Turn Down Pa Que?


Pitbull has it right, la Vida es Una! Cuba Si, Castro No.

The meaning of fidelity varies for many. I view it simply as loyalty. I was married once. I was loyal for many years. Loyalty is so precious. I know this to be true because I lived it. I was amazed at the reaction to this weeks webinar on “Infidelity”. I was happy to know that I will have the opportunity to listen and share with others in light after or during darkness. I will focus and redirect the webinar towards solution and progress. Space is available 305.903.7160 I opened more slots. I love Master Life Coaching. I really do.

The pistol squat and I have been together for a while now. It took me almost a year to do. Stay tuned…..

Roman became a ninth grader. I am in shock. No more drives to the Academy. Soon he will be driving Miss Daisy (me) to play dates. I’m so proud to be his mother. I have been challenged in my life but heavily compensated with a blessing for a son.

Bucket list items are few for me. I am fearlessly organized and dedicated. I have made it a priority to scratch off one item annually. However, my main squeeze threw a curve ball at me. He added something new to the list. No, it wasn’t loving a younger man! It was participating in a Flash Mob. I danced with him. He can dance!!!

My urban weekend started off with two very beautiful Lululemon ambassadors. We moved quickly and precisely kinda like Lawrence Fishburne in the Matrix as we struck poses. Yoga is not in the pose, it’s in the practice. Every single day I believe more in the power of “Om”.

The Darren and Magda Memorial Day portion of the weekend began with meditation in the sun. We pulled. We climbed. We made memories. It’s easy, there is the fundamental element to any successful relationship with him and I, there is trust. That force is strong with us. Trust will turn any broken heart into a lotus flower.

The Miami Heat is really making Miami feel. It was pandemonium in the arena. Who would have known basketball would be so present in my life?

True Blood starts soon!!! I wanna do bad things Big Poppa!!! I can’t wait. I’m not big on television viewing but this series is very sexy.

I coached, trained and inspired many this week. I danced and laughed a lot. My son and the Master of my Mob are healthy and with me- life is pretty darn good.

Women of Influence have chosen lil me to speak on June 12! The truth is there is a special place in heaven for women who help other women, I have a reserved parking space in it. I earned that one.

and if you don’t know, in a sky full of stars- I SAW YOU,


The Other Woman

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In 2014, over eight million people signed up on Ashley Madison. A website with the sole purpose of cheating. Songs like “The Boy is Mine” and “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” are being renamed and reproduced but the message remains the same. Social Media is a forum of illicit relationship making instead of a forum to brand and grow legitimately. Don Sterling is a racist man, but the fact that he is a cheater is not so bad. Cameron Diaz made 20 million dollars making movie goers like me laugh until their abs hurt. All of this revolves around infidelity.

I am a survivor. I do not like being called a victim and feel nothing but gratitude for every new day. However, cheating did affect me. I went to see The Other Woman this weekend and while I was laughing, I couldn’t help but realize how far I have come. It’s been almost ten years since I learned my longest lasting personal relationship was a fraud. It’s traumatic to be a post war veteran. You come out of the war changed. Forever.

I changed for the better! The changes happened because change is absolutely possible. I am a game changer.

Darren (my bf; best friend and boyfriend) and I were having a conversation in the car not too long ago. As usual, I was yapping about something or someone we knew and he let me go on and on about this and that and when he finally interjected, he shocked me! He does that often. He said the following phrase, “Magda, I think it’s weird when another person wants anything with someone else in an active relationship.” I quickly pressed rewind and replay in my brain over and over again. The simplicity of his response was charming to say the least. Moreover, the finality of it was alarming. There is no cheating, no betrayal, or relationship fraud if you live with that belief.

I quit smoking over a year ago and I believe I was able to do this in part because I had no more anger, fear or resentment in my life. I became a Master Life Coach and have been able to help myself through the practice of actively listening to others. I am physically stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I am in a trusting, committed relationship. My faith in humanity has been restored. The process in restoring Magda was not seamless but it was successful.

My next webinar is on May 29 at 6 pm. It’s topic is Infidelity. It’s messy and real. There is light after darkness. A webinar for those of you that have never been to one is a virtual meeting place. You dial a number and have the option to listen, talk or write publically or privately. I will be focusing on the solution not the problem. What do you do if you are suspicious of cheating? How do you empower yourself if you are a victim of cheating? Life Coaching is so rewarding but what is more rewarding is being a part of wellness of the heart and mind. Please call 305.903.7160 if you’d like to be a part of this movement. Participation is entirely up to you!!

I spent the weekend at The Standard with my sista April! We didn’t chase anything, we just giggled under the waterfalls! Rocked our flash tattoos too! Jenga for Life!!

Roman a ninth grader! Change is inevitable, but when change is for the best- open your arms and embrace it. Roll with it!

Doctor Dribble ran Portland, he runs everything- who am I kidding? Because I missed him so much, I ran Coral Gables. I too, hang out with the governing peeps in the City Beautiful! I’m such a runner. Roman ran with me, but I ran with balls. Yep, I’ve got balls!

The Miami Heat will win, I’m calm!

and if you don’t know, I saw you dancing,





Being a mother has to be the most difficult job ever created. It is the most rewarding feeling I have ever known. It is the scariest experience I have ever had. I am vulnerable. I am mom.

I spent most of last week reflecting on memories and moments I shared with my son. I couldn’t help but think it’s almost over. He’s on his way to his own life in a few. I am so proud of the man he is becoming. He is so honest and loyal. He is humble and kind. He is the silent kind of strength I’ve always wanted and never could achieve. He knows a villain and feels sorry for him. He identifies a victim and extends a hand. He laughs at cruelty and walks away. Roman is my hero.

I met Carlos Mencia this weekend. He spoke truths. He recommended vaccinating our children. I agree with him wholeheartedly. I’d rather be the one to show my child the crazy, the ugly, the cruel poisons of life before life itself inevitably injects him with disease. Make no mistake, life is beautiful to me. But navigating through it can be tough. I am pleased with his preparation. I am at peace where he is concerned.

I spent the weekend with my best friend. We danced, we laughed. It’s so simple.

The Infidelity Webinar is on May 29 at 6:00 pm. Spaces are limited. Please call Mighty at 305.903.7160 to get yours. Are you being cheated on? Are you a cheater? For me, faithful has always been the new black. You see, if someone is disloyal in one way, it is likely that honesty isn’t present in most aspects of his or her life. Let’s talk cheating! Let’s learn and grow from tragedy. Infidelity is not from lack of love necessarily, it is from lack of respect.

Fit is Fly baby! This program is a new project we’ve been working on! I’m very excited about this. Basketball and I never really crossed paths until recently. Unlimited potential in triple doubles. It’s in the goody bag!

CONGRATULATIONS Danny! Your new home is beautiful. Please keep all boxes, I sense relocation soon.

I hope all mothers were able to swim in the love juice I was fortunate enough to marinate in this weekend. Motherhood is a no nonsense full mind and body workout. There is no active rest from it. I am grateful to be a mother. It is my honor and privilege to be mom. I am lucky to have Roman for a son.

and if you don’t know, we balled out,


save the last dance for me

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Destiny is not something you wait for, it’s something you go get.

I forget I was a smoker. It is really unbelievable. I was a nasty addict. This week I was able to reach 125 people wanting to live. I can confirm that three of these people have been smoke-free since that webinar! They send me daily updates, check in with the warrior as they know it. This has me insanely grateful. I was able to spread the goodness, pay it forward and hear the voice of the method man himself! Thank you Kerry for guest speaking and for always making me feel unstoppable!!

The big day came and went. Darren celebrated his birthday.  I was the lucky girl that spoke to him first and last on that very special day. But even more special than that was the loot he brought home from the Lululemon Lab. Exclusivity has always been a wicked turn on for me. If it’s common, you can keep it. I’m certain he was the strongest ambi at the Summit! Too proud. Canada holds a great portion of me in it, so glad he was able to learn a bit of it.

The next Webinar will be on Infidelity. It will be on May 29 at 6:00pm, please call Mighty at 305.903.7160 to reserve your spot. Cheating has become so grossly popular that even Don Sterling gets a hall pass! Do you know a cheater, are you a cheater, do you suspect being cheated on? Let’s absolutely change that.

The Kentucky Derby benefitting Blossom’s Therapy was a red carpet success. California Chrome made us some cash. Darren and I learned how to break in to a luxury vehicle. We were asked if we had gotten married a few times, it was romantic. Marrying my bestie sounds good! Chloe made waves, and so did her parents. Great job John!

Roman went to his last dance at Gulliver Academy. This world is a better place because he is in it! Congrats Ro, almost there! Thank you D for helping him look as elegant as you. Less is more, splash of color, I fell in love again.

I love playing pool by a pool with a loved one. I met a squirrel that flies. What a great day!

Pulling out the big guns for Mother’s Day this year, I can’t wait to celebrate with the blend! We are a rich blend.

A day at the beach with April! Peaceful, thank you for having us. Your family is precious. We could be siblings you know!

I’m glad my man is back for obvi reasons but the Big O knocked me out this week. I am always impressed with his quiet power.

My destiny is a great one, gonna get it!

and if you don’t know, I love the way you move,