Harbour Island

On a beach in Harbour Island, saluting the sun or something mundane like that.

And if you don’t know, now you know.


Birthday Girl!

I rock tom ford

It’s a French phrase for “fatal woman”. Femme FATALE means she will use her beauty, charm and allure to achieve her purpose. These girls have all used their gifts, talents, and power to shed light on challenges in their community, in our community, #305cafecito. Miami-Dade County is a better place because these women exist.

appearing in “order of operations” the finalists are

Marjorie Acosta – Reporter
Gina Beovides – Attorney
Vanessa Borge – Reporter
Jennifer Behar Cervera – Sales Associate
Cristina Isabel Mas – Philanthropist

On July 25 @ 5pm on the @revete page on Instagram you can vote for your femme fatale. Voting will be open through July 28 @ 5am. The finalist with the most #likes #wins! These girls are insanely gorgeous and have earned our #love. Unique Me Magazine, brace yourself!!!

Rolled into Studio LX to fetch the dress for the Viceroy thang commemorating one year of success- HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNIQUE ME!- to find Elsie and Christina stabbing each other to see who could hook me up first. Customer service in this boutique rocks. After trial and error, we married the Alexis bomb! The “she is here dress” is easy to find in Marilyn’s place. Skateboarding PR women across the world are grateful to you.

What a fabulous week to invest in stock, bull vs bear or lulu vs aapl. Lulu is quickly sweeping me off my feet, I might actually dip on the ever so hot and appropriate aapl. Hmm?

This switch might’ve occurred while I was in Boston shopping on Newbury Street. Alex and Alec from Lululemon Newbury asked me for an autograph. I secretly wondered what that felt like. I assumed it was cause I’m kinda a big deal, but no. It was the Doctor Dribble t-shirt I was sporting. You see, I was reppin’ m*ergy on my head and Doctor Dribble on my chest. I just scribbled my name because it’s cooler like that!

Tuesday m*ergy comes out in the Herald again, and will be in her Unique Me Magazine corner in the next edition too. She is bringing filming to a close with Generation Enye on Thursday. M*ergy is swinging the media like she does her kettlebells- strong.

Doctor Dribble flew to Chicago for his third marathon in the tour, the “Doctor Dribble Tour”. He was sponsored by NBA player Carlos Boozer, his t-shirts are selling out weekly and it seems the good Doctor will be issuing an official list of tour dates soon. It’s appropriate!

Who is the most famous marathon runner? Do you know? Wait!!! Does that exist? Darren, I think this is your cue to Doctor Dribble the world!

Cat Haayen sneaked up on me with the victorious breath and a five minute downward dog that would challenge even a talented athlete. She can be seen on Ch. 6 on Hump day this week showin us wsop.

This week has been extremely productive for the ducks in my dynasty. Memories and money,,,

Vote passionately, responsibly. We already won, about four months now huh?

If you still don’t know, come out from hiding- I’m daring to be different. Normal is just so boring @ Marlyne Alexander Photography!!



Like Columbus discovered America

Atrevete, Inc discovered the fountain of youth this week. Respect the sanctity of beauty and preventive meds- I stumbled on to gold. Move over Botox and Restylane , here comes something meatier ( in muscle and truth) thirty days better bod, better life. A definite secret to youth- call me if you wanna know. He’s pricey.

How real is a sizzle reel with Generation Enye and Magda? BAM!!! Brand me Bill!!

Where in the world is m*ergy? North Carolina was hit by Miami’s top spinner this week. Grab your copy of survival with m*ergy in Tropical Life in Thursday’s Miami Herald!

Reality is looking for a Cuban Socialite in Miami, let’s Skype Jacqueline!!!

Soy Delicious crept into limited edition Tom Ford and Bond 9 candles sold exclusively in Miami, she might be going national with these little suckers soon. Go Tini!!!

Mr. Big was seen hipping and hynging as he practiced pistol squats this weekend. No mention of inning and outing or KO. It was a nice surprise seeing him sweat.

Shopped Splash this weekend and grabbed a blue kaleidoscope bikini for Harbour, ran by Studio LX for the Michael Lauren Trunk Show to get the perf outfit for the birthday dinner at the Rock House too. The girls in South Miami provide the appropriate threads to impress any young buck.

CNNLatinoMiami outdid themselves last Thursday at the Rusty Pelican’s red carpet launch. Tommy was impressed with Doctor Dribble and my dad came alive in the eyes of Carlos. We hung out with Tomas Regalado, Mirta de Perales, Thomas Garcia Fuste and the guru himself Samy! He was eyeballing Doctor Dribble’s locks for a bit, but in the end I stole the compliment!

Don’t complain and don’t explain, the shindig is on July 25 at Club 50 @ Viceroy downtown. “Venue” will be there too, it’s the hubstagram or the place to go #ham. Follow me on Revete. I sense a BOOM is coming, did you ever see Couples Retreat?

Do you know a girl, does she love her community, is she a FEMME FATALE? Deadline for this is July 20!

So if you don’t know, I feel peachy.



became a beast on America’s birthday

Like the series of Fat Albert, comes the series of M-ergy on Miami’s very own Generation Enye Web channel. Except in this series, you will only find fit, healthy and epic characters. This show will be in Spanglish. Intermix, melting pot- a fusion. Speaking of Fusion, this week I’ll be country clubbing with a lefty from CNN that wants an Atrevida, such as myself to radiate positive energy on a mic! Testing, testing let’s repeat history. Wrangling celebrity will be much groovier like that.

The Social Media hipster that’s been on stacay in Maine returns shortly to our offices here in Miami. We’ve missed him, although we have been carefully owning the Instagram Social Media aspect since he’s been gone with style. Heavy hitters need follow only @ revete. #placetobe #whoswho

July 25 is blocked as one of Club 50 biggest events in 2013, can I get a BOOM from Couples Retreat??

She is going to receive cash, a full page ad in Unique Me and the Instagram respect she deserves- FEMME FATALE applicants are vixens. Truly impressed with the lovely ladies in the race! Time is running out, if you know her and love her- nominate her to Atrevete, Inc inbox on FB. Deadline is July 20.

What our King was to Las Vegas this weekend, hanging with the likes of Mayweather and Ernie R himself, I will be to Doctor Dribble ‘s Cardio Lab on Monday. No lie, I’m intimidated. He’s a Record Holder and a straight up champion. Treat me like a client Darren, no special favors.

Soy atrevida, soy inteligente Pero mas que eso, I am a business person. Let’s meet and wink our way to entrepreneurship my little candle stick. Soy Delicious is going to diversify. How and when in the next blog….

AAPL still remains my choice ticker symbol. It’s instinctual, trust it. How’s the book? Let me know if I can help you market it.

So if you didn’t know—you get it!



Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Since the launch of the website, I have signed the largest client in terms of demographic reach and submitted two new engagement letters. I ran in Central Park, finished a great book and hopefully mastered the method of making 2 million dollars. More interesting than that is knowing the physiology that occurs when making a trade. Next book on the docket is “The Hour between Dog and Wolf.” I’ll take a risk and follow my gut any day of the week.

Unique Me is finishing the last minute details of what is murmured to be the shindig of the year. For more information on this event you can call Mighty at 305.903.7160. It’s all in the details….

M*ergy made it to the Lululemon Union Square Facebook page while she was spinning in Miami. This week she will be gracing us with her power to lead on boob tube. She really is everywhere.

Femme Fatale has produced some serious females candidates. If you thought Man with Heart was sexy, these ladies are just hazardous to your health. All applications must be in by July 10. Inbox me all applications with photograph to Atrevete page on FB. All applicants must be 25-45 years old and live in Miami-Dade. Candidates will be judged on charitable works made in the community. The winner will receive a full page ad in the next edition of Unique Me Magazine and prizes.

So cold press juice is the same here and there and everywhere, we can pull a trigger on that bullseye whenever you’d like. Or we can Fear the King?!

It’s a rap, while sitting in hipsturbia in NYC, Babs introduced me to Sweet Brown.
The origination of one of my favorite new defense mechanisms. Google that bitch. I remain firm on this and peachy keen.

And if you don’t know, now you know!