hey love, thanks for reading my blog


and his manner of speaking changed too. unreal. “thanks love” he said. he asked me “what my connect was” again I knew it was words from another.  it’s incredible how in a second (a few months) someone you think you’ve known deeply is a stranger. it’s baffling. has this ever happened to you? I am still replaying the words, the mannerisms.

I was driving back from wynwood, when I heard prince died. those are the moments you look to the person next to you and panic, feel gratitude and know immediately you will forever associate the death of a legend with them. like,  where were you when kennedy died, oh yeah, ba! ha! ha! ha! ha!  I’m 47! where were you when michael jackson died? the point isn’t the insult of my age or the fact that you could be with a stranger,it’s that the greats keep dying.

I was talking to my producer today about why the deaths of such legendary people keep happening. he assured me that it is because they have nothing left to give. therefore, they die. yes, I wrote producer. I am in commercial production. I can’t believe it. we were going over the last minute deets and ended up talking life. the digital downloads are coming soon. I am humbled.

I spent most of my weekend working and at gulliver. I am a gulliver lifer and very proud of this association. my son played lacrosse and golf this year. he is a loving, balanced and happy athlete. thank you for all the support for him and his team. it means the world to me.

this week, we kill the hornets. heat band wagon jumper!!!!! I love the play offs! I have been doing the playoffs since the heat began here in miami.

miami is such a sexy place to live. it’s very different than canada. in canada, the people are kinder. I feel blessed to have lived in both places.

a league of ballin’ women (we pimps too) got together this week and made a difference. once again, my heart was cracked open with gratitude. I am a tweener. I knew mostly everyone in the room but my age put me right in the middle. there is so much to do in this city, community and life. I am really excited. I’ve got a lotta love to give.

planning my mother’s day with great enthusiasm. it’s a very special honor to be a mom. I am lucky. we planted aloe for earth day, had a blast too. earth day can be fun.

I’m eating like a champ, clean af. thank you deliver lean for keeping me at optimum health and weight. in all reality, my goal weight is sexy. that is the goal. I weigh 129, solid tho. real curves on a woman are important to me. I don’t like the look of stick fugures, it must be my age again. go to deliverlean.com and go ham- the food is good, the look is better. CODE for savings is MAGDA15 !!!!!

reading this blog backwards, I keep bumping into one commonality and that is my sincerest feeling of thanks. thank you for reading my blog and thank you for being in my life.

wishing you a week of great choices that make you happy and feel loved.

and if you don’t know, you will,




a couple of years ago, I saw a man pass out at the finish line of a marathon- he died. last year, around this time, my son gave me hova  (a blue pitbull) for mother’s day. he was stolen from our home. my point is, you can’t take anything for granted. life, best friends, breath, love are all so very valuable.

I opened my spotify to find more music. thank you.

I remember being voted social head in CANADA- haaaa! almost unanimously. there was no instagram then, no power of asana. being popular, or chasing money or looking to get laid were never my idea of GOALZZZZZ. I’m just gifted.

I get very grossed out when these ideas are masked as being remarkable. my idea of power is changing lives for the better, guiding the lesser, growing, changing and improving. that is the stuff life is about.

I spent most of last week, meeting new people, going to places I had never been and learning. my body hurts. my mind was expanded. my heart busted wide open. I see clearly now.

this upcoming week excites me and is already scaring me. epicness.

feeling gratitude for my health and  the real love that surrounds me. 

from the deepest place in this 5’2, 44 year old body that is covered in defects, I thank you for reading my blog.

and if you don’t know, grateful,



In This Life

In her own words: If you’ve given me a chance and read my books, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I have always believed that we meet people for a reason. No matter the outcome, how short orhow long they grace your life for, they’re in it that brief moment for a purpose. Once again, my theory has been proven right. And it happened like this…

A few weeks ago, I began to browse through the tags of my newest favorite hangout (which shall remain unnamed) and came across a woman on Instagram with the name of @revete.
Not only was she beautiful, but she exuded this confidence about her that jumped at me from the pictures on my phone. She had an aura of kindness and energy. Her immediate
response after I commented on her picture one day, led to many more instances of friendly banter between us. When I received a message from her about her next visit to 
Chicago, I was floored. Why would this beautiful, accomplished, polished and famous woman want to meet someone like me?

Don’t question the good things in your life.

We met one day for a really quick and hurried lunch. She was on her way to deliver her Corporate Training at a company south of Chicago, and I was in between a meeting with myboss and a meeting with my team. In that brief hour, I was fortunate enough to witness the start of a friendship. Here we were, two strangers, talking about everything and anything. It felt like we had been friends for a very long time. And what struck me most was the peace that this woman brought to our space. All of the noise in my head 
disappeared in that hour, our conversation was light and inspiring and hopeful.

We have much in common. We are both strong and independent, successful in our own right, creative and innovative. We are mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. We live our 
lives in gratitude and find every opportunity to give back to our community.

She works out every single day.

I do not.

@Revete is a Miami mover and shaker, a Life Coach, a Trainer, a Marketing guru, a larger than life personality and an inspiring motivator. To me she is also a blessing and a friend.

What a privilege to have my very first Podcast on her blog. I don’t know what her questions will be, but bring them on!



what an amazing weekend! so positively honest!!! I am having so much fun adapting to the love around me. I am truly loving all of the sincerity. Its new.

although this weekend was filled with greatness, newness and wonder, I missed him. I can’t imagine life as a non-parent. To be a parent you have to be selfless. It’s so beautiful when you sacrifice for your children. It really is one of the most refreshing emotions ever.

I often ask myself how people can go through life without being parents. It is more common now to meet 40 year olds, or #flipforty or #fortyisthenewtwenty that have no offspring. I wonder if its fear based or just the ”me” only syndrome.

happiness is a lot like a kiss, it is meaningless if it can’t be shared. did I mention I love kissing?

in the pursuit of happiness, whatever that represents for you, don’t discount being selfless and enriching this huge world with a little you. It is the greatest love of all.

wishing you the bestest week eva with your loved ones!!!

and if you don’t know, I am 44 and a parent,


reality bites

I love teeth! I actually look at teeth before eyes. nothing floats my boat more than a perfect, bright, white smile. I love biting when I kiss or get kissed. I love kissing. I’m excited for everything now. its so cool. being a certified yoga teacher has really helped me in many ways. I find cruelty sad. I used to fight it, now I wish it well. I turn to my teachers, and my coaches for guidance. I am happy to accept reality. sometimes what you think is real, is far from it. sometimes you think you know someone and they are really strangers. my reality is that I have the love, respect and trust of many for many years. I know who I am and I am a responsible, contributing human. I forgive and dismiss the lost souls in this universe. if you know one, be compassionate, offer them a club to sign up in, lead them to a community event where they can find love too. when you help another, you lift yourself. I serve when I am troubled, I haven’t stopped serving since last summer. it helps immensely.

I had a great weekend.  I am enthusiastically looking forward to life. I’ll be 45 this year and am planning to have a great birthday. last year I wasn’t able to celebrate how I wanted, I’ll make up for it now. lots of body pics!! so proud of myself and where I am today physically.  I love the inspiration I provoke in both men and women. my following confirms it. I am truly grateful. I love scars and imperfections. beauty is truth and the truth is ugly. in my next relationship, I’m gonna demand scars. perfect doesn’t interest me in the least.

this week is going to be fantastic, so many things to celebrate. I am shopping for a new car. uber thrilled. it’ll be my first car on my own, without the help of my father, husband or boyfriend. I have an enormous amount of pride regarding this. simple, I’m in love with all things new.

I am going to start a new goal next weekend. a moment, a first, another one- this life is so cool. I’ll be announcing a new sponsor this week. I’m up to four now. I am grateful.

I love my city. I was considering leaving when Roman left to college but I have a feeling- a good feeling- I’ll be staying here for life.


and if you didn’t know, miami is for me,