diving in

annie served in the military. honorably. memorial day is a catch twenty two for me. I really do mourn. for me, any day is a day to celebrate. the fact that I think like that is dangerous for my diet.  I love and appreciate each day as if it’s my last. I always say, “if I die” and then continue my statement. for some reason, I feel my life will end soon. I am so blessed. my lineage says I’ll die in another 40 years. life is not a rehearsal. I say I love you often. I always want that to be the last thing I say to the people I love.

the unknown is so scary right? when I speak in public, I usually end up referring to that feeling of leadership when you jump off the summit. it’s alarming. I believe everyone is on their own mountain top (journey) ready to make a move, hopefully a great one. I also believe many are afraid to make a move and just stay. I fear for those people. life is one change after another. the only constant is your loved ones. the crowning characteristic of love is loyalty. perfect teeth and loyalty are two of my favorite things.

evolution is developing right before my eyes professionally. I am in disbelief. I haven’t worked so hard since we bought our first accounting firm and integrated it. I am working round the clock. I am also working out twice a day every day. my son is having the time of his life and leading in his own journey as I type this. I am at peace where he is concerned. he is a producing, happy contributor.

summer is in full effect. I’m all about the sun, the water and the honest love around me. I feel like I come alive when I’m near the sun. the sunsets I’ve been privy to are just humbling.  the glow is awesome. I am sun kissed and fired up.

new month this wednesday! time- it flies. time is nothing but a feeling. it’s precious.

sleep deprivation has been on my plate this week big time. I feel like more of my clients struggle with this more than ever. stress kills. it really does.

health in all shapes, sizes and forms should be protected. the word protection is one of my favorites. the feeling of being protected is one I seek daily. this is one of my triggers to stimulate avid trips to the gym, fierce enthusiasm to create and develop and  a desire to grow. if you don’t grow, you die.

a plant needs nurturing, nutrition and love to thrive. it’s so beautiful when it does.

the rituals we practice daily dictate the outcome of our investments,  I feel that feeling right now. the scary one that comes right before epicness. I know that feeling well, I’ve succeeded often. I am lucky.

I wish this new month brings you health (verda is always good), love (the most genuine kind) and happiness. happy is the goal.


and if you don’t know,  I love the sun,




let’s flip the switch on that bitch



it’s mine to flip. what a week! phew!! why is it that only professional athletes engage me as a life coach? it’s through the site. the corporate coaching jobs I get more often than not through the accreditation firms. being a master takes longer hours, I’m grateful to have put those in. I plan on getting my 500 hours in yoga soon too. you see, I practice because I love yoga. I love the real yoga. my practice is authentic. being an over achiever is life.

it’s not what you have, or what you do, it’s what you are. when I got the phone call that annie died, I fell on the floor. I lost my balance. I thanked God profusely.

I was fortunate enough to have seen her at a basketball game in westminster not too long ago. when we saw each other, we blocked the entire room out and just laughed and talked. annie and I have been friends for over three decades. I know a lot of people but I am not people who need people. I am very choosy as to who I have around me. my energy and my love are everlasting and annie was the same way. she left everyone better off after seeing her, speaking with her. when annie hugged you, you felt it. the world lost a great woman. she is dancing with prince right now. the last time I danced with annie, we were in the pit at the red hot chili pepper concert. miike snow was a dream come true- thank you.

yeah, I have few friends, she was one.  I feel angry momentarily but joyful that I knew an angel like her.

tomorrow, I’m gonna do something new. I’m over the moon (full moon) nudge, nudge excited about! this has been the only thing making me smile all week other than the gift of life of course and good night texts. I am nervous. I love that feeling.

professionally, I wanna meet you and help get you fierce. come join me at cavalier in the gables 6-8pm on humpday, may 25. I wanna touch you.

and if you don’t know, this life is cool,



Forever Mackin’

“Brooklyn, We Go Hard” is a great song. I loved it. I too enjoy this type of music. I prefer trap, rap and lyrical gifts like this when I am working out or getting ready to Coach in public. I love all types of music tho.  I regret not having gone to a few concerts in the past few years (John Legend, Florence ). Music is a binding tie isn’t it? I can usually tell if I am going to flow with another human based on their taste in music. Of course, like in anything, there are exceptions. I myself am an oxymoron. A Pandora’s box. I also believe wholeheartedly in forbidding judgment on appearance. Things are not always as they seem.

I love when people see me and place judgment. I love the feeling of correcting them with my actions. Actions are the reasons why words don’t really matter. It is through them that we all know what is real and what isn’t. It’s easy and discriminatory to judge someone without proper experience or knowledge. It is also small minded. I have an open mind and an open heart. It’s better like that.

This week I spent many hours sweating in gyms all over Miami. I love to learn new methods and I specifically enjoy watching people exercise. I am a hater of all people that hit on others in gyms and or on social media. (it’s disgusting and sad)

I like to observe the habits, the tendencies, the rituals in the actual practice. This is so telling. I use these observances, methods, ideologies for growth, coaching and personal development. It really is fascinating. 

In the time that I was not beating my body up and learning my community better, I spent time with my tribe. Again, I learned so much. I was brought to tears of joy at the SOHO house. Justin loves N’Sync .

I went to so many places I had never been. I met so many people. I kinda felt like Dr. Suess, like a child in wonderment.

I had great professional triumphs this week. The highs were so high I got scared. I can’t believe the success I am experiencing as a Life Coach. I truly am amazed. If you invest, you win. It’s so simple.

My heart aches for Dwayne Wade. He is only one man. He deserved much more. I have so much respect for this athlete. Humility (the real kind) is so beautiful. He is a class act. Mos def- my MVP! Roman, my real life MVP is leaving me. He too is an athlete!

Summer- here I come…………………………………..

Verda got me through sleepless nights and two and three hour workouts this week. It is so cool to have a brand support me as a single mother, athlete, Life Coach and professional woman. Health is different for everyone, but being a Verda Girl helps me in every way.

On May 25 at 6pm, my friend is opening her Coral Gables boutique to the coolest, grooviest Coachees in Miami. HAY FIESTA!!!  Join us at Cavalier on Ponce de Leon Boulevard in celebrating your fierce, fashion and fearlessness. Light fare and libations will be served. No need to reserve, Mari is SOHO chic like that. Men are encouraged to attend. (lots of girls will be there)

Wanna chance at being a vendor at the 2016 Gulliver’s Holiday Market Place? Call me- this year were making big changes!! Plus, it’s the hardest one to get into. Exclusive is my jam!


I am truly excited for this upcoming week, summer and the remainder of 2016. I feel so much appreciation for my life and the people in it.


and if you don’t know, I am an OREO too,