I am and always will be an addict. Scars make me Magda. I find that the lucky ones are those that can try it once and walk away with a memory. I’m the opposite of those peeps. I hit it hard, I stick. Choosing what to stick to is the tricky part. The bad guy in John Wick said it perfectly, “People don’t change, times do.” Choose your stick wisely.

Fitness has been a way of life for me for approximately three and half years. It replaced smoking and yuck personal stuff. I extinguished the negative addictions with the sweat life. My back is probably the body part that benefitted the most. My butt changed a bit too. Due to being born with a curvature in my spine, I suffer from back pain on the daily. Now, it’s a different pain. It’s a soreness that I wish I could rap my arms around and never let go of. It’s healthy pain.

Breaking bad is something I do easily. Perhaps this is why Coaching really does feel natural. I can identify the issue, the goal, the obstacles and with exact aim and organization -attack! If the tie that binds is one that is strangling you then cut it! It’s quite simple. I can say that now because I have done it before. To most people, cutting ties is just too difficult. A question I often ask my Coachees is “What happens if you did?”

Darren and I were chosen to lead, Coach and inspire together! It’s kind of ironic that we are both Coaches. He is a Master in all things Basketball and I am a Master in all things Life, but both Coaches nevertheless. It’s beautiful how we support each other. I have been to many events where he makes magic with those balls (the public kind) and now he comes to my events. I will be Coaching in New York on Halloween at the HenryStreet Settlement. I am very excited because I heard the crowd was going to be tough. I never did like Easy Street. I don’t do lazy. Knowing my boo will be there for me gives me strength.

Halloween! I am coming out of my clothes with enthusiasm for this year’s costumes. I feel like a 32 year old. Put us together, how they gon’ stop both us? It knocks the socks off of the Ron and Veronica power couple!

Fit is Fly will be introduced to Dade County Public schools this week! I am grateful for this opportunity. Gratitude is the open door to abundance.

Alex and April have joined powers. I know their energy will be explosive. Body & Soul and the RKC Certified instructor will make great things happen!

On deck, working out till my spine and core can depend on each other like best friends, making a difference one sesh at a time and loving those that love me.

EE Cummings has the key to all healthy addictions! “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world : someone to love, (Double check) something to do (Triple check) and something to hope for. (One Million Checks)


and if you don’t know, life is a boomerang,


Magda’s Manifesto


The winds of change are here. The weather in Miami is changing. It’s also changing in my life. I’m excited. I am a stronger woman, a better mother, a more effective public speaker, a more understanding girlfriend. The holidays are here! My son is my best ally. My boyfriend is astonishing. Life is pretty darn good for me.

I worked out with Darren today. I love doing that on Sundays. We just go in and blow stuff up. The power generated between the both of us is mind blowing. He is systematic, thorough. I just want to get my heart rate pounding. It’s very sexy.

Roman tore up the links. I knew when I curated the membership at the Riviera Country Club over a decade ago, the biggest reward would be him owning his Golf game. Always looking ahead- a true tactic in a Life Coach worth two pennies. Make a plan and attack.

This week I will be going to my first Dade County Life Coaching event. Yes, Doctor Dribble is also coming with me. We somehow always end up side by side. Positive vibes create positive lives. So grateful.

The only place I am unable to be by his side is in a marathon. He’s a runner. I am Pheobe. Al Roker isn’t ready for my man to run NYC again.

Athleta rehired me! I am a fit girl with a fit mind. This equation results in a happy life. Lincoln Road I am coming hard! I have some friends in Miami Beach I can’t wait to hug. Early December peeps-the holiday line is to die for.

We are almost done collecting our Halloween deets to complete our AMAZING costumes. Roman is more ready than us, but I guess tricks are for kids. Wait, I am a kid. It is a mind set. A choice.

This week I was going to blog about what I share or don’t share on social media. I changed my mind tho. My son said his buddy thought I shared too much. I was blown away. I have a fourteen year old following too. Tony, my IT guy shows me my demographics weekly. I am flattered. But when Ro told me that I was a topic in school, I was honored. I am raw, I don’t hide. Secrets are not my style. Besides, I don’t pay my bills with the opinions of others.

You see, for many years, I catapulted my husband (now ex) to greatness. I succeeded. How lucky is my family? Now, I am stirring that same pot!  This time for me. I am certain I will be criticized and have been criticized. It means simply that I am moving, making changes and doing something. The winds of change-too thrilling. These are the days we won’t regret. An ever evolving Magda- if I fall, I promise it’ll be forward.

One of my favorite Coachees reached out to me from Europe. She told me she was proud of me. I almost cried. I am making a difference, one sesh at a time! Love and light to you sista.

I changed my mind on the blog topic this morning early. I realized I wasn’t going to focus on anything potentially negative, I watched a Disney special on Bears. Scout was a little bear that always got into trouble, reminded me of someone I love.

And then I heard a knock, it was the man of my dreams with the most perfect son eva. Together they expressed their love, efforts and appreciation for me. There is nothing more important than that. Nothing.

This Tuesday, October 21 is National Latina Day! Please wear red heels. I am Latin. I have a very hot passion burning in me. I want to love, live and laugh without limits. It is the stuff that makes for a great post, or at least great gossip.

and if you don’t know, do something,


How to Keep Your Doctor Dribble Wet

IMG_4345Get Up, Wake Up, Show Up!!

You wake up at about 4am any given marathon morning. You check the weather, pray it’s not cold! You wear black, the ninja moves flow better when you are dressed in black. A bit of makeup in case the local television, newspapers and radio stations hold you hostage for a interview. (Are you his wife, girlfriend, manager? What does he eat? Does he really dribble the whole way?) Hydration Ingredients!!

In your back pack, preferably lululemon (it’s got all the hidden compartments plus he’s an Ambassador and I’m a stockholder) you pack all the appropriate gear. Backpack should include the following, 2 each or 3 each of the exact measurements of carb/energy powder ratio drinks. (Should be planned the night before with the Guiness World Record Holder) One very good book. One cellular phone for maps, times and social media- the other for handing it to a complete stranger spectator for pictures of me giving, hydrating or feeding said drinks to Doctor Dribble. (Wish that the spectator takes a great pic- not just one of his chest or abs -UGHHH!) Cash in low denominations for taxis, buggies, horses, golf carts, hitch hiking, subways or any means of transportation to weave in and out of cities with up to 3 million people cheering for their runner. A dictionary to understand all types of dialects and languages learned that day. A pee pee tepee because you have no time to go to the bathroom and toilet paper to wipe between feedings. (Bushes are better than the port a potty).  Gum, granola bars and fuel for the five hours of hustle you are facing. (Cheat meal with Darren is the goal anyway) Big Sunglasses to hide your identity so not to get noticed as the hydrator (they always wanna talk about how cool he is, ain’t nobody got time for that). Chapstick for burnt or chafed lips. (Sun and wind are brutal on Game day) His business cards at the ready for the likes of Al Roker, Pam Anderson, Nike, Red Bull, Kim Whitley etc. – we’ve met them all in one marathon or another. (Sponsors welcome) A hat, scarf, gloves for the unexpected and cruel elements. (Below zero temp) He says his hands freeze when he dribbles, ummmmm hello mine freeze waiting for him! Earphones and a Mac daddy playlist to block out the fanatics in the crowds asking my love for autographs on their bodies, dribbles and other hard to walk away from comments! (I’m Cuban people) If you’ve packed the above gear, you are READY! Wait, I almost forgot…. You also need a big smile and positive attitude so when you finally get to see him for the two maybe three one minute sightings you can infuse a very tired and exhausted man with love and energy to add another marathon finish to his already impressive accomplishments.

Ready, Set, Get him Wet!!

You run/walk/bike ride with him to the start line. ( I have done all three) You kiss him goodbye and wish him well. (The spectators start taking pics) you look on the phone with maps for the first meeting place usually in the single digit mile markers. He normally picks between six and eight- the clock starts ticking. I find a driver and hope he speaks English. (Pull out the language dictionary and start giving directions in a foreign language) count miles and his pace, read the app for the city I’m in that is tracking him-compare the two. Make a judgement call. Pay the person driving or guiding me, sprint to the sign with the meeting place mile on it! Say hi to the local cops and shrug remarks about Miami as if I haven’t heard them before and know that the universe is conspiring to join me and Darren for our first hydration of the day. Ask around for the man with the balls, look away when people think I’m a pervert and sit patiently on the sidewalk. See the wheelchairs, the Kenyans! Be grateful! Call Roman and tell him I love him. Watch the man of my dreams approach me, hear the balls- they sound like bombs! The minute starts! Jump in the marathon, avoid getting run over, be a ninja. Or at least think I’m a ninja. Avoid getting arrested.  Get beside him! Marvel at his presence, hear the screams, the cameras, and listen to his instruction. Go right or left- he starts complaining or laughing. He might bend, sit or pistol. (I love when he does it) I pour. I wipe. He leaves. I start the process again! I know he is a main attraction but to me he is just my love doing a difficult thing in order to do a beautiful thing. After the repeat meetings, I rush to the finish, pull out my book and read. I have lost Darren once (visions of Saul) and usually am able to watch him cross but not every time. It is as much of a marathon for me as it is for him. I act out of love and so does he. We have met many great stories in these marathons and made memories. I don’t know if anyone will ever do what he does or for the reasons he does them, but if anyone does….the instructions above will help in keeping him hydrated.

and if you don’t know, this is my first instruction manual, magda

All About That Bass


How does responding to a few questions turn into motivating health, fitness and wellness? My new friend Jasmine can tell you. She thanked me for going deep. I thanked her for inspiring me. Is there any other way? Not for me! I’m in or out! I do or don’t. I am ride or die. If my journey helps you, please join me.

I will be at Studio LX on Thursday evening breaking bad and injecting passion through fashion. After all, I am a pseudo kind of Doctor. A girl with a healthy ego- maybe unbreakable. A Master Life Coach. We are going to laugh, dance, and Yes Way Rose’ there will be libations. Did you call Michelle for floor space? Run…….305.666.0748 Please be on time, the DJ has too much homework (Gulliver Raider wink wink)! My beau and I are en route to Soho House in Chitown for a Latin press conference right after! Betcha didn’t know he was bilingual. He’s running and I am going to try and keep up! Wish me luck that guy is a bad ass athlete. This week he coached my run for his family at lululemon.  We wore the latest and greatest gear! How did they know I loved the color purple? The movie too. Jessica, Laura, Rafa and Ana treated me like family. I am grateful. They really do love their ambadassador and his lil ball! Thank you one million times over again!

The house is decorated. It’ll probably be my last Halloween in the home because I’m selling it soon. If you are interested, call me at 305.903.7160. Our costumes are purchased. I am trying with all my might to have my final pumpkin carving night but I think I’m alone on this one! I am going to make my first pumpkin pie! My ambi loves it! I am so excited for this year’s costumes! We went to Cipriani last year as Ron and Veronica. This year we will be in the Garden of Eden! I did naked yoga, not even sweating.

We bought our first car together. I only drive black cars! Life is short-follow your gut! We also modeled at the Collection. The camera follows me around-literally. I felt protected throughout the entire car buying process. It was pleasant and seamless. Darren saved me a ton of money. He is my hero. Mad respect. The more I learn about him, the more I love. Pandora’s box turned into my soul mate. 

David, Lyn and I were reunited this week. Hey to the Hey! David brought the energy and music that could move any asana. He has awesome taste in music-always did! We did the Darren Clap too. Doctor Dribble never walks out without making an impression! He’s big!

My son enlightened us with his gift this weekend and as always showed compassion, humor and love. I am so lucky! Golf was never so relaxing.

Yom Kippur was another first for me. I love spending time with family even on the day of atonement. Too grateful.

I am considering a VLOG? Whadya think?


and if you don’t know, somewhere over the rainbow,



Dear Jasmine



First of all, I normally blog on Sundays. Secondly, I love your name. Lastly, you have inspired me in two ways. I am stepping out of my OCD box for you by changing my routine- it’s a bit scary and because of your genuine questions, I am about to go to a place I’ve never been. My fat past! This past week I had a reality check that I will NEVER forget. My body was the issue. The fears of the fat, scars and loose skin became a reality. Although I am presently at 127 lbs and  19%body fat and own a very muscular physique, I still feel fat. I wear a Size 2,4,6 and still feel obese. I am a Certified Spinner, Personal Trainer, Athlete. I receive daily accolades on my body and still can’t forgive the imperfections. I am my harshest critic.

I’m going to do my best to be honest and informative. I have been a blogger for about a year and a half and you can read traces and hints on body issues throughout. Truth is, until this blog I have NEVER publically admitted my pain regarding my body. I am grateful that you asked me these questions tho! I feel freedom in this process- fear too.

My journey into fitness began about 2010. My extreme weight loss took place in 2004. This was the year I found out my marriage was a fraud. For approximately six years, I was skinny fat. My face looked gaunt, I was weak and smoked almost two packs of Marlboro daily. However, no one complained because I was skinny. Skinny is acceptable. Inside however, I felt very ugly. In the year 2010, I decided to join a gym. It was “the spinning house”  M Cycle in South Miami. I went daily. I began to spin twice a day. I didn’t realize this would just make me thinner. I was an uneducated Cardio Queen. However, I was empowered. All of the family in M Cycle made my mind and soul strong. I began to run races, train, and believe in myself again. Jasmine, through the sweat life I found dignity, courage and value.

I became a Super Spartan, a Tarzan. I became Magda again. I missed her. She was a ball buster. My personal life broke me in half. I didn’t even notice. It was too late when I did.

I ran with a group of M Cyclers one afternoon and struggled so hard- I had to cry. I almost fainted. I remember the people and the smells and every minute so vividly. It was the first time I actually considered quitting smoking. Smoking was my best friend. It was trustworthy. 

I acquired my second membership at Body and Soul in Coral Gables and became a two time Super Spartan. I really didn’t try in this race because I had nothing to prove the second time around. I was already an athlete. At this juncture, I did quit smoking. It was all over after that! Kerry Gaynor is the man that made this possible. He cured my addiction by teaching me I had the power the entire 20 years! Like I wrote earlier, I lost myself, my power. After quitting smoking, I learned that there is nothing I can’t do. I ended my marriage. I continued to train, sweat and work. I still hadn’t dealt with the food part tho.

My eating habits sucked. There is no delicate way to say it. I ate whatever I wanted. There is no amount of exercise that can cure bad nutrition. One fine day at my gym, a DOCTOR walked into my life. I had seen him a couple of times before but this day, we spoke. All nutrition issues ended that moment. I was a Red Bull junkie, he replaced that with protein shakes. I only eat fish, fruits, vegetables and egg whites now. I have cheat days on weekends or after a big accomplishment. I stopped coffee, liquor and breads. Fries was something I had to shoot dead with a gun. The DOCTOR began to train me at Newton’s Method, also in South Miami. I train here every day. The training in this gym is like no other. You can read this throughout my blog. Darren, my boyfriend, my DOCTOR, my nutritionist is a proof that change is absolutely possible. He is honest, devoted and disciplined. I have been able to conquer the habits because of him. I am now a marathon runner, have a six pack, hear words like ripped, shredded, thick and swole every day. I love it.

Jasmine, I cannot lie to you. I look in the mirror and still see fat. These issues I am dealing with daily. The scars are deep.

My regimen goes like this: I work out every day. I do Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Spinning, Running, Weights.

I love to Kettle Bell. I hate Ropes. I am an ugly Runner. I am an impressive and surprising Yogi. I love to use my body as weight. I love to Grapple. I hate to box.

My life is best when I sweat. I am complete. I can now Coach others on finding their complete too! I hope my answers help you and anyone that reads this.

Thank you Jasmine for helping me unleash the beast- my fat past! I can now let go! Maybe I can do a comparison pic for Transformation Tuesday now. Before today, I never had the courage.

On a happy note girlfriend, Robert Downey Jr is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood. He deserves it. His life was scarred and he came back strong. I plan on doing the same thing!


and if you don’t know, I just took my clothes off,