legendary weekend



My father’s words ring more true every day. I feel like every time I blink, time flies. Through my yoga studies, I have confirmed that time is nothing but a feeling. My life is so truly blessed, I can’t seem to make it stay put. What a magical weekend. The weekend actually started last week at kit and ace. Through my fellow life coach and friend vanesssa scotto, I began to feel elevated. It didn’t stop until yesterday night when I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep. I was exhausted. Sleep for me is nutrition. I respect and protect it with everything I am. Unless there is someone in jail, a car gets towed or a medical emergency- I strongly advise never to mess with my sleep. My father used to work nights on air, I never understood how and why he did that. I think his daily life wasn’t appetizing so he chose solitude in the evenings. People that don’t sleep tend to be unhealthy, overweight and emotionally unstable.

I’m lucky to maintain a very strict, healthy and happy lifestyle.

My cousin Vanessa and I arrived at the bash to find a girl so excited to see me she began to shake and cry at the same time. I was honored until she revealed why she became this way, she thought I was Paula Abdul. I have been called many celebrity names in my life but that was a first. I guess it’s better than being insulted. We laughed hard. We ate, drank and danced. It was a wonderland of joy. I love having such a beautiful family member, both inside and out.

Yoga at the Raleigh hotel with my fellow yogi community was bomb too. I was surrounded by palm trees and love. I ran over to the edition and met a life time goal. I met Martha Stewart. It was moving. All of those years learning her, hearing her, channeling her and there she was in front of me. She began taking pictures of me. I almost cried. What a privilege!

I was with a friend the other day and he asked me how I found so much energy for life. I told him I had wasted a lot of time. I have to catch up. I say, I love you, please, fuck off and thank you often. It’s important to speak your mind and to live honestly. I’m not much on hiding my feelings or anything for that matter. He smiled bright.

The 5k and yoga was a miracle. I can’t begin to thank all of the people that came out to support me. I feel your love. It means everything to me. I love it when others do beautiful things without the announcements and the crap, they do it for the love of humanity. I am grateful for people like this.

I have a very wonderful and busy month ahead. My son is turning sixteen and I am a corporate coach. I feel good, it’s a new day.

and if you don’t know, kiss me,


Gone Fishing

FullSizeRender (5)He is a three-time world sailfish champion and the star of the television show Bass2Billfish, but he’s so much more than that- he’s in love with his children, has suicide doors on a very unique car, and listens to rap music. He refers to pop culture on time every time and swears he can dance. I’m so glad I was able to record this rising celeb before he moves to Hollywood. The sponsorship opportunity for any type of dentistry or cosmetic teeth company would be genius! So much fun hangin’ with this angler and future yogini.

my valentine



the thing is, love is so universal how can you just have one day to celebrate it? I had a spectacular love day. I woke up in love, loved myself, loved my son, loved fitness and smiled all day long. I received a gift that was well thought, planned and executed. I saw Zoolander 2 and was very disappointed.  I saw men buying flowers, women primping and propping, marriage proposals, dinner congestion, flowers, balloons and red and pink everywhere. I love love. I am a hopeful romantic.

I thought a lot about successful couples, and jayz and Beyoncé came to mind.   he supports her, she supports him. there is no jealousy, no competition. they are best friends. good luck to any one that tries to circumvent. 

the first of a series of Magda Says is in the works, I cant believe it. I’m in shock. this week I begin preparing for the yoga sequence for cerebral palsy. I cant wait to help Michelle help her daughter.

im getting ready for my first corporate coaching contract to begin, two years. pretty impressive stuff. chitown here I come. soho again. we had fun.

the biggest podcast of the year is coming soon. I can’t wait. its gonna be epic.

do you want to be showcased with Miami’s affluent? donate to Gulliver!!! it’s the place to be.

and if you don’t know, who butters your bread,





you know life is good when you have to look at your phones, media to remember all the greatness for just one week of recollection. I swear I’m living a dream. my son is healthy and happy. my work is flourishing, my health is stronger than ever and I suspect love is peeking in to my life again. I am now a yoga teacher, officially. my intent to become certified was and remains the same. I went on this journey of self to be a better magda. it worked.

valentine’s day is two minutes away and I am stoked. my previous relationship was fun. I look forward to a new, fair and honest one with a loyal and faithful human. a bestfriend.  dating is a scary idea. I always get nervous before epicness.

today I’m gonna work out on television, then celebrate my yogic future, record my tony robbins like career and celebrate love with a very handsome, loving man. he claims to love only me. I love that.

turks and caicos was fabulous. I met an uber that wanted to marry me, practiced yoga lots, envisioned life alone. I realized, life is more beautiful. like I said, life is good for me. it’s all about gratitude. feeling it, speaking it, being it. it’s an aha way of living. everything looks different, when you look at life through the eyes of thank you.

my next podcast is one I am most excited about. it’ll be the first of this year. I wanna make it count. I heard I was mentioned in another podcast as a former girlfriend. honored for the mention.

coldplay seems to always sneak up on me and save me. I am a die hard fan. nothing is too broken to find a way back. I guess we were always meant to be.

what does your day of love entail, lack, look like? do me a favor and do like justin bieber, #loveyoself.


and if you don’t know, I’m falling in love again,