Back Camera

my dad used to spend nights at a typewriter. the kind you need to punch. he was the fastest in all of the radio and television stations, there were many. the business is a bitch. I remember how much he struggled when computers came out. the one thing he had that was irreplaceable was his talent. you can’t steal that, lose that or fake that. my father was so handsome. that man was a lady killer. I am his only child. I miss him so much it hurts. he NEVER failed me. EVER.

father’s have a tough job. my dad did his job till the end with intention, integrity and class. my father never hit me, only protected me. my father was never late on payments in anyway. my father taught me to respect mankind. I see shit everyday and my skin crawls.

I believe I borrowed some of his ways raising roman. I always encourage my son. I teach him to EARN his way. I am honest with him and he is honest with me. the world comes second to my son.

I think one of the reasons I am fearless is because he always believed in me. he was always on my team, in my corner. the man NEVER betrayed me. he was a role model.

my father was imperfect and I loved him just like that.

on days like today, I hurt. there is no doubt that I am at great loss on holidays but I always remember him and I put my fists up and fight the pain. I find the people that I have faithfully in my life and I love the shit out of them. roman will always be with his father on father’s day, but a piece of him is with me. I am lucky.

my most significant relationships lack the quality in a man I love the most- loyalty!! my father was the most loyal, to a fault. I LOVE THAT QUALITY IN ALL HUMANS!!

my father set the bar too high in showing me that LOVE IS PROTECTION! so grateful to have experienced this kind of love.

and if you don’t know, I miss you papi,


friends don’t let friends hang on tinder too long
















man, what a week.  i knew this year was packing a left hook but wowza!! the changes have begun. my loser stock holdings are improving.  that’s a paradigm shift.

i will be on podcast live on Friday, june 2, at a secret location with celebrity. wouldn’t it be a kicker if i ended up on air? life coaching is my passion but my voice is something sought after. i am going where my heart calls and the money falls, where the flow takes me. i learned how to upload my podcasts and blogs alone as it seems i will need to depend on myself more frequently in this aspect.

swish swish bish is my new workout jam. there is something about kp that motivates me. i ran an entire marathon listening to dark horse on repeat. cray!!

in merrick park, go visit SHOP VIX and mention REVETE10 and get yourself a surprise for this summer. also, if you’re looking for convenience and health stuffed in a delish meal log onto and type in REVETE10 for a savings, you’ll thank me later.

i did a podcast on my five day experience on tinder, epic fail. the more i think about tryna find love on social media the more i wanna vomit. wtf? i am a very positive human but it’s so disheartening to think that we’ve reduced relationships to DM, PM and chat rooms. love has nothing to do with devices, computers etc. love is pride, safety, sacrifice, truth, respect and PROTECTION!

i fully understand why people throw phones out the window or in toilets, they ruin real relationships. the temptation is just too much for some. i’ve been replaying ‘walk the line’ by johnny cash. it helps me. i am disgusted. love is the purpose of life, the juice that makes the ride worth it. i refuse to make it so cheap.

on  saturday, june 3,  i will be at the Biltmore Hotel at 4:30pm meeting the magician that has corrected defective backs like mine all of his life. i am truly excited. scoliosis is not a visible illness, but it is a bitch nevertheless. i have been fortunate to be with kind, uplifting and professional humans that have helped me be fit with my illness. my level of fitness is no joke. i am very intense about total human optimization. i have also been verbally abused because of the defects in my body. i believe these experiences compel me to be a servant for scoliosis for the rest of my life. please come and hug me, tickets will be sold at the door.

fashion week in miami is always fun. i am always fashionable. i have my own relentless style. I’ve also been known to look absolutely ridic. i don’t pick one look and marry it. i’m not a boring dresser either. i love all shades of black. all black errthang. jewelry is a big deal to me. you’ll never catch me wearing junk, cheap or common pieces. i’d rather starve and eat a steak than eat burger king daily. btw, i don’t eat burger king.

matt and i agree on a lot, but our opinion on tinder is almost exactly the same. grateful for the experience.

thank you for reading this blog. i invite you to go back to the beginning of my blog life so you fully understand my nuances, my players, my haters and my loves. got questions, call me- i got no filter. it’s refreshing to speak to an honest human, i prefer it.

wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful long weekend. don’t forget to thank someone that made our land free.

and if you don’t know, the beach is calling my name. it’s saying come back magda,