Skin Is In (even if it’s scarred)


Like parents and children, our bodies are assigned to us. You get what you get and you don’t get upset! You can’t trade mom in like you can an Audi R8! You can’t send back your offspring when they let you down either. The body however is the most malleable of the three. It can be bettered, battered, altered, mistreated, worshipped and scarred.

It took me close to forty years to decide to better my body. It’s never too late. I battered, mistreated and abused my body for close to two decades. My body has been kind to me, the response to my tardy choice of worshipping it has been great. I look better now than when I was twenty years old. I am fit. I am scarred and imperfect.

My body is my temple. The scars that can and cannot be seen make me the Magda that my family and friends love. Each scar tells a story and each story makes me rich. I wish everyone loved themselves and their imperfections like I do. This belief would eradicate personal trainers, life Coaches and the diet pill industry.

Did you know that life Coaches in Miami, Florida are in abundance. It seems that the sexier the city the more need there is for goal crushing accountability. Of those Miami Coaches, less than ten percent are accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I am one of the few the proud, the doctors. Yep, you can call me Dr. Magda Lopez!

I will be Life Coaching at Studio LX ON October 9 at 7 pm! This sesh is truly exciting, it involves some of the best buyers in Miami, fashion love and some bad ass locals. Home grown successful peeps thrill me. Please, please call for your reservation. It’s an exclusive event. 305.666.0748 When I’m faced with issues, obstacles, challenges and trials, I look up and see hope in Roman’s eyes, I look higher than that and see love in Darren’s eyes and I remind myself that life is short and life is now. Happiness is a choice. Call me up let’s make some changes in your life too. 305.903.7160 Had an interesting conversation with Ray Allen, Doctor Dribble and Shannon! My boyfriend astonishes me really floors me. The Heat players follow him and he follows the Heat players. Life is just.

Temple made me part of the Weissman family, Jewish makes me a minority. I never liked being part of the masses. I am exclusive. I am Shalom. At least I’m looking for Shalom on the daily.

Love yourself, it’s the only way you can be loved properly. Chitown, I’m coming! Halloween I’m ready. Big O it’s almost your day!!!

and if you don’t know, it’s the naked truth,


Yada Yada Yada

You always have time for the things you put first.

It’s in his kiss, that’s where it is! It’s my blog and I will do what I want with it. (Pretty Cool)

Fall is here! New home, new life. Ready or not, here I come!

October 9, 7PM I’ll be at Studio LX- Mastering and stuff!

Principal for a day! I simply am in shock!


and if you don’t know, try me,



The Boob Tube


She says think global. She says it’s like a big Instagram. I assured her I was quite comfortable with the idea. I was born from a celeb and hardly go unnoticed standing with Darren anywhere. She is my room mate from Canada, one of my five fave. I thank God every day she is one of my son’s Godmother’s. He has two. She is also a descendant of the paramount Paramount. She (Tarah) claims our channel is a no brainer. Ok, so our Official channel is “Doctor Dribble’s Lil Ball”, it’s kind of like a health struck I Love Lucy with a modern twist. The part that reminds me the most of that show in comparison to us is the trust in our unconventional family. It’s weird, but very trusting. He’s Jewish and younger. I’m a parent and divorced. It works. It’s our magic. And now it can be yours too. Tune in and subscribe.

Marilyn is the brains behind the madness on Sunset Drive. Everyday like the game Monopoly, she just keeps building. When I grow up, I wanna be just like her. I was so fortunate to have been invited to her private affair where I will be Life Coaching. But like in good Marilyn style she made it even more sexy- it’s now public. She is very elegant but also splendid- why hoard she says! On Oct 9, at 7 pm sharp it’s gonna be a party. Come dressed to impress, she will be showcasing her new stuff! And I will be asking you to share. So excited!!!

Roman and Darren and I will be running in the 5K for Miami Children’s Hospital on September 20. Please join us if you can!! I get happy when I see people run. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. Running for me is a struggle. It really is in the mind. If I can run, I can do anything. I associate this with quitting smoking, mastering the pistol squat, parenting. I live with a runner, a most unique runner, he teaches me.

I will be getting acquainted with my third Soho House. I can’t wait. Doctor Dribble is Chicago bound and taking his favorite ball with him. Sure, I’ll go dancing with you double D! Our Newton’s Method posse is doing this trip as a tribe! We should do a tribute natural instincts video for Chris and April in front of the bean!

Halloween again, already! Got my costume! It’s a throw back.

September 11 came and left, my heart ached all over again for humanity. I appreciate my life so much. My golfer, my baller, my health are so valid to me. Deeply grateful.

Blogging at the Chill Bar is something I could get accustomed to. Staring at Darren wile I’m blogging doesn’t suck either!

Life is pretty darn good! Now back to the gym……

and if you don’t know, I found love in a gym,


Fit Girl Friday


How many times can I say thank you? As many times as I am given the honor to say it, I will. This act keeps me grounded, grateful and alive. I worked out five hours on Friday! Grateful to work my butt on!

I am so fortunate to have been part of the Chicago Diabetes Fundraiser held at MCycle with Doctor Dribble as the main attraction. He really is very attractive, at least his girlfriend thinks so. I almost cried a few times throughout the process. I shot up in my bed when I learned Matt from Jugo Fresh wanted to participate, my heart felt weak when I saw Jose, Rafa, Jessica and a new educator show up with their Lulu lemon enthusiasm, I almost fell off my chair at Suzanne Conrad when I read Aryan (owner of Jet Set Pilates) donated $750 in prizes to Darren’s cause. My friends, my sisters walked in one by one and waved with donations in their hands. Laura, Lynette, Michelle I appreciate you. I couldn’t get out of the bike but trust me, my heart skipped beats for you. Kathy G. left me a note with Cash in the envelope before I even arrived. And of course, the family at MCycle (David and Sandy in particular) really came up and helped us with no financial gain at all. Darren and I were spinners at this club, and we came with a pretty bold request and they wholeheartedly acquiesced. Andrea never wavered in opening the doors to her gem in South Miami. There was no financial reward for anyone, this was one hundred percent out of the goodness of their hearts. I am deeply moved. Doctor Dribble raised the funds needed for his marathon in New York and will run his very fit bod off to ensure continued success for Diabetes research. Congratulations D! New York isn’t ready for you!!!

More than the success of this Spin a Thon were the surprise friendships fostered and the old ones rekindled, at least for me, clarity is key. I got to know Luissy, a running leader here in Miami, the Cruz-May team, some of my friends from Newton’s Method showed up too. I had no idea they too were spinners. The entire process was rewarding on many levels, I am changed for life because of that two hour charity event. Thanks again.

MBFW seems to follow me. I was in New York for the last one with April and Christy Turlington. And now, I’m Life Coaching the “Wear Your Passion through Fashion” at Studio LX on October 9. This event is invitation only. I ordered my Sophia Webster clutch already. I really do want the fairy tale and won’t settle for less. Yes, I am greedy like that. How does fashion impact your everyday life? Do you dress to impress or to be addressed? This sesh is exciting to me, because I am planning to dress up. Saint Laurent and Pucci are so my besties. I work out a lot and frankly have to make more of an effort to fancy it up.

It’s Hunting Season, the thrill of the hunt always excites me. I am an animal. Sept 11, 10-2pm, 9502 SW 89 ct is where you can find the hottest HOBO and complimenting MUSA necklace in Miami. Hint: Get the purse and I’ll meet you at Studio LX with some Opus in hand on October 9!

Chillin’ in Fort Lauderdale this weekend was like cookies to my milk. I used to love cookies and milk. He always knows how to make it right. After Friday night, I was exhausted. He got sick and infected me too. We worked hard to raise the monies and it took its toll. We then childishly pushed ourselves to support a very deserving community member and friend, Pablo Lucero right after. I thought I was going to faint as I stretched and contracted my body into some very challenging yoga poses. Darren picked a place for us to replenish our strength from in health and heart. He took me to the Chill Bar, located in a Farmer’s Market. We did reinvigorate ourselves in laughter, memory making and hand holding- the food was healthy. The company was priceless. You see, we did win the lotto. 18 is a lucky number! Thanks again.

Fins Up! Play ball!

and if you don’t know, you are where you want to be,


What’s Wrong With Canned Food?

sand   beach pier

A new month, new hopes, new goals and new fears cross my mind on the first of every month. I can’t help but remember June 1 of this year and the high hopes I had, it was a horrible month. But, like most Life Coaches, you see the how and what I can do to improve the following month, year, situation. I never give up. This is why I am successful.

I asked for beach, movies and peace this Labor Day Weekend and I got just that. I wished for a sunrise and a sunset and I got just that. It wasn’t without effort and hiccups, but the result is simple. I effected what I wished for. I do believe wholeheartedly in speaking it into existence. It’s in the attitude, the approach. Could my weekend have been more perfect? Certainly. I could’ve danced, read a book, rode a Ferris wheel, had my son with me? I don’t regret, I reserve my right to acquire next month.

I saw a movie that was highly recommended to me and his dribbleness! “Chef” was fabulous! I loved it! Thanks Linda- your words are wise.

So about that upcoming Coaching session on Sunset Drive, it’s gonna be extravagant! My loves at Studio LX are planning a Villa Azur type fest! It’ll be in Mid October.

Darren supported me this weekend as I faced a fear, another one! I’m riddled with them! I’m human. I rose above it! I became stronger. He lovingly assisted me to the top and quietly backed away as I stared at the falseness of it in the face. I love him more because of that moment.

We hope to see all local athletes at MCYCLE on Friday, September 5 at 4:30 for what is turning out to be a huge act of kindness by many community leaders. Everyone is donating their time, product and sweat in order to help Doctor Dribble out dribble Diabetes. I’m excited to be part of this movement. Call 305-665-1618 for your bike there are very few left! It’s only for the sexy people!

My biggest fan will not be joining me for this happy hour as he is now a Varsity Gulliver golfer. I am so proud of him. I am blessed. Drive for success and putt for love- the rest just comes.

and if you don’t know, we’ve already won the lotto.