TRUTH is more important now than ever

it’s ironic that may is the month of mental health, considering the current status of the world. it’s been a real challenge to remain positive and forward thinking for me. other than sticking to what I know serves, I have been exploring new ways to smile. I stumbled on to one of the best anecdotes for this and it is of urgency that I share it with you. usually, I promote events in Miami, a lifestyle of wonderful and all of the fitness but rarely television. this is so much more than television. this is what is possible when everything is lost. this is family, financial ruin, this is acceptance. I am in love with this show and feel that because they ended it when they did it, it will live forever. smile often, be kind and RUN to see Schitt’s Creek. some of it was shot in Toronto, my hometown. the Rose family is my family and yours too. please @me and let’s laugh and cry together. dan levy helped me take my mask off in many ways, this podcast is proof of what DAVID ROSE inspired in me. the truth shall set you free.



Back Camera

my dad used to spend nights at a typewriter. the kind you need to punch. he was the fastest in all of the radio and television¬†stations, there were many. the business is a bitch. I remember how much he struggled when computers came out. the one thing he had that was irreplaceable was his talent. you can’t steal that, lose that or fake that. my father was so handsome. that man was a lady killer. I am his only child. I miss him so much it hurts. he NEVER failed me. EVER.

father’s have a tough job. my dad did his job till the end with intention, integrity and class. my father never hit me, only protected me. my father was never late on payments in anyway. my father taught me to respect mankind. I see shit everyday and my skin crawls.

I believe I borrowed some of his ways raising roman. I always encourage my son. I teach him to EARN his way. I am honest with him and he is honest with me. the world comes second to my son.

I think one of the reasons I am fearless is because he always believed in me. he was always on my team, in my corner. the man NEVER betrayed me. he was a role model.

my father was imperfect and I loved him just like that.

on days like today, I hurt. there is no doubt that I am at great loss on holidays but I always remember him and I put my fists up and fight the pain. I find the people that I have faithfully in my life and I love the shit out of them. roman will always be with his father on father’s day, but a piece of him is with me. I am lucky.

my most significant relationships lack the quality in a man I love the most- loyalty!! my father was the most loyal, to a fault. I LOVE THAT QUALITY IN ALL HUMANS!!

my father set the bar too high in showing me that LOVE IS PROTECTION! so grateful to have experienced this kind of love.

and if you don’t know, I miss you papi,