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She called me an evangelist! I chuckled. Her name is Roxanna. Itstherocks and Shackylove inspire me daily to spread the word on how and what I did to quit smoking. I truly am moved. Goodness is contagious. The smoking webinar on April 29 is closed. I had to open it up a second time but it’s too close for me to add more space. This is a real treat because Kerry Gaynor himself will be visiting and sharing his magic with people just like me. Addicts that want to change. Change is absolutely possible. Please plan your questions and talk to me as often as you wish. Stop smoking start living is the most winningest anecdote to save a smoker! I know you’re going to fall in love with Kerry, I did.

Infidelity is May’s webinar topic. Albeit an abnormal behavior, it’s sadly very common. Especially in Miami! Don Sterling spoke the unthinkable and probably ruined any hope for the Clippers. Did it occur to anyone tho, that he’s a married man sitting with a mistress? If he can disgrace his family, it’s no wonder he can speak inhumanely. One of my favorite beliefs and opinions is family goes first. Hashtag that! #familyfirst

A family affair will be taking place on May 3 at the GulfStream Park benefitting Blossom’s Therapy. John and Claudia are a true partnership. This husband and wife team spearhead the fight against Cerebral Palsy right here in Coral Gables. They made a choice for their daughter Chloe, and in doing so created a beautiful facility helping children globally. If you don’t have the ticket, the golden one, call Maria at 305.444.9807 and run to the hat store. Ten thousand glam people coming together for a great cause! Building Community is what it’s all about.

Doctor Dribble will be sharing his ambassador powers in Canada this week! Blow them away Doc!!!!
The thing is….. I miss you already. I am underneath the hand over your heart, it’s the beat! That’s meeeeeeeeeeee. Lil thump. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN WEISSMAN ! I love you.

Bengay is very therapeutic! I can’t wait till Mother’s Day! I’m loving the #famjam.

and if you don’t know, I’ve got the Spinach ready,

a matzoh ball

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Gluten-free Matzoh balls, Gefilte fish and taking turns reading at my first Seder was an amazing experience. We laughed, and celebrated the Jewish faith as a family. My son and I learned and participated willingly. It was a ball! Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Weissman for opening your home and hearts to us!!!

I sold out the webinar!! Smokers beware, I’m crusading to help each and everyone of you to save yourselves. Kerry himself will be stopping in to say hello and to tell us about the revolutionary “Stop Smoking, Start Living” method. It’s the only method! I am so excited to pay it forward. The next webinar will be in May- this one is on infidelity. How can you detect infidelity? How can you prevent it? What should you do if you are a victim? I’m a survivor, I know.

Chloe and Samantha came to visit me this week. We are getting ready for the Kentucky Derby at GulfStream Park on May 3. The girls are beautiful and spunky. Chloe is special. She is unaffected. It is inspiring. Blossom’s Therapy affords children like her some validity, hope, higher care and safe haven. The event is an excuse, a place to look pretty, to bid, to spend to donate but in reality it is a chance for a child to become healthier. I’m not sold out, I need help in helping her. The community donations are just awe inspiring. I am so lucky to know so many kind, influential people. I really am. Please call Mighty at 305.903.7160 to get your tickets today.

April always brings it hard, haute and thrilling. Her birthday was hot! I was in St.Tropez! We dressed up, dined, drank champagne and I even spoke French. A Canadian education goes a long way. My date was a Doctor that swept me off to a private dessert later. We always end up laughing quietly. He is my bestfriend. It’s us against the world and some yogurt every now and then. Eat clean, train hard. Happy Birthday April, you really know how to keep it sexy! By the way Al, some of us are in our thirties.

Yoga and horses, I’m not sure how I ended up with an Equestrian environment again. I’m deathly afraid of those beautiful beasts. They are enormous. So noble, so big. Jorge at Sunset Equestrian has the best stables in Miami. Afterwards, you can breathe compassionately with Cat! She is the real deal.

Happy Birthday to the daughter I never had, Natalie! My future CPA! I knew you would succeed, I felt it! I love you. 

The Improv and my man, Rob Schneider and Jamie Lissow made Darren and I feel like Drew and Adam. I fell in love again. We laughed. It’s innocence and laughter all day.

I kissed Norris Cole. We go way back. Darren is ok with it because he plays for the Miami Heat. I am allowed to kiss Miami Heat players only.

Easter is and always has been my favorite holiday. Painting the eggs, the hunt, the brunch all of it is so much fun. The younger children are so happy when practicing these traditions. I love children. This year was a little different, my little boy is a man now. He didn’t paint the eggs, but we played at the first Miami Heat play off game as a family and we shared time. Health and family is what it’s all about really.

Michael Jordan’s grandpa and I were discussing that very topic. In the end, the only thing that matters is love. Love from family and friends and the health to give and receive it.

A boy I grew up with passed away this week. He was a lot like my son and like Darren in some ways. As a man, he was a loyal husband and father. The humility and love he showed for the long and cruel time he was sick was unnerving. He was a champ throughout his bout with Cancer. I have the utmost respect for him. He faced his death with courage and love. I was lucky to have encountered him as a child and as a man. God’s Speed.

Lil ball adventures are our retirement, we can read on the first episode. I love the tradition you started. I know it was by chance but that time is ours, it’s precious and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love John Wooden.

and if you don’t know, it’s almost your birthday,


adventures of Lil Ball


Congratulations David and Sandy Lopez! Hey! Hey! 

Passover Seder, end of tax season and making hats with Chloe and Samantha will definitely be the highlights of my upcoming week.

Truth is, I’m a little intimidated by the thought of not mastering the preparation of Tzimmies. Roman will be in school so I’m on my own on this one. I’ve always included my son in “the cooking for holidays” tradition. A man that can cook is rare and very sexy. It’ll be our first time participating in a Jewish holiday. It’s so neat when you expose your child to different and new. My son is an exceptional mind with a great heart and happened to crush the competition at this weekends golf tournament at Deering Bay. I’m so proud of you Yo!

My first Kentucky Derby is on May 3 at Gulf Stream Park! I’m insanely excited. It sounds like decadence and debauchery if you ask me. Beautiful people in opulence is all new. My friend, Chantal Sutherland was invited to the Derby, I hope she can make it! Crossing my fingers, the world’s most gorgeous jockey in Miami raising awareness for Blossom’s Therapy and Cerebral Palsy. The event is in benefit of children, special children. It’s a party with purpose. Call Mighty at the office for this red carpet event 305.903.7160. Space is limited.

Speaking of space, I had to open more up for the Stop Smoking Webinar on April 29 at 6 pm!! Mighty has the info!! Call her. I am so honored to introduce you to the method man, Kerry Gaynor. He’s a life saver!

North Carolina was the most romantic marathon of them all! It was perf! JohnLegend, the moon, ( it’s different with us) the ride with a celebrity could not have been better even if it was planned. Darren not only played the right music he valiantly saved us from what appeared to be a King Cobra!

Cleaning up the environment, museums like Alice in Wonderland and that nose. Life is pretty darn fantastic.

Jimmy Valvano said, “don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” As I write my 54th blog, while I watch my boyfriend on WRAL Channel 5, I realize I never did, I never will- no exception.

Life will throw you curve balls, wait for yours, it’ll come. I caught mine, he has ringlets and wears the Star of David on his chest.

and if you don’t know, I’ll be with April in St. Tropez on Thursday,


He called her Nellie

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Hollywood Actor Aaron Eckhart and Calvin Klein Model River Viiperi came out to support my upcoming webinar on April 29th featuring Kerry Gaynor this week! I almost peed myself when I saw these celebrities speaking up to join me. Goodness is contagious. Positive energy is an epidemic. This cult of wellness is compassionate. It’s almost like one former addict reaches out to another and we become stronger because of our understanding of overcoming the slavery of smoking. Shacky says we should #stickit to cancer! This binds us together. It is truly humbling to know that Hollywood’s A- lister’s are human too. If you want to meet Kerry and learn how you too can stop smoking in a few hours, call Mighty at 305.903.7160, I promise she cares.

My April Fool’s Day was so fun. I spent the day working on my webinar as my boyfriend prepared for his San Fransisco marathon. We listened to Polka music. I love that we can mirror each other’s individual progress. I practice my Life Coaching passionately and he dribbles the crap out of success.

Roman had his own success this week as his LAX team took South Florida for the Championship. I am so grateful to have finally been granted permission to see his contribution for myself. #witnesshistory

LuluLemon has fabulous clothes but even greater Ambassadors! love three of them and live for one of them. (DD) I was fortunate enough to practice the real yoga with one of them on Friday. We channeled our prana and added some hot sauce. Thank you Cat!

April will be celebrating herself for the next two weeks because she can. Please party with passion. Darren and I will be joining the St. Tropez night! Happy Birthday to my forever Jenga partner and a very loyal friend. I trust you will make the celebrations (all of them) very special.

Truth is, I’m a bit overwhelmed with striving for greatness. A big interview, Fit is Fly, Kentucky Derby and much more on the griddle. So lucky…

Cristie one of our first clients, bought a pitbull named Nike the Goddess of Victory and opened all in one week! I order these delicious and cost effective meals for the minds at Atrevete, Inc and highly recommend to all athletes and fit people.

My personal Instagram page, @magdalopez10 will be closing on April 29th. Please DON’T leave me. Follow me @revete. I love my followers, I really do.

G2G! I have an appointment with my Doctor in a few hours.


and if you don’t know, Nellie was the love of his life,