidemic. Life is precious, health extends it!!

I am a sponsored athlete. I am in disbelief. I am so honored. Verda, a Canadian company bet on me. Is 40 the new 20? Am I an athlete? I live healthily. I am a role model. Gimme a few, I’m gonna prove myself. People, before exercise, is nutrition. Follow me. I will only steer you right, so will the cuts, curves and definitions in your new and improved healthy body. Go to my Home page and press YES to wellness. VERDA baby! Chocolate is my main addiction other than Double D!!

Ok, so I have a lot to do today, three new podcasts, cooking for the family and life coaching is a full time life. I love my life.

I need a favor tho, please think of a child that lives in Miami that you believe deserves greatness. Send me a pic and reasons why. The child has to be between the ages of 7 and 14. You will be nominating this child for a treat. Ima bout to embark into unchartered territories. Life Coaching children- a dream and a goal! I love to learn and I absolutely adore children. I prefer them.

The song I killed at the marathon was Hurricane by the Fray. My boyfriend calls me that. I wonder why? Where the root is strong… I fear no wind.

“They truly do hate us, cuz they anus!” I love that line. Great movie!! Tell me if you know which movie I’m referring to. I love the movies.

This blog is a rap. I gotta go live and I wish you the same. Live God Damnit!!

and if you don’t know, you get what you give,


I Had A Dream and I Gon Get It


I’ve been waiting for a sponsorship letter to share with you for about a week now. Because of the holidays, I feel like 2015 has just been a hurricane of greatness already. I have been working really hard and playing even harder. I’m writing this blog sitting in front of the most beautiful view. My Canadian connection, Tarah, advised me I should speak to someone about my interpretation of view. My own view. It seems that no matter how much health I practice, fitness I participate in or sponsors I get to rep the body, I still feel chunky, chubby, text book Cuban. Wassup with that? Maybe I need a Life Coach?

Martin Luther King makes me want to climb mountains, become an ultra marathoner and live like a giant. I do not mourn loss or suffer long, I celebrate life and live in goodness. Martin left a lot of good.

Darren and I woke up to a photo shoot in paradise, gonna frolic on the beach, gonna earn income, hopefully “OM” at Soho and then do what we do best. Inspire by leadership, his with the sport, mine with the experience. My son is a slave to a lil dog named Chewy. My ex husband bought a dog! UGH, maybe this one will survive. Do all divorces end up in buying kids with dogs? Whatever forever? At least my Ro can play with a cute creature for a bit, for this I am grateful. We had an Estate Sale yesterday. Roman, Darren and I had a blast and turned our trash into cash. Organization – my religion. The peeps know me, they remember me. Incredible.

This is my last blog before the Miami Marathon. I was intending to run the full last year. The dream of running 26.2 in my home town came to a quick and rude halt tho. #bigGirlissues Like MLK tho, I never give up on dreams. I’m running! My life is coming too. Roman and Darren and I will be Miami Famous. The PR’s will be very different. A girl named Joy brought joy to a stranger, my heart was full with pride. Joy made a friend for life in me. My sista Saskia and I reunited through this marathon- lionesses! ROAAARRRRR! Oh Sam, the Fins have nothin on us.

Ok, so my stock market experience is toddler like but……. LULU Wowza! I’m in love. On the golf course, countin money, feelin like Stifler’s mom and hired in my forties because of my body. Can life get better? Banking on it!

The podcast…. Back up! I’m going live, on site and big. If you haven’t subscribed, YOU LOSE! Magda Lopez on iTunes, drop a sub!! And by the way, don’t piss me off, I have a microphone!!!

This week was the US government appointed Health Coach week. Did you hear that!!!? A week for peeps like me, ain’t no shame in the game! Hire a Coach, life is better with them in it! .

In February, I’m rolling into unchartered territory. I will be Coaching little people. Nope, not short people, children. I am very excited about this. Please help me by beginning to think of a child between the ages of seven and fourteen that need a break, deserve a treat! You can email me at magda@atreve-t.com.

My dream was to be a perfect wife, a great mother and the owner of a chiseled body. A work in progress……

and if you don’t know, passion can be a paycheck,